Pro-Choice Democrats – Declare Your Independence!

No, We Won't Go Back

No, We Won't Go Back

A lot of us are thinking about independence on this historic day. What does it mean for us as Americans, that despite our efforts to change the direction of the country by our traditional method of electing a President and Congress from a different Party, the country is still heading in the wrong direction at breakneck speed?

Many Democrats and people who lean to the left are realizing that Barack Obama is not whom he pretended to be. Leading the pack is the LGBT community, which is planning a massive protest on October 11th. But where, I must ask, are the pro-choice women, and the men who support them?

After Obama’s mind-blowing refusal to overturn the Bush “conscience clause,” and his breaking of his promises to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, it seemed clear that our Dear Leader was determined to embolden and empower the so-called pro-life movement even more than George W. Bush did.

Et voila, the fruits of His Labor (h/t taggles).

Nineteen pro-life House Democrats signed a letter last week to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) expressing their opposition to any health care reform that includes abortion funding.
“We cannot support any health-care reform proposal unless it explicitly excludes abortion from the scope of any government-defined or subsidized health insurance plan,” the letter read.
The congressmen did not take a position for or against the so-called “public option” feature of the health care reform bill, which involves the creation of a government-sponsored health insurance poll, but the congressmen were blunt about what they do not want.
“Plans to mandate coverage for abortions, either directly or indirectly (are) unacceptable,” they wrote.

Didja notice the fact that CNS News, a Catholic pro-life “news” service, called the group CongressMEN? The term is more descriptive than sexist, since out of the 19 people who signed that letter, only two were women (and shame on you, ladies!). Here is the full list, should you wish to make your displeasure known to these traitors to the Democratic Party platform:

The letter was signed by Reps. Dan Boran (D-Okla.), Bart Stupak (D-Mich.), Colin Peterson (D-Minn..), Tim Holden (D-Pa.), Travis Childers (D-Miss.), Lincoln Davis (D-Tenn.), Heath Shuler (D-N.C.), Solomon Ortiz (D-TX), Mike Mclntyre (D-N.C.), Jerry Costello (D-Ill.), Gene Taylor (D-Miss.), James Oberstar (D-Minn.), Bobby Bright (D-Ala.), Steve Driehaus (D-Ohio), Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio), Charlie Melancon (D-La.), John Murtha (D-Pa.), Paul Kanjorski (D-Pa.), and Kathleen Dahlkemper (D-Pa.).

That’s right, I said TRAITORS. The Democratic Party platform has always been “Safe, legal and rare” when it comes to abortion. It is one of the reasons that pro-choice Americans have flocked to the Democratic Party in the past. Once again, the Obamacrats are proving that they have utterly lost touch with the principles that they, by labeling themselves with a “D”, purport to espouse. And let’s remember that these entitled, self-righteous prigs have free healthcare for life, yet they would deny it to other human beings because they disagree with what those human beings do with their reproductive organs! Hey, Jack Murtha, I don’t care what you do with your penis, so get your dirty paws off my uterus!

I am throwing up my hands in frustration and horror. What IS it about these Obamacrats, following Dear Leader’s example so closely and risking the alienation of millions of their constituents? Does Obama have pictures of them making love to goats? Do the pro-lifers have THAT much money? Are there that many of them, really? Why should any Democrat, anywhere, give the slightest thought to what voters who want to ban abortion want? And on what basis are these Obamacrats asking for abortion clinics to be defunded? A religious basis? Because ya know, that just doesn’t work with the whole “separation of church and state” thing.

Every pro-choice Democrat should now realize that Obama has opened a humongous can of worms with his “outreach to” (translation, agreement with) the “pro-life” community. I have no problems with anyone being anti-abortion and anti-contraception, if those people recognize that they have no rights WHATSOEVER to impose their beliefs on me. My body, my choice. PERIOD. And while I’m sure that Pelosi will toss this letter in the trash where it belongs, I am not so sure that it will not be used by Obama as an excuse to try to play both sides of the issue when the new health care bill is drafted. Maybe the funding for the abortion clinics will still be there, but in exchange for what? Abstinence-only education in every public school? A house of worship at every college that receives federal dollars? Mandatory burquas for all unmarried women? (Yes, I am snarking, but only slightly.)

I wonder, just what will it take for pro-choice women who feel that control over their own bodies is a right, not a privilege, to awaken from their Obama worship and disaffiliate themselves from the Democratic Party? I know it’s tough, because it’s not as if we can go to the Republican Party, which is where most of the anti-abortion/anti-contraception  fundies are still finding a home. Nevertheless, we simply must stop giving a Party that continuously fails to do what it was elected to do our money, time and support. (PUMAs, I know you already have done so – I am talking to those who have not.)

Pro-choice Democrats, it is time to make your employees EARN those votes. Don’t just pick the “D” any more. Declare your independence and be ready for the evolution of a third party in American politics. It’s definitely coming, and we should be ready to use our influence to lead that party when it arises. Right now, we non-Obama worshipers who lean to the left have nowhere to go. Let’s make sure that when opportunity knocks, we’re ready to answer the door.

Happy Independence Day!


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  1. Great post and I”m with you 100%. Stand up and do what’s right or get the fuck out of the way.

  2. Amen, PUMA-SF!