Obama Wants Gitmo “Mini-Me”

And I Will Call Him...Mini-Gitmo!

And I Will Call Him...Mini-Gitmo!

Continuing his bizarre morphing into Dr. Evil, President Barack Obama has apparently decided that one Guantanamo Bay isn’t enough. He wants another one – a Gitmo “Mini-Me;” a kinder, more Barackian place where he can continue the military tribunals, dispense with habeas corpus and due process, and hold “suspected terrorists” without a trial for an indefinite length of time.

I found this little gem tucked away inside Rick Klein’s article in The Note (linked to by Gary in today’s Morning Widdershins), whch details the many ways in which Obama has been leaving the Left Behind:

And can the administration wedge this one past the left? “The Obama administration is weighing plans to detain some terror suspects on U.S. soil — indefinitely and without trial — as part of a plan to retool military commission trials that were conducted for prisoners held in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba,” Evan Perez writes in The Wall Street Journal. “The proposal being floated with members of Congress is another indication of President Barack Obama’s struggles to establish his counter-terrorism policies, balancing security concerns against attempts to alter Bush-administration practices he has harshly criticized.

Okay, Obots, defend this one. I. DARE. YOU.

When I first heard of Obama’s supposed plans to close Guantanamo Bay (I’ll believe it when I see it; apparently he has requested $80 million for the efforts and so far, has been denied the money by Congress until he provides them with a plan), I was not happy. I immediately said, “What about the Military Commissions Act? What about Habeas Corpus? A REAL plan would be to give the attorneys for the government some short period of time (30 days as an example) to come up with evidence that would stand up in court, evidence which they could use to prosecute the prisoners illegally detained at Gitmo. If the attorneys couldn’t come up with it in that time period, the government must immediately release the prisoners. Where is a difficult question, but I’m sure it could be resolved if the political will were there.

But of course, the political will is not there; not from President Re-Election, and certainly not from our Congresscritters. These are the same RepubliCrats who have spent the past eight years rolling over for Bush, and who are now occupying themselves with attempting to sever the last quivering cords of the social safety net, in order to let tens of millions of Americans drop into the ever-hungrier maw of the corporatocracy. And if they die, who cares? They were poor anyway. Who needs ’em? Certainly not our august “public servants.” The corporatocracy will gladly pave their way to re-election with sweet, sweet campaign cash. Don’t worry about the bloodstains; I hear a little Clorox gets them out.

Obama famously claims he is a Constitutional lawyer of some sort. His followers claim he is a philosopher king who is playing eleven-dimensional chess on Pluto; a man so brilliant that we mere mortals could not possibly attempt to approach his level of existence or comprehend the vastness of his mind.  Yet an expert on the Constitution does not understand that torture is against both our laws and international laws, and that those responsible need to be investigated and prosecuted, no matter WHAT party they belong to? (Yes, I’m looking at you, Nancy Pelosi.) An expert on the Constitution does not understand that Guantanamo Bay is not the problem – the legislative justification for Guantanamo Bay is?

As we have seen from Obama’s extreme right-wing stances on the use of  “state secrets” to dismiss lawsuits in advance, and his recent 180 on releasing the photos of tortured prisoners, Obama cares nothing for the Constitution. He cares nothing for law and order. He cares nothing for the good of our country, for the needs of its people. He merely cares about keeping and acquiring power.

No, this action, like so many others of Barack Obama’s, is simply indefensible by any left-leaning American.

But the Obots will try anyway, won’t they?

Poor, pathetic, brain-dead creatures. You’d almost feel sorry for them…if they hadn’t put Dr. Evil in charge of our government.


2 responses to “Obama Wants Gitmo “Mini-Me”

  1. Well, as usual you are right on with your assessment of OB. why aren’t more people standing up against this “democrat” , who to us always appeared different than what he claimed and I am not talking about color. holding someone without the due process of our laws after condemning bush and putting them in a SPECIAL prison,I just want to throw up listening to him. Why are the Obots not seeing what is in front of their eyes?

    with the beginning of his vote on fisaissue ,wars,public financing in th GE, helping regular people in this mortgage crisis ,favoring wall street ,abandoning the UAW’s,torture issues, the fly over debacle,his partying ,total disregard for the people he said he would be for,Acorn money from the stimulus . he even is using the fear tactics of bush and then there is his press boy,gibbs ,what a sarcastis ass, and we used to complain about the republican ones ! where do people wake up?

  2. Well-said, apachegirl. I really don’t know what it will take. FISA was a huge, obvious F-YOU to the left, and the Obots pretzelfied themselves defending it. After that, where’s the line?