Typical Obamaganda

Typical Obamaganda

During the primaries, the Obots followed a distinct pattern whenever Obama did something they didn’t like. The tactic was so prevalent that I actually coined an anagram for it:  IACF! (It’s All Clinton’s Fault!)

A classic example of IACF! was when Obama said he’d filibuster telecom/Bushie immunity for warrantless wiretapping, then turned right around and not only didn’t filibuster, but actually voted FOR the immunity. Meanwhile, Hillary kept her promise and voted against the immunity.

Whose fault was it? Was it Obama’s for not keeping his promise? Of COURSE not. It was Hillary’s fault for showing him up! And remember the Reverend Wright brouhaha? Josh Marshall said that he was Hillary’s fault too.

If Obama’s the nominee, we will see no end of this kind of stuff. And there’s probably some small benefit of getting a preview. But the simple fact is that we wouldn’t be seeing this stuff now if it weren’t for the fact that this is the kind of campaign Hillary Clinton’s campaign has decided to wage — often directly and at other times indirectly by not reining it in in her supporters when it crops up on its own. Wright is news today because Ferraro’s been news yesterday. Are her comments racist? That’s a loaded, too copious, word. And there’ve been cases where the Clinton team has gotten a bum rap on these matters. What I do know, however, is that Clinton’s campaign and her surrogates have injected the subject of Obama’s race into this campaign too many times now for it to be credible to believe that it is anything but a conscious strategy.

Of course, Josh, of course. Hillary waved her magic wand and forced Obama to sit in that church for 20 years. Mein Gott, the incredible power she has over Barack Obama! I mean, if she had that much control over what Obama did, don’tcha think she woulda waved that wand and made sure he didn’t run at all? Hellllooooooo, as Naomi “Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s” Wolf would say!

But Obot delusions aside, if you were under the impression that IACF! was going to cease now that we have the most post-racial, unifyingest, Pony-est Preznit evah, think again! It’s just mutated into a different form: INOF! (It’s Never Obama’s Fault!)

We have seen countless examples of Obot pretzelification when it comes to the reasons why Obama is not keeping any of his promises to his liberal constituents. From his inability to pass his supposedly “Same As Hillary!!111!!!” domestic agenda, to his “misreading” of the economy (thanks for being honest, Joe Biden!) to his latest snafu with one program (“Cash for Clunkers”) that is actually working and popular, but ran out of money in ONE WEEK; none of it is attributable to Obama. It’s Congress. It’s the Republicans. It’s the Blue Dogs. It’s the stupidity of the Murkin people. It’s the wimminz, the gays, the blacks, the Hispanics. And of course, it’s those darn Clintonites in his Cabinet! If ONNNNNLLLLY he wouldn’t listen to them while playing 11-dimensional chess on Pluto! (I’m surprised the cell phone reception is so good up there.)

Here is a classic INOF! combined with IACF!, courtesy of our wonderful commenter RedDragon62. The perpetrator: Congressman John Conyers, sponsor of HR 676, the single-payer health care bill. Now, don’t get me wrong: I think Conyers is right on health care. But his defense of Obama on this issue is less believable than Governor Sanford’s claims to have rediscovered God. Here are some of his words of wisdom when asked about Obama’s lack of support for the bill.


“You want single payer. President Obama does not. Why do you want it and why doesn’t Obama?”


“Well I want it because it’s the best plan. And I can remember when Obama agreed with me. Uh, He, he, I’m just guessing ’cause we haven’t talked about it. He wants it because of the “Rahm Emmanuel factor.” Okay. I’m glad you asked me. Uhm, the Rahm Emmanuel factor, to quote him, is that look, we want success and we are willing to make a deal about anything. Does that make you feel pretty comfortable about health care?

And, that’s the whole idea. Is that, uh, he wants to win in the off year elections. He wants our President re-elected, uh, the next time he comes up and so do I. But I don’t want, I don’t want anything stamped reform and let it go at that.

Ha! Did you get that? You see, Rahm “Rahmbo” Emanuel is an evil Clintonite. Obama would want single-payer if it weren’t for Emanuel and his darned “Third Way” tendency to want to make deals with everyone! Of course, we know Obama would be pure as the driven snow if it weren’t for the dastardly forces arrayed against him! I mean, it’s not like he made deals with anyone before he appointed Emanuel.

I’ll tell you something; Bill Clinton would have KILLED to have a 60-vote majority in Congress and to have ridden into the Presidency with 53% of the vote and a sycophantic press corps. He would have been DELIRIOUS to have succeeded a President like Dumbya, who made Republicans look like Neanderthal, theocratic, warmongering shitheads. And despite the fact that Bill snuck in after Ross Perot drew off some of the Republican vote, and despite the fact that his approval rating was in the Dumpster because he raised taxes a LOT when he saw what a mess Reagan/Bush had made of the economy, he STILL tried to pass Universal Health Care, something that, as John Conyers rightly points out, Obama does not support.

IACF? INOF? No, I suspect that what Obama supporters will be saying by the end of the year is, WTF?


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