Madama B (a contraction of “Madama Butterfly”) is a liberal, pro-choice, Jewish female who started blogging in 2007 after having snarked millions of snarks online. She has recently discovered a penchant for writing plays, and has written movie and television reviews at Suite 101. She is an opera singer, web designer, and technology consultant who lives in Manhattan.

Ms. B also blogs at The Widdershins and Partizane.

One response to “About

  1. It’s been a real relief to find your blog. I came here via Reclusive Leftist and Partizane, looking for islands of sense in the blogosphere.

    I get depressed just thinking about how much I looked forward to this election a mere year ago. I wrote the piece linked below a couple of weeks ago, and I’m not at all convinced there’s even any point. But I thought I’d let you know about it anyway, in case you’re interested to link to it or mention it. It’s about how scary an Obama presidency is because he makes people want to believe lies. (I’d like to think I put it more elegantly than that in the post.) http://www.molvray.com/acid-test/2008/09/handsome-is-as-handsome-does/

    The news out of Missouri I see on your site confirms my worst fears, and exceeds them.



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