When you don’t support Obama, you’re not a Republican, and you’re a Liberal without a Party, what do you do?

You criticize Obama from the left and hope to wake up as many liberals as you can.

I always hoped PUMA was going to move in that direction once Obama was elected, but it turns out that the big PUMA organizations had other ideas. Thus, PUMA is no longer the answer for me; but sitting at home playing Keyboard Kommando is not really my style, so…what’s next?

I am hoping that if we build it, they will come, as my friend TPT/NY says. That’s why my liberal friends and I are hanging out at The Widdershins these days. We believe in the FDR Democratic platform, and we are holding Obama’s feet to the fire because he is governing like a Reagan Republican, NOT because we want him to BECOME ONE!

If enough liberals understand that Obama won’t do anything good unless a million emails and faxes and phone calls are made to force him to do so (like used to do before it became Kool-Aid Central), then we might actually get some change for the better in this country. However, if the left blindly continues to support Obama no matter how right-wing he becomes, then he will, in fact, destroy the Democratic Party. Our one-party system will be solidified, and we will lose all chance at social progress for a very long time.

And the main sufferers will be, of course, women.

I don’t want that to happen. Do you?

4 responses to “Activism

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  2. If your platform is reproductive rights, why are you voting for no-abortions-ever Sarah Palin, and a guy who wants to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg with a new Justice Sam Alito (Sandra Day O’Connor’s worst enemy)?

  3. Ames – My platform is the 30% Solution.

    If Obama wanted my vote, he should have had the balls to put Hillary on the ticket.

  4. What’s the 30% solution? That McCain represents 30% of your beliefs, and that’s good enough?

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