NYT: Obama Roolz, Bill Clinton Droolz

Bill Clinton, a Real President

Bill Clinton, a Real President

Several of our Widdershins commenters have pointed me to this article on Bill Clinton in the New York Times. I haven’t read the Times regularly since 1994, and now I remember why.

See if you can spot the ObamaNation talking points scattered throughout the propaganda piece. (Don’t worry, I’ll help you out.)

Bill Clinton loves to shop. On a March day in an elegant crafts store in Lima, the Peruvian capital, he hunted for presents for his wife and the women on his staff back home. He had given a speech at a university earlier and just came from a ceremony kicking off a program to help impoverished Peruvians. Now he was eyeing a necklace with a green stone amulet.

Standing all by himself, the former president of the United States moved his eyes methodically across shelves of wooden carvings, jewelry and sculptures as he searched for something distinctive to bring his wife. “She used to look forward to me coming home from wherever I’ve been,” he mused with a laugh. “Now I’m afraid I’ll be second fiddle to whatever world leader she’s just met.”

Talking Point: Bill’s a girl! He likes to shop! He’s totally emasculated by Hillary’s appointment as Secretary of State. Obama Roolz, Clinton Droolz!

The advent of a new Democratic administration, with his wife in the top cabinet slot, has opened a new chapter in the eventful life of the nation’s 42nd president. No longer in exile, yet not exactly in the inner circle, Clinton is trying to define his role and find his place in the Age of Obama. He agreed to some limits on his activities to satisfy the good-government advocates around Obama, but he is still traveling the globe, pushing his favorite philanthropic programs, collecting six-figure checks for speeches, dining with foreign leaders and in his own way speaking for America again. A couple of weeks ago, he agreed to serve as the United Nations special envoy to Haiti.

Talking Point: See? Obama has only been in office five months and already he’s got an Age. An Age, I tell you! He is the most historical-est, bestest Preznit EVAH! And did Bill have a clothing line and his own TeeVee station? I don’t THINK so! Obama Roolz, Bill Clinton Droolz!

No one has combined the roles of former president and cabinet spouse before, and the lines are blurry. After Hillary Clinton’s nomination for secretary of state was announced, the telephones at her husband’s office rang as various ambassadors tried to go through him to get a meeting. The foreign leaders he meets with now ask after his wife and know they can use him to get messages to her. But Obama has not tapped Clinton to do anything significant for the new administration yet. Unless Obama messes up, says a former top Clinton aide, “President Clinton is irrelevant.” Obama does not need him. “This is not a circumstance in which Bill Clinton is going to have much of a role,” the aide says.

Talking Point: Bill Clinton is irrelevant. (Okay, that one was easy.) No one needs him, no one cares about him. Obama Roolz, Clinton Droolz!

For both the trip to Davos and the trip to South America that I joined, Clinton said he checked first with Jim Jones at the National Security Council. “I say: ‘Look, I’ve been invited to go to this place. These people will be there. Do you want me not to go?’ ” he told me early last month. “If they want me to make any points on their behalf, I’ll do it. I really do believe there can only be one president at a time.” A White House official later told me that Clinton also checked with Jones before agreeing to take the United Nations post [as ambassador to Haiti].

Talking Point: Bill Clinton has to ask Obama for permission to go to the bathroom! Ha! Ha! Ha! Obama Roolz, Clinton Droolz!

…At one point he devoted days to campaigning in South Carolina against the wishes of her strategists, only to watch her lose the primary.

Talking Point: Bill Clinton was why Hillary lost South Carolina, not because of the demographics of the state, and certainly not because of all the racial smears that the ObamaNation propagated against her! Obama Roolz, Clinton Droolz! And speaking of those accusations of racism:

“None of them ever really took seriously the race rap,” he told me. “They knew it was politics. I had one minister in Texas in the general election come up and put his arm around me.” This was an Obama supporter. “And he came up, threw his arm around me and said, ‘You’ve got to forgive us for that race deal.’ He said, ‘That was out of line.’ But he said, ‘You know, we wanted to win real bad.’ And I said, ‘I got no problem with that.’ I said it’s fine; it’s O.K. And we laughed about it and we went on.” The other side is moving on, too. Representative James Clyburn of South Carolina, who once recalled an angry Clinton berating him on the phone for criticizing the former president’s campaign rhetoric, is letting bygones be bygones, at least publicly. “No fence-mending is needed,” Clyburn said through a spokeswoman.

Talking Point: It’s fine to smear the “first black president’ with racist accusations, even though you know they’re total and complete bullshit. It’s just politics! And don’t worry, Obama will do it again and again to whomever tries to fight him on anything – and you’d better excuse it just like Bill Clinton! Obama Roolz, Clinton Droolz!

Rahm Emanuel, who was a senior adviser to Clinton and now is chief of staff for Obama, recently described the current White House as a far more cohesive operation than his last one. “We don’t, rather, have the kind of New Democrats versus traditionalist split that existed in that White House,” he said on CNBC. “We don’t have in this White House the president-versus-vice-president staff divisions that have been in other White Houses.” Emanuel credited “the tone and tenor that the president of the United States has set in expectations.” The next day on ABC, he suggested Obama would rank among the best American leaders, comparing him with “successful presidents and transformative presidents” like Franklin D. Roosevelt, Kennedy and Reagan. Emanuel made no mention of Clinton.

Talking Point: Well, duh.

I noticed that in all the many comparisons of the two Presidents contained within this article, no mention was made of Clinton’s great commitment to gender equity. He appointed Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the Supreme Court, a woman and a real liberal to boot, and half of his Cabinet was made up of women. For this commitment, columnists in the New York Times derided and attacked him mercilessly. To add insult to injury, there is a great deal of “golly gee, maybe I shouldn’t have said Clinton killed Vince Foster cause it wasn’t true” type of way-too-fucking-late apologizing from the wingnuts who were responsible for crucifying him day after day in the corporate media, while the columnist is strangely silent about the crucial role the New York Times played in hyping every made-up scandal until it died a whimpering, embarrassed death. 

I’ll tell you the thing that really disturbed me about this article, besides all the fawning over Obama and His Holy Awesomeness. It was this idea of the “transformative” Presidency. Apparently being a “transformative” President is somehow more desirable than being a successful one, which even the Koolaid-swilling RahmBo Emanuel admits Bill Clinton was. And yet, all the Obamans say that Reagan was “transformative.” Um, if Reagan is the model Obama is following, then I’d rather have “successful,” thank you very much.

I am very, very troubled by where this country is going. I see the Left closing its eyes and leaping off a cliff with Obama, thinking there is still a safety net underneath it, and that nothing will happen except a hell of an exciting ride. But hear the words of  J-Som of Liberal Rapture, who perfectly encapsulated the way I feel about what Obama is doing to those of us on the left-leaning side of the aisle:

I think – ‘no, I shouldn’t get over it’. I see no reason to “get over it”. A “planned” mistake of epic proportions was foisted on us last year .

And I can’t get around the sense that it may be our final mistake. The mistake that ends the possibility for redemption. The one who comes after Obama shoud be as big a concern now for thinking people as Obama himself.

This mistake aided and abetted in corrupting the Left to its core – with the Left being willing, deluded participants. The far Right is alive now. Alive with passion and ideas. The Left, contrary to MSM blathering, is DEAD. A bunch of lost, confused, disempowered fools.

Exactly right. I can only “hope” that as we keep to our principles, and critique Obama from the left, that more and more Obama supporters (not Obots, they can kiss Angie’s ass!) will join with us PUMAs and make us into a force to be reckoned with.



2 responses to “NYT: Obama Roolz, Bill Clinton Droolz

  1. Not to mention their front cover today. Bill and W on the cover today and the caption reads “ex presidents interviewed… They were paid $150k.”

  2. Wow…as if the most important thing was the fee, not the fact that these two are speaking together!

    There was so much else in there I could have talked about…particularly galling was the claim that Bill didn’t do enough on climate change, but now they have the “leadership” to make it happen.

    I guess the reporter never heard of Obama’s recent permission to remove 42 mountaintops for mining purposes, or his commitment to corn ethanol at the expense of trees? And of course there’s the whole “clean coal” crapola. Yeah, that’s some awesome leadership ya got there, Dems.