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A Sunday Morning Rant

(Note: Apologies for my absence…I’ve been over at The Widdershins.)

The Blogosphere The Blogosphere

I’m still processing what I experienced on Friday night at The White House Project. It was quite exciting to be around those 100 women who are considering running for office, to hear the passion, trepidation and hope in their voices. It was also a privilege to hear the wise words of the women who have been successful (and who have failed) in the brutal world of politics. I got a good “get” from the event, too: I will have an interview with a fantastic lady,  New York State Senator Liz Krueger for you in a few weeks, as well. Teh kewl!

I’m also processing my thoughts about blogging, the Interwebs, and what they’re really good for. Seems to me, the best thing we do is opinionating, and organizing for action. We’re trying to do a little of both here at TW now, because my opinions are a little dark these days, and I’m having a really hard time trying to keep a positive attitude with all the idiocy that’s going on.

I mean, what planet was the Nobel Peace Prize Committee on? Even the Obama-supporting pundits I’m reading are having a hard time defending the complete clusterfuckiness of that award. Some, like Glenn Greenwald, are not defending it at all; others seem to be resorting to the tried-and-true tactic of skimming over the obvious ridiculousness of it all, blaming the Republicans and, in the case of the DNC, calling those who criticize the award “siding with terrorists.” (I have to admit, I find that “reporter’s” assertion that Ronald Reagan, Mr. Iran-Contra, should have gotten the award, to be quite hilarious.)

Although I sometimes can chuckle at the absurdity of things, in general, I find I have lost my sense of humor. Obama seems bound and determined to make sure that nothing benefiting the needy ever passes through Congress, all the while (successfully?) blaming the Party who is out of power and who literally can do NOTHING to prevent him from doing anything he wants to do. It is really fucking depressing, and the idea that a Republican President and Congress might be taking over again in four years hardly seems bearable, or a remotely desired outcome.

So, the last thing I want to hear right now is the smug cluckings and crowings of the Right, as Obama swiftly throws any chance of real change out the window with both hands. I’ve had to put up with those jackasses and their lying, criminal, anti-American activities for the past eight years. I don’t want to hear what they have to say, not now, not ever. I will never forgive them for Bush, for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, for the destruction of the Constitution and the economy, and most of all, for being in bed with the corporations who have ruined a far-from-perfect, but well-meaning attempt at democracy, and who have now taken over the Democratic Party leadership as well. If I have been oversensitive about that because of my red-hot hatred towards these bloviating gasbags, I do apologize.

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Yes, I Will Rant About Obama’s Declaration of War Against Pro-Choice Women.

Woman At Work

Woman At Work

I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

But right now, I gotta do a little thing called “work.”

Check you later. Just know that I’m as angry as you are.

Attack of the Sweeties! An Anti-Troll Rant for Monday Morning

Vote Obama Or I Will Eat You!

Vote Obama Or I Will Eat You!

(Disclaimer: All Obama supporters are not trolls – just the ones who go on PUMA blogs and scream at us for owning our votes.)

Well, well, well. It seems that the Obaman trolls (otherwise known as “sweeties”) are now seeing the writing on the wall. Their Messiah is going to lose, and lose big, to John McCain. And, like the petulant, idiot children they are, they are blaming the PUMAs.

Here is a lovely sampling of some of their oeuvre. This “person” is the only sweetie who actually attempted to address some of the PUMA concerns stated on the “What Is A PUMA?” page. Usually, they just insult.

And, btw, when, just when was the Obama campaign vicious and sexist?? Oh yes, that would be when Gerry Ferraro or Ann Lewis decided to say it was, regardless of the truth. Go work for the crybaby right-wing sneer and smear brigade. What did Molly Ivins have to say about Hillary in 2006? Hardly a male sexist, Molly.

Uh, wow. Not much of a refutation. Molly Ivins said something uncomplimentary about Hillary in 2006, so I should pretend that nothing in the 2008 campaign ever happened? That’s sweetie logic for you. I guess Obama never said she was “likeable enough,” “periodically down,” “claws coming out,” brushed her off his shoulder, gave her the finger, took the stage to “99 Problems (And a Bitch Ain’t One),” etc. etc. etc. ad infinitum? I suppose they have never seen this video either.

[cricket cricket cricket]

On another note, what about “Obama will be a horrible President” do these sweeties not understand? Well, everything, because they haven’t thought that far ahead. They actually believe that all he has to do is become the President, and in an instant, His very Presence will create a solid economy, an end to the housing crisis, a better environment, peace and the withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan and Iraq. All Praise the Great Obama!

Talk about stupid and naive. Senator Obama has no intentions of keeping ANY of his promises. Was the FISA vote really not a clue for you? The softening on abortion, on the Iraq withdrawal? Everything he says and does is for political gain. Or do you think that Joe Biden, in the Senate for 30 years, personifies “hope and change and a NEW kind of politics?”

Really, sweeties, what possible, reasonable excuse could Obama have for passing over Hillary in favor of Joe Biden? Oh, I guess we PUMAs have to “get over” that too. He should have asked because she got 1902 delegates! Asking Hillary to be VP, although I would have personally hated it, was an absolute political no-brainer and the ONLY WAY to unify the Party. Yet he didn’t do it. Why do you think it was? More of his “superior judgement?”

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