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I’m Busy at The Widdershins…

Woman At Work

Woman At Work

things are ch-ch-ch-changing over there!

Go take a look if you’re so inclined…and happy New Year to all my Jewish friends out there!


The Tale of The Widdershins: A Play in One Long, Strange Act.

Morning all! I opened The Widdershins with this play about our origins. If you missed it last night, here it is again. Enjoy – and please stop by The Widdershins today to see GaryChapelHill, LadyBoomerNYC, Mawm, SheriTags, and yours truly!

THE SCENE: A field of grass. A spotlight alights on center stage, where six people can be seen, standing and talking in an animated and friendly way.

The spotlight moves off the group and rests downstage right, where we see a podium. A woman and a man sit beside it; these are THE NARRATORS. The man is holding a large, old-fashioned book upon which can clearly be seen the title: The Tale of the Widdershins. THE NARRATORS look at each other, then the male NARRATOR nods and takes the book up to the podium. He turns on the reading light, clears his throat, and begins his tale.

MALE NARRATOR: Once upon a time, there was a group of people who loved American politics and followed it obsessively. Since they were mostly liberals, they allied themselves with the Democratic Party, calling themselves…(dramatic pause)…Democrats. These so-called Democrats gathered in a fantastical place called “The Internet,” which, although it could not be seen, nonetheless provided an indispensible forum for discussion (and well-honed snark) during the bleak years of President George W. Bush’s interminable Reign of Error.

(The Female NARRATOR gets up and joins her male counterpart at the podium. She reads the next paragraph of the story.)

FEMALE NARRATOR: The Democrats were united in their hatred of George Bush and their optimism for the next President, who would surely be a Democrat as well. As a member of their Party, he or she would also share and promote their values.

(The spotlight goes back to the field of grass, where individuals in the group begin to speak.)

DEMOCRAT #1: George Bush is the Worst President Ever. I cannot wait until 2008.

DEMOCRAT #2: Impeach Bush and Cheney! Nancy Pelosi for President!

DEMOCRAT #3: End the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan!

DEMOCRAT #4: Save Roe v. Wade!

DEMOCRAT #5: Save the environment!

DEMOCRAT #6: Save the economy! No more trickle-down economics!

ALL DEMOCRATS IN UNISON: Republicans suck! Gooooooo, team!

(The spotlight swings back to the podium, where the NARRATORS are now looking at each other with knowing smiles on their faces.)

FEMALE NARRATOR: It seemed nothing could go wrong for the Democrats. They all cared about the same issues, and there was no way they could lose in 2008. Yes, the future was rosy…until something very strange happened. A new figure appeared on the scene – a man some called, “The One,” but others called by his name: Barack Obama. And the Democrats had their first encounter with: Disloyalty.

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Launch of The Widdershins!

GaryChapelHill, Lady Boomer NYC, MadamaB, Mawm, and Sheri Tag invite you to their new blog: The Widdershins.

Widdershins means to take a course opposite that of the sun, going counterclockwise, left hand-wise, or to circle an object, by always keeping it on the left.

We are a mostly left-leaning community that was founded by bloggers who were orphaned by the hostile takeover of the Democratic Party in 2008 under the mantra of “Hope” and “Change” by decidedly non-liberal forces. These autocrats were aided by one of the most disciplined propaganda machines that this country has ever seen. They infiltrated the party, the mainstream media, and the so called “progressive blogosphere” that many of us had wrongly assumed to be just that, progressive.

Read more About us here.

The bloggers at The Widdershins would like to invite you to join us in an ongoing conversation about politics, economics, culture, art, or any other thing that might pop into your head. We don’t have any rules about being a member of this community other than showing respect and civility to those that you meet here. If you are reading this, we hope that you will take a moment to see what we’re all about, and maybe throw in your two cents as well.

We look forward to seeing you there!