Yes, They’re Waking Up. But Is Our Obots Learning?

Hillarys Alleged Multiple Personalities

Hillary's Alleged Multiple Personalities

“Rarely is the questioned asked: Is our children learning?”
President George W. Bush, January 11, 2000

I think it’s fairly clear that our “progressive” brethren and sistren of the Obotic persuasion have begun to awaken to the fact that Barack Obama is, well, just not that into them. The utter ridiculousness and unnecessary clusterfuckiness of the health care “debate” combined with the pointless, rightwing-appeasing ousting of “progressive” appointee Van Jones has, in the words of a friend of mine, shown Obama’s ass. It’s now totally obvious to any but the most blinded by Obama worship that Obama never intended to do anything except funnel more money to his corporate and fundiegelical masters. His entire Presidency begins and ends with this goal. That’s really all there is to him, and there’s nothing we can do to change that fact. Why else would the Powers That Be have spent $800 million to force him down America’s throat? They expect a very high return on their investment, you know.

The chagrin and pain of ObamaNation would be cause for vengeful celebration if (a) we didn’t care that Obama is on the verge of completely and irretrievably screwing the possibility of universal health care for the foreseeable future, and (b) we thought that our Obots was (were? it’s so hard to get the Bushspeak context correct, isn’t it?) learning the right lessons.

We racist, bitter, bible-thumping dried-up old ladies were right, weren’t we? So why didn’t they listen to us and back Hillary Clinton? Why did the left blogosphere, for the most part, go so gaga over Obama? Was it merely the excitement of the first black President of the United States? Was it the superior marketing capabilities of Axelrod & Co., hand in glove with the corporate media who, not suspiciously AT ALL (insert eyeroll here) had suddenly discovered a hithertofore hidden lurv of liberal, anti-corporatist policies?

I believe Obama’s skin color, coupled with the media’s relentless coverups of his total and complete unsuitability for the job of POTUS, were two important factors. But two other factors were even stronger: Clinton Derangement Syndrome, and unrepentant misogyny. And I’m afraid our Obot “friends” have not chosen to understand how their own hatreds and prejudices led them to be hoodwinked, bamboozled and made to look like total and complete morons for believing Obama’s lies.

The Horror! The Horror!

The Horror! The Horror!

Take that noxious cesspool of CDS, Firedoglake. JimWhite writes today:

The disgusting way in which Obama did not lift a finger in Van Jones’ defense, resulting in Jones’ resignation yesterday, sent a powerful message to the progressive community from Obama: progressives are Obama’s fodder for feeding to the right-wing noise machine, presumably with the horribly misguided notion that it will somehow silence them. It appears that Beck’s next target may well be Cass Sunstein.

I will make a bold prediction that Obama’s response to the upcoming attack on Sunstein will be vastly different from the non-response to the attack on Jones. Sunstein is a “liberal” or “progressive” only from labeling by the M$M. The reality is that he is no different from David Broder. Check out his presentation at Netroots Nation 2008, where he was one of the first to spout the ridiculous “don’t criminalize policy differences” trope in defense of Bush Administration officials who committed multiple crimes. [Also be sure to follow the video to the end, where the first question is a thing of beauty as our own eCAHNomics takes Sunstein to the woodshed for his inanity.]

Obama quickly has become an entrenched denizen of “the village”. Sunstein aspires to nothing less than being an elder of that same village, as evidenced by his ready abandonment of the Constitution and the rule of law. Also, Sunstein and Obama have been friends for quite a while, so I expect Obama to fight hard in Sunstein’s defense and to appeal to the village to close ranks around one of their own.

Excellent, right? But not so fast. From the same Firedoglake comes this brickbat to the skull: Obama’s failure to support Van Jones is, somehow, white liberals’ fault. No, I am not joking.

It’s been easy for progressives to attack President Obama for not defending Van–but do they really expect Obama to be out in front of the white left? It seem hypocritical to attack the White House for being spineless without attacking NRDC, Sierra Club, EDF and Greeenpeace for being spineless as well.

Um, what? It is not anyone’s responsibility but Obama’s to defend his own appointee. It is certainly not the so-called “white left’s” responsibility. Is he saying Obama should not be held responsible for his own actions again? Why, yes he is. Quelle surprise! But wait, there’s more incoherency and bullshit about how white liberals are racist motherf*ckers who can’t be trusted. Seriously, this dude is attacking the NRDC and Greenpeace, people! These are climate change organizations who, apparently, should stop worrying about the planet and focus on the poor, oppressed black people of the world. Like Barack Obama!

If white liberals ultimately fail to oppose racism we have a bigger disaster on our hands than climate change, because America’s commitment to white supremacy, if left unchallenged, will prevent us from dealing with the other important issues of the day, like climate change. As long as white liberals think these are parallel, rather than continuous tracks, they will continue to fail miserably.

And the world and its humans of all races can’t take too many more failures. Or, more accurately, the world and all its races can’t take many more white failures.

Wow. Is this mountain of crapulence actually to be taken seriously? The biggest issue we can ever address is white liberals who “fail to oppose” racism? And claiming that Barack Obama’s actions are the fault of white liberals is not racist at all! Heaven forbid a black man can do anything for himself or stand on his own two feet without Whitey telling him what to do!

So no, our Obotic friends are not learning. Racism is still far more important than sexism. In fact, it’s more important than climate change! And does sexism, much less Clinton Derangement Syndrome, even exist? Of course not. These posts were all figments of our white, white, white imaginations.

But that’s okay. These are some very slow learners we’re dealing with, and they must be brought along in baby steps. For example, I don’t think they realize that if they want to get out of this mess in 2012, a Democratic challenger must arise to primary Obama. And who else would that challenger be but Hillary Clinton? Yes, Obots, she is your best and only hope. Embrace it. Deal with it. And get used to it. By the time the next election comes around, we’d better not hear one fucking word from you about her cankles, her scary ladyparts, her “racism” and alleged desire for Obama’s death, or any of the other history-rewriting bullshit you all reveled in like pigs rolling in refuse, smelling your own crap and thinking it was high-quality Swiss chocolate.

Typical Obamaganda of 2008

Typical Obamaganda of 2008

Y’all better lose that CDS and sexism real fast, Obots. I’m saying this as a friend. Reallllly.



5 responses to “Yes, They’re Waking Up. But Is Our Obots Learning?

  1. Do you believe the Constitution is the rule of law?
    Do you believe in the original intent of our founding fathers?
    Do you want to reform Congress? If your answer is yes, we have
    to work together to make this happen.

  2. Good luck with that, Foxwood. I won’t be joining your effort, though. Just because I am not an Obot does not mean I am a conservative.

  3. Awesome article. Thanks. : )

  4. Oh yeah. This article nailed it. No doubt the adult obots, capable of self- reflection and insight – all 12 of them, have begun to figure out that they have shoved (literally) Bush Lite into the position of POTUS. The latte liberal elite whose racism (yes – racism) blinded them to Obama’s flaws are going to need a little more time to figure this out. I mean, wouldn’t it make them really racist if they recognized an actual short-coming in this African American candidate? Guess some of them just couldn’t and still cant, judge him by the content of his character, but the color of his skin.

    Then there are the baby bots – the Obama Kids. They loved the chanting, the cool slogans, the super-intellectual feeling they got from blindly following their peer group off Cliff Obama, knowing little about him, about life, about government – and caring less. Who the hell cares about some slum lord named Rezko? They had Obama, and he was cool. Plus he’s gonna legalize weed, man. We can stay high all the time.

    I applaud the effort to enlighten the bots. But, it may take some time, because you’re right – they’re slow learners.

  5. Freespirit and anne, thanks!

    Freespirit – ya gotta start early with the bots. Repetition is the key.

    I really hope those of us on the left who did not support Obama, can get them to let go of their irrational CDS and sexism, or we can really never embrace the same causes. And that would be a horrible shame.