It’s That Time Again!

Sheri Tag, AngieNC and I are on the radio tonight. Yes, I know it’s Easter Sunday and Passover, but if you are in the mood for feisty, fierce PUMA-tude, tune in at 8:00 p.m. Eastern to No We Won’t!

Click the picture below at 8:00 p.m. to listen.

No We Won't!

No We Won't!


13 responses to “It’s That Time Again!

  1. Happy holiday to all.

    Hold on to your jelly beans, this from Huffpost:

    That Brooch! That Belt! Is Hillary Clinton Inspired By Michelle?

    (just can’t post a huffy link here, can’t do it)

  2. AAaaaaaaaAAAAAAaaaaaAAAAA!

    Bottom line: Hillary looks WAAAAAY better than Michelle and the HuffPoop can’t handle it.


  3. great show ladies.

  4. That HuffPoop line makes me want to laugh and throw things out of the window.

  5. You know what, DYB, I went to the site and frankly, the article was a lot nicer than the headline.

    They said that Hillary had made a lot of great fashion choices in her political life, despite her claims that the fashion gene had passed her by. (I respect her even more for saying that, LOL!)

    Of course they had to HuffPoop it up by throwing in the “Did Michelle inspire Hillary?” line. YUCK!!!

  6. This is just the latest example of what’s wrong with the media. First, as if Hillary’s fashion existed in a vacuum before MO came along. Suddenly Hillary’s fashion choices become all about MO as far as the media can see. The way their minds obsessively snap to MO (they already compare all other Presidents to BO, right?) is, frankly, sick. And second, why was this article written at all? Just like the multiple front-page headlines in the NYTimes about the cost of Palin’s wardrobe and the incessant mentions of what color Hillar’s pantsuit was whenever they mentioned a campaign rally. Nobody ever wrote about Obama’s tailored and pressed suits and how much they cost. And I assure you they cost a bundle. And there are many different shades of gray they could be discussing. People know more about the color of Hillary’s pantsuits and the cost of Palin’s wardrobe than they do about Obama’s economic policy. This is where the media has brought us. I had an opportunity recently to prove this point with someone I work. She started going off on Palin and I said: You know, at least this woman has done something very tangible for the gay community in her state. My coworker had never heard of Palin’s veto of legislation that would have taken away health insurance from partners of gay employees. I then asked my coworker how much Palin’s wardrobe cost. She immediately responded “$150,000.” I asked her if she saw any problem with this discrepancy in her knowledge. She shrugged. And I’m sure she never gave it another thought.

  7. Word, DYB! Could not agree more.

    The movie that John Ziegler made addresses this very problem. You might want to check it out.

    Fair warning – the guy is a conservative. But the film is great anyway. And, it’s very respectful of the Clintons, both Bill and Hillary.

  8. madamab> I had a conservative friend e-mail me about this movie, too. I’ve been sort of following Ziegler for a few months, but I think he makes a big mistake in framing his argument in such a partisan way. Recently he wrote a column for Fox bashing the “liberal media” and “liberals” in general for something or other. I think with statements like that he’s driving away a lot of potential sympathizers. If the issue he wants to take on – and somebody should take on – is integrity in the media, he’s doing himself a disservice by taking cheap partisan shots. Hillary and Palin – very different ideologically – received very similar treatment from the same members of the media. Clearly “liberal” and “conservative” had nothing to do with it. Yet Ziegler insists on dragging that old, tired, and untrue “liberal media” club to beat everyone over the head with. I haven’t seen his film yet, but from outside looking in, I even question his respect for the Clintons. I think it’s an attempt to appear bi-partisan. But I don’t think it’s sincere in light of the fact that “liberal” is obviously a four letter word with him. I wish he had left his own ideologies behind and made a movie about the media – period.

  9. DYB – He actually did make that movie. He never bashes the “liberal” media in it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have given it the time of day.

    However, I’m not surprised to hear that apart from the movie itself, he’s flagging that dead horse on Fox. He is playing to Fox’s audience there. Conservatives always ignore that the media fluffed Bush for eight years and is still covering for him. That’s not liberal! But it doesn’t fit their narrative, so they just put their fingers in their ears and scream “LALALALA, I can’t HEAR YOU!”

    Ah well. I think the film is worth seeing despite all that, but I totally get why you wouldn’t want to go. That’s why we are simply giving PUMAs a heads-up, and not actively promoting the film. Our DNA is basically liberal, and that’s not going to change anytime soon!

  10. I’m glad to hear that Ziegler doesn’t liberal-bash in the movie. But I do think his anti-liberal rants dilute his message. I’m a perfect example! There will be many others who will simply discount what he has to say because of what else he has to say. Sort of how I will no longer hold up Michael Moore’s documentaries as worth my time because of what else Moore has been doing and saying. It’s hard to separate the people from their art sometimes. (Though I manage with Wagner, I suppose.)

  11. DYB – LOL – if we only listened to music by composers who were “politically correct,” we wouldn’t listen to a whole heck of a lot of music!

    At a certain point you have to decide how much amnesty you’re willing to offer, and I think it varies from person to person. As for me, I look forward to more documentaries on the corporate media from a more left-wing source, but Ziegler was the first off the mark with one which specifically discusses the 2008 election.

    As usual, the conservatives are far better at this game than the liberals.

  12. Absolutely, conservatives do play this game far better than liberals. At the moment the “Progressives” are still in afterglow of the election, even if they think they hit a handful of bumps in the road. They really don’t understand the long-term damage they’ve done to the Democratic party and Democracy in general.

    Speaking of blindness and Wagner, here’s a post a friend just wrote about Winifred Wagner and her personal affection for her good friend Adolf Hitler: