It’s That Time Again!

Join me, AngieNC and the stupendous Sheri Tag at 8 pm EST tonight, on No We Won’t!

No We Won't!
No We Won’t!


And for a little peek at what I saw at The New Agenda’s Violence Against Women Forum, take a look at this short video, in which the panelists discuss the Chris Brown/Rihanna case, and ways to communicate to the youth of today that violence is not a normal part of any relationship.


4 responses to “It’s That Time Again!

  1. (OT, I know. Apologies! I move too slow to keep up with your blog. I read something, go Ooh-ooh-ooh-must-comment, and comments are always closed. Like that brilliant rant about B0 and freedom of choice. The juxtaposition of Palin and B0 in *deeds*, not words, was powerful.

    So, anyway, is there any workaround for slowpokes to comment? Or do I just need to get my act together? 😉 )

  2. LOL quixote! Sorry about that. Friendly comments are always welcome on any posts. If you have something to say about the Pro-choice rant, please have at it!

  3. thanks for posting this video and helping us spread the word madamab!

  4. Of course, Amy!