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Calling Things Aright

Inspired by both Southern Beale’s comment on my previous post and Dirk Gently’s post yesterday, I’d like to say a few words about framing.

The Republics are fantabulous at framing. One reason is that they are authoritarians, and are thus much more given to groupthink than we rebellious liberal-progressives are. Another is that they still have the biggest microphone in the country. They own most of talk radio, several influential newspapers and this country’s Pravda, Fox “News” Channel. But we cannot discount the fact that our elected representatives do not seem to have a clue, in this day and age, as to how to sell their ideas…with which 70%-90% of Americans are in total agreement. Mon dieu!

Being a girl who has some marketing background, I’d love to give our team a little advice. Here goes:

1) Do not play the other team’s game. In this case, do not give their words power by leaving them unchallenged.

Case in point: We should not call our economic system the “free market,” since the last thing these criminals want is free and fair competition (which might keep them from getting billion-dollar no-bid contracts.) We shouldn’t call it privatization, since the word “private” has positive connotations to many Americans. We should call it by its true name: Cronyism. Doesn’t that just encapsulate the true nature of the Bushies, especially since yesterday’s discovery that the Inspector General who refused to investigate Blackwater has a brother on Blackwater’s Advisory Board?

2) Figure out how to phrase your ideas so they make sense to our infantilized populace.

Let’s face it. We Murkins have been treated like children so often that we have become children. When Bush told us to go shopping after 9/11, what did we do? Did we scream “What the fuck are you talking about? What kind of soulless monster are you?” No – most of us said, “What a wise and wonderful man he is!” and went about our business.

Democrats keep thinking that intelligence, good ideas and being Not Republican will get them elected. Because of the extraordinary horribleness of today’s Fascist party, that worked in 2006 and it will work in 2008. But what about when the new Democratic President and Congress get blamed for four years straight for the mess that Bush and his Cronies and Lackeys have left us? Seriously, Democrats, once you’re in power, are you really not expecting the press to cream you day after day, night after night, just for having D’s after your names? Where the hell have you been for the past 30 years?

What sells is emotion. What sells is simplicity. Give a little (taxes); get a lot (free education and health care for everyone). Stop the wars. Save the children. Save the earth. Support the troops. Stop Cronyism. Protect our economy. Protect our food. People power. Trickle-up economics. Jeebus fuck, is it that hard?!

If the Democrats don’t learn this lesson, and soon, they will risk the rebirth of the Fascists in 2012. And this time, they won’t go away without taking us all the way down the road to the Fourth Reich.


The Point of Barack Obama’s Campaign

I have not said anything about the Democratic candidates in a while. I’m already tired of discussing the implications of every single word they say, and most of the “stories” about them are ludicrous. (Hillary didn’t tip well? Barack didn’t salute the flag? Hillary put a professional hit on CATS? Edwards got a haircut? Dennis’ wife has a tongue-stud and he sees UFO’s? PUH-lease.)

But I cannot keep silent on the bullshit coming out of Obama’s campaign any more. I didn’t say anything about his come-to-Jesus tour of the South, where he insisted on including an anti-gay gospel singer because we “need to reach out” to the homophobic community. I didn’t say anything about his holier-than-thou crap in the latest debate, where he all but accused Senator Clinton of being a liar when she tried to outline a complex immigration issue in 30 seconds. But with his latest line of attack about Mrs. Clinton, can anyone doubt what his real message is?

WASHINGTON – Barack Obama sparked a generational fight Wednesday by trashing White House rival Hillary Clinton for being too old to unite America, saying she and others her age have fought the same tired fights for too long.

Experts and opponents pounced, saying Obama’s remarks could offend the most reliable voters, people older than 50 – especially in early-voting Iowa. “You are counting precisely on an older group of Democrats in Iowa,” said Iowa State University’s Steffen Schmidt. “You can’t tell them they’re backward-looking. Somebody should be fired in his campaign.”

“I think there’s no doubt that we represent the kind of change that Sen. Clinton can’t deliver on, and part of it is generational,” Obama, 46, said on Fox News. “Sen. Clinton and others, they’ve been fighting some of the same fights since the ’60s, and it makes it very difficult for them to bring the country together to get things done.”

“Experts,” get a clue. Obama is not saying that Hillary is too old. He’s saying that she’s part of the eeeeeeeeeevil 60’s! And guess where he’s saying this? On Fox News.

The right wing in this country is notoriously, loudly, proudly anti-gay. So who is Obama courting when he refuses to fire a proudly homophobic singer from his tour?

The right wing in this country longs for that fictional 50’s America, when the country was white, prosperous and Christian. To them, the 60’s were the worst thing that ever happened, and they’re still trying to reverse the good things that came out of that time period. (Perhaps the Senator has forgotten he’s African American, but I’d like to see how far he would have gotten running for office without the Civil Rights Movement.) So who is Obama courting when he says that Hillary belongs to that generation?

Let me also ask, how many Democrats watch Fox News? Who is Obama courting when he goes on Fox to spread his message of unity with the right wing?

It’s so clear to me, as it has been from the beginning, that Obama is far more right-wing than any of the other Democratic contenders. That is the point of his campaign: I can unite America because I’m a conservative Democrat – never mind the color of my skin. I’m certainly not a scary 60’s liberal like Senator Clinton! It’s the Harold Ford strategy, and it’s a disappointing (and losing) one.

Any Democrat but Obama, please.

FEMA Decides They’re Doing a Heckuva Job

From the Are You Fucking Kidding Me File:

FEMA stages fake news conference with P.R. people playing the role of journalists

Those weren’t reporters questioning the deputy chief of FEMA earlier this week, they were federal employees playing the role of journalists during a televised briefing on the wildfires in southern California.

An agency spokesman tells The Washington Post that they didn’t have time to wait for real reporters to come to their office near the U.S. Capitol. “We had been getting mobbed with phone calls from reporters, and this was thrown together at the last minute,” Mike Widomski, FEMA’s deputy director of public affairs, tells the paper.

This has been a horrible, horrible week for the victims of the wildfires in San Diego and the surrounding areas. How must they feel, knowing that their government is so disingenous, so terrified of its own constituents, that it feels it can’t even face the milquetoast, cowed traditional media at a press conference? That its incompetence would blaze so bright that even Fox News Channel might be forced to point it out?

Perhaps they had a clue when Bush showed up for his 4-hour photo-op yesterday and said this:

“We’ve got a big problem out here,” the president said near the end of his quick, four-hour visit. “We want the people to know there’s a better day ahead – that today your life may look dismal, but tomorrow life’s going to be better,” Mr. Bush said. “And to the extent that the federal government can help you, we want to do so.”

To the extent that the federal government can help you? We WANT to do so? Talk about parsing. Talk about the “meaning of ‘is’.” Gee, is it me, or does it seem that Bush actually promised NO HELP WHATSOEVER?

Yes, this is what you get when you buy into the neo-conservative idea that government shouldn’t do anything to help people – a guy who thinks that the government shouldn’t do anything to help people. Do we understand yet how bankrupt, how immoral, how completely and utterly WRONG this philosophy is? Or do the victims of Katrina and Rita have to be drowned all over again? Do more bridges have to collapse? Do we have to bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran, as John McCain would quip?

What is it going to take for the press to stop giving these neo-con, fascist freaks valuable time and money, to realize that their point of view is not valid and is, indeed, harmful to the United States – and for them to state these truths on the front page and on the Teevee?

The original story in the Washington Post was on page A-19, and I’ll be shocked if any news program other than Countdown with Keith Olbermann picks it up. You’d think that fake news would be a huge story, reminding people of Pravda and all, but apparently, it’s more important that Britney Spears did something or other today. Or was it Lindsay Lohan?

If I were a California resident who had lost my home, I would be both hopeful and pessimistic today. I’d be hopeful because the state has a Republican governor; but I’d be pessimistic because FEMA will not be coming to my aid. Not now, not ever – unless I want to live in a formaldehyde-ridden trailer. And that is a tragedy of American proportions.


I haven’t mentioned Ann Coulter’s mind-blowing statements on The Big Idea with Donnie Deutsch, mainly because it’s taken me a while to process my outrage and horror. But here’s how I feel about it.

Jesus said, “Turn the other cheek.”

Ann Coulter said, “We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity. We weren’t punctilious about locating and punishing only Hitler and his top officers. We carpet-bombed German cities; we killed civilians. That’s war. And this is war.”

If Ann’s version of “Christianity” is perfection, then thank the Giant Green Lizard this Jewish woman hasn’t reached it.

Cold War III – Now with Better-Looking Dictators!

Thank the Giant Green Lizard we’ve already won the War on Terror(TM), because it’s now time to prepare for…Cold War III (This Time They’re Angry!).

MOSCOW (AP) – President Vladimir Putin has dissolved the Russian government on the request of the prime minister, the Kremlin said Wednesday, a major political shakeup that comes less than three months before crucial parliamentary elections.

In announcing the dissolution, Putin said “indeed the country is now approaching parliamentary elections, which will lead to presidential election. You may be right that we all must think about how to build the power structure so that it better corresponds to the pre-election period and prepares the country for the time after the parliamentary elections and after presidential elections.”

Earlier, Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov said he made the decision to request the government’s dissolution based on “the approaching major political events in the country and a desire to give the president full freedom in making decisions, including personnel.”

The shakeup comes ahead of crucial parliamentary elections scheduled for Dec. 2, followed some three months later by presidential elections.

The dissolution is expected to result in a new head of government, who will be seen as Putin’s choice to succeed him after he steps down next spring.

Thanks, neocons, for turning our entire world back 40 years. We’ve got Vietnam going on and Russia is becoming a terrifying nuclear power once more.

Let’s hope our very own Dictatoror doesn’t get any ideas from his bestest buddy Pooty-Poot.

I Can Has New Deal?

It’s the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s landfall today. How are those conservative economic policies working out for the residents of New Orleans, I wonder?

New Orleans then:

New Orleans now:

I remember watching CNN after the levees broke. It was the first time that the traditional media had dared to criticize the naked emperor. Too late, of course, for so many dead in terrorist attacks, needless wars and man-made disasters like the flooding that destroyed the Ninth Ward.

And too late for the tens of thousands who are still living in these:

On September 19, 2005, in a speech given at Brown University, Senator John Kerry said this :

Rarely has there been a moment more urgent for Americans to step up and define ourselves again. On the line is a fundamental choice. A choice between a view that says “you’re on your own,” “go it alone,” or “every man for himself.” Or a different view – a different philosophy – a different conviction of governance – a belief that says our great American challenge is one of shared endeavor and shared sacrifice.

Over the next weeks I will address these choices in detail – choices about national security, the war in Iraq, making our nation more competitive and committing to energy independence. But it boils down to this. I still believe America’s destiny is to become a living testament to what free human beings can accomplish by acting in unity. That’s easy to dismiss by those who seem to have forgotten we can do more together than just waging war.

But for those who still believe in the great tradition of Americans doing great things together, it’s time we started acting like it. We can never compete with the go-it-alone crowd in appeals to selfishness. We can’t afford to be pale imitations of the other side in playing the ‘what’s in it for me’ game. One thing we know: the last thing America needs is a second Republican Party.

Instead, it’s time we put our appeals where our hearts are – asking the American people to make our country as strong, prosperous, and big-hearted as we know we can be – every day. It’s time we framed every question – every issue — not in terms of what’s in it for ‘me,’ but what’s in it for all of us?

And when you ask that simple question – what’s in it for all of us? – the direction not taken in America could not be more clear or compelling.

Let this tragic anniversary be a reminder that conservatism is not just a philosophy that favors the rich over the poor; it is an evil virus that kills all those whom it infects. And our country is on its last gasp. The rule of law – broken, as top government officials commit treason and war crimes with no accountability. The separation of church and state? Almost gone. Economic justice? Please. Education? No, George, our children is NOT learning. Energy? We have solar and wind technology, but we’re still invading and occupying countries for their oil.

Do we need a new direction? No. We need to go back to the old one. The Founders based our Constitution on the concept that government exists to improve the lives of its constituents. The only way to do that is to invest in people, not corporations – what I call trickle-up economics.

To do otherwise is to create Katrinas. And Iraqs. And poverty. And housing crises. And…

Senator Larry Craig Update: Conservatives Don’t Hate Teh Gay. Really!

Via Eschaton, Glenn Greenwald at Salon details the psychotically hypocritical rightwing reactions to the news that the “family values” stalwart, Republic Senator Larry Craig, is in fact teh gay. And not only teh gay – the kind of teh gay that solicits anonymous sex from undercover police officers in airport bathrooms. Helllllooooooo! (Why Senator Craig doesn’t just go to a gay bar like a normal person, I will never understand.)

When Larry Craig was first outed by blogger Mike Rogers in October of 2006, the rightwing was nothing but supportive. One of the most unbelievable conservabot claims was that they are “indifferent” to whether someone is homosexual or not. (Tell me again – how many Republics voted for the “Defense of Marriage” Act?)

A virtually unanimous chorus on the Right furiously insisted that nothing could be more irrelevant than whether the married family values Senator had sex with men in bathrooms (acts that are simultaneously criminal and adulterous). The same political movement that impeached Bill Clinton and which has made a living exploiting issues of private morality for political gain insisted that Rogers had reached a new and despicable low in politics even by reporting this.

Ah, how the worms have turned!

Various right-wing commentators are competing with one another to see who can express the most visceral disgust for Larry Craig’s behavior (behavior which was so irrelevant just a few months ago that it was despicable even to report it). Mark Steyn echoes Hewitt’s demand that Craig resign and then proceeds to spew adolescent mockery comparing Craig to George Michael. The Corner’s David Freddoso registers his “obvious disgust” for Larry Craig and muses on “how rotten a job that plainclothes officer has.”

And Jonah Golberg — who last October penned one of the most pious condemnations of Rogers, calling the Craig story “wicked” and insisting that such tactics will “haunt [liberals] in unexpected ways in years to come” (notwithstanding the glaringly contradictory fact that Goldberg’s entire public existence was foisted on our country by his and his mom’s sleazy joint feeding off of the Clinton sex scandal) today pops up to make sure that everyone knows that he is repulsed by Craig’s behavior: “I don’t know what Larry Craig’s been doing in men’s rooms. And it sure sounds like I don’t wanna know either.”

Meanwhile, Diaper-Wearing, Leopard-Dress-Marrying Republic Senator David Vitter of DC and New Orleans brothel fame, remains largely unindicted by the ratwing mouthbreathers.

It couldn’t be because Vitter’s dangerous liaisons were with women, could it?