Here’s where you’ll find all my plays. If you are planning on performing one, please email me at: madamab at gmail dot com, so that I can put your performance information on my calendar (coming soon).

Uncle Richard Bruce Explains It All: A Play in One Unbalanced Act.

President Obama Answers the Red Phone: A Play in One Uncaring Act

Barack Obama’s First 100 Days: A Play in One Conspiratorial Act

Georgie Writes a Book: A Play in One Authoritarian Act

President Re-Election Does the Vision Thing: A Play in One Utopian Act.

Operation Pantsuit: A Play in One Misguided Act.

Obama And The Bloggers: A Play in One Historic Act.

The One Speaks To America: A Play In One Truthful Act.

The Racism Game: A Play in One Ridiculous Act.

The REAL Story of the Financial Crisis: A Play in One Dishonest Act

Obama and EV: A Play in One Unrequited Act

The DemFather: A Play in One Powerful Act

The Hail Mary: A Play in One Ironic Act

David Axelrod’s Secret Weapon: A Play in One Despicable Act

MacBama: A Play in One Shakespearean Act

Obama’s VP Selection: A Play In One Desperate Act

Welcome To Barackracy: A Play in One Exclusive Act

Our Post-Racial Paradise: A Play in One Dreamy Act

The Double Agent: A Play in One Twisted Act

Bill Burton’s Secret Weapon: A Play in One Scientific Act

The Mother of Us All: A Play in One Scientific Act

Obama’s Runway: A Play in One Terrifying Act

He’s Just Not That Into You: A Play in One Hopeless Act

Who Killed Ole Yeller? A Play in One Mysterious Act

What About Bush? A Play in One Final Act

Obama Hears a “Huh?!” – A Play in One Oblivious Act

What the FISA???!!!!! One Act of Betrayal

Barack Obama Meets America: A Play in One Sad Act

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