Good News: Hillary Still Roolz!

Madam Secretary

Madam Secretary

As Barack Obama continues to flounder, flip-flop and act like a fumbling fool on the issue of health care, Our Girl is doing what she always does: blooming where she’s planted. Aren’t you glad that SOMEONE in the Obama Administraiton is acting like a Democrat?!

Barely six months into her tenure as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has already made the State Department her own, setting its direction with her usual firmness and clarity.

Clinton’s just-concluded 11-day trip to Africa has sent the clearest signal yet that she intends to make women’s rights one of her signature issues and a higher priority than ever before in American diplomacy.

She plans to press governments on abuses of women’s rights and make women more central in U.S. aid programs.

But her efforts go beyond the marble halls of government and show how she is redefining the role of secretary of state. Her trips are packed with town hall meetings and visits to micro-credit projects and women’s dinners. Ever the politician, she is using her star power to boost women who could be her allies.

“It’s just a constant effort to elevate people who, in their societies, may not even be known by their own leaders,” Clinton said in an interview. “My coming gives them a platform, which then gives us the chance to try and change the priorities of the governments.”

The Secretary of State is determined to promote women’s rights everywhere, and it shows. The article quoted above mentioned that Clinton has spoken the words “woman” or “women” 450 times in public so far, twice as often as her predecessor, Condoleezza Rice.  She has made gender balance and LGBT rights a high priority in the State Department, and has appointed her close friend, Melanie Verveer, to be the first global ambassador for women’s affairs ever.  Violence against women is another issue close to SOS Clinton’s heart, and she is pushing for $17 million in aid to the Congo to help stop the violence there.

Let’s face it, Hillary Roolz; and although I was skeptical of her taking the job as SOS at first, I’m now absolutely thrilled that she’s at State.

Here’s what I believe was Hillary’s best ad from the campaign of 2008. It looks like even though she was not allowed to become President, she is still finding a way to keep her promises to us “invisible” people. Goddess bless and keep you, Madam Secretary!


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  1. Yes..she IS the real deal!!

    Keep rockin’, Madam Secretary!

  2. Oh good, comments are back!

    This is TOTALLY off the topic, but I wanted to let you know of an an interview that I put together that was published at New Agenda. Julie Halpern of Love Street Theatre, a feminist theater company based in New York. One of the articles that you wrote way back inspired me. I forget the exact topic but you wrote about feminist musicians, playwrights, etc. My “dream” is to organize a collective of feminist artists / graphic artists / art directors / etc. to help market “the cause” and to support each other. A 4th Wave kind of thing 🙂

    Anyway, here’s the link:

  3. Thanks, Allison! How wonderful. I will definitely check it out!