Media Malfeasance Open Thread

The corporate media, as many of us have noted time and again, is a total disgrace. They covered up for the unqualified fraud George W. Bush, they shoehorned the unqualified fraud Barack Obama into office, and they are now covering for the patriarchy’s newest tool (pun most definitely intended) in an ever-more desperate and transparent manner.

Many on the left insist that the Israel lobby runs American foreign policy. Ever since 9/11, who actually runs it has been painfully clear.

Wuv, Twue Wuv

Wuv, Twue Wuv

and now:

American dependency on foreign oil is, indeed, a national security issue. Given that 15 out of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 were Saudi Arabian, as is Osama bin Laden, why did we invade Iraq? Afghanistan I understood, because bin Laden and his Al Qaeda cadre were actually there at the time. But once the 9/11 mastermind escaped into the mountainous area between Pakistan and Afghanistan, it boggled my brain that the media was able to sell the neo-con, oil-centric agenda of an Iraq invasion at all. Even worse, the media never held BushCheney to account for allowing Osama bin Laden to escape in the first place, and in 2002, when Bush made the mind-boggling statement that he was not that concerned about bin Laden, we dissenters heard nothing but crickets from our teevees.

Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia (also called “Bandar Bush” because of his close ties with the Bush family) was privy to the plans for the Iraq invasion. In fact, he saw them before Colin Powell, then Secretary of State, did. Can anyone say the same about Ariel Sharon? And before the election of 2004, Bandar promised George that he’d lower oil prices to make the American economy seem strong, in order to help Bush win a second term.

When the media lies, we all lose.

This is an open thread.

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  1. This is depressing! I wonder if there’s even a way back from this. I mean, the media did a very small mea culpa after the Iraq invasion (and only after the war went badly.) But they obviously learned nothing from that fiasco.

    And this bow to the Saudi king – it’s humiliating. It’s a humiliation to the entire US of A. You think this will be the image Republicans will use against Barky and the Dimocrats? You betcha!

  2. Oh yes, DYB, they will indeed.

    Can you see Hillary or McCain doing something like this? The very idea is ludicrous! Yet we’re supposed to pretend it’s fine for Bush to hold hands with the Saudis and for Obama to bow to them.

    The only bright light I see is that the traditional media is not making as much money as they used to. In fact, the New York Times and other stalwart newspapers are facing bankruptcy. Their slant has become painfully obvious – all pro-patriarchy, all the time.

    What will replace them? Will it be the Internets? If so, even more reason to hold everyone’s feet to the fire, no matter what their party registration.

  3. stateofdisbelief

    Naw…the most frightening thing is that both Dems and Repubs are afraid to criticize him for fear of being labled a raci$t. Comedians won’t make fun of him which has always been standard fare for the late night shows and even Fox News commentators tread lightly – except for Sean Hannity.

    Civil discourse and reasoned debate has been fatally wounded and it appears that it doesn’t have an adequate health care plan to ensure its survival.

  4. What’s frightening about the traditional media like the NYTimes, the Boston Globe, etc. going under is that it leaves the public to find news that makes them happy. Not the news that they need to hear. This is why for so many years newspapers – which were viewed as unpartisan and honest – were so invaluable. Now we can all choose to read the news sources that tell us what we want to hear. There’s more information out there, but it’s so compartmentalized that I’m afraid the public will continue to become more and more ignorant. Just look at the current coverage of Obama. If you’re an Oborg – you can safely go to MSNBC, CNN, DK, and HuffPo, and be content and call yourself an “informed voter.”

    I wonder if SNL will do a skit about the bow. (Or if they did one last night; I don’t watch the show.)

  5. I am now thinking that Queen Elizabeth is a pretty sharp cookie and that her choice of a visible PINK DRESS was on purpose, seeing ahead and noting that he wouldn’t accept her position but would BOW to the KING.

    Obama’s IPOD would have been much delayed if it weren’t for the other Queen Elizabeth 1st for whom the Elizabethan era enabled many to focus on education, literature and drama. Thank you, thank you to women who have put their country first and not relied on honoring gender…which in this day and age is all about the MAN.

    The tide hopefully will be changing as more women of step forward to make that change.
    Go Jackie Go!

  6. Woman Voter – Thanks for putting that link up. I have been meaning to address this and have been unable to do so.

    Go go, Jackie go go go!

  7. stateofdisbelief

    We need to make sure BZero doesn’t have a say in who’s on the committee or at least state the parameters for membership on the committee. My God…he’ll put Favreau, Rahm, Bill Maher, and Larry Summers on it.

  8. He already put Larry Summers on the first one. LOL

  9. I’m trying to remember who Jackie recently replaced in Congress, I believe there was a death in her district and she moved up from the State Senate. Does anyone recall?

  10. Oh, I just remembered, it was the elderly man from Eastern Europe whose name I can’t recall.

  11. Lililam – just looked it up – it was Tom Lantos.

  12. Thanks, madamab, that’s the one.

  13. If I recall, Bill Clinton had an office for Women Rights out of the White House. I remember when W ended it, along with the AIDS office.
    As for memories of Bandar Bush – I seem to recall, the Saudis owning a controlling share in CNN and the attempted PR stint Bandar did after CNN.

  14. Lantos was the only Holocaust survivor ever to serve in Congress. He was born in Budapest.

  15. Beata – I remember that.

    EOF – You are right about both of those things. Bandar did a big media blitz reminiscent of the Blago fiasco. It was just as successful, too.


  16. Pat Johnson

    Tom Lantos had a great life story to go along with his congressional success. He also had a lifelong love affair with his wife Annette that he knew from childhood. A serious and erudite man who made his mark. He escaped brutality and showed us the way. He will be missed.

  17. Yup, Pat – they don’t make Congresscritters like they used to.

    I remember listening to him speak and being so impressed with his obvious intelligence.

    Of course, he was no Larry Craig or David Vitter. I mean, those guys have style and class!


  18. Pat Johnson

    I remember him during the S and L hearings when he chaired the committee. He was flabbergasted at the waste and cover up during Reagan’s administration.

    I always saw Tom Lantos as a man of principle, something completely lacking in most pols today.

    His life experiences taught him the beauty of our Constitution and he attempted to uphold it which I find few do or care to do anymore.

  19. I watched part of SNL last night and Seth Myers actually criticised Obama for giving the DVDs to Gordon Brown and the IPod to the Queen. He said something like, “…next time consult with the Office of Protocol rather than Sasha and Malia about what gifts to give…” (I’m paraphrasing)

    He also had a funny line about MO saying that she wore clothes from J Crew and that sales of clothing at J Crew skyrocketed. “Now, if only someone could get her to drive a Chrysler…”

  20. Pat Johnson

    janicen: I saw that too and he indicated that those gifts had all the quality of “secret Santa’s”. Hilarious.

  21. Pat, I remember watching him during a hearing involving Condoleeza Rice. I was so angry at her at the time for what appeared to be her obfuscation of the issues, but I was impressed by his grace and politeness in dealing with her in respect for her position and status. It was very old-fashioned and gentlemanly, not a common trait.

  22. Pat Johnson

    The saddest comments we make when we basically generalize is that we forget that there are those pols who quietly try to do their jobs without fuss and fanfare.

    We are so accustomed to those who grab the mic, cannot resist a camera, and make comments all aimed at the folks at home to consider for their next election. The media whores dominate with their back and forth snipes while the ones who don’t often are overlooked and go uncredited. That is the problem with generalizing comments. That tar one and all unfortunately.

  23. Three Wickets

    Yes, what is up with that. How long have we had this affair with Sunni royalty in the ME. Since Wilson probably, after our oil barons became wise to all that supply. Neocons are treacherous. Progressives are simple. Neither have enough understanding of the world but think they do. I love to generalize on Sundays.

    In other news, baseball season is here. Mets will play their opener a week from tomorrow in their new stadium in Queens. Citi Group has committed 400 million for the long term rights to call it Citi Field. Timing is not great. Citizens Field has a nice ring.

  24. Pat Johnson

    lililam I am a pushover for romance but he really loved his wife and often mentioned her. I liked that. He was not ashamed to show his sentimentality and he was a man of letters which made it even more touching.

    But that is just me. I get sloppy at things like that.

  25. I can relate, Pat.

  26. Pat Johnson

    3Wickets: Opening day this week for the Bosox! Can’t wait but it might get rained out. Ouch! Big Papi back at bat! Watch out!

  27. Three Wickets

    Bosox actually played an exhibition with the Mets at Citizens Field on Friday. Not sure who won, but those were hot tickets.

    Pat, scary wisdom is when you post a moderating statement about “generalizing” before the thought has even hit my head. 🙂

  28. Pat Johnson

    What can I say? Great minds………

  29. TW – Both New York teams won on Friday in their opening games. It was exciting, but probably not a harbinger of things to come. LOL

    I watched SNL last night too. Janicen – it was even more pointed criticism than that – he said “check with the State Department instead of Malia and Sasha.”

    State Department implies Hillary.


    BTW – Seth Myers is so untalented! Good grief. They’ll let anyone onto SNL these days.

  30. I agree, madamab, I don’t understand why they even have Myers on- I cringe watching him- he must have some inner connections. There are so many more talented individuals in the world that would benefit from such a sinocure. He’s been on way too long.

  31. I agree that Seth Myers isn’t the most talented in his field, but I have to admire his courage. I haven’t seen Jon Stewart or David Letterman or Jay Leno (not that I watch them very often) dare to say anything critical of O. Maybe now others will follow suit.

  32. Three Wickets

    This just in from NPR. Restaurants in Istanbul offering Baklava molded to the likeness of Obama’s face. They’re calling it Baracklava. I kid you not.

    Puppy really wants out of the car to see her friends in the park. It’s been an amazing Spring day so far here in the Constitution State. BBL.

  33. Yes, that was refreshing, but he was a schnook earlier in the political season. I guess I have a hard time releasing a grudge!

  34. TW – Oh EWWWWWW!

    You think “Baracklava” is bad? Check THIS out:

    Obama Fried Chicken.

    No, no racial stereotyping there!


  35. stateofdisbelief

    Unfortunately the great women’s thread is below but I wanted to report on an achievement of one of *my* great women, my daughter.

    As some of you know, my daughter’s fiance was killed in a car accident just prior to them both leaving to transfer to the college of their dreams. She had to go on alone, and in conjunction with the fact that she is autistic (albeit brilliant) the cumulative effect of everything caused her to fall apart and cut her first semester short to come home and find a way to start anew. Well, she was readmitted this semester and is not only achieving excellent grades in a very demanding college, she has found love again and has been selected to act as a new student advisor for the next school year.

    I’m so proud of her! She is my hero.

  36. She is a Shero! Can she be mine too! Lots to be proud of there, SoD!

  37. That is such an incredible story, SOD. Thanks for sharing it!

    BTW, new thread above. Not that it matters, LOL!

  38. I can not listen to the song ” Little Lies ” without laughing. When Oprah was going on diets all the time a disc jockey played a parody of this song calling it ” sell me pies”. It was so funny.

    Since I needed something to make me feel better while dealing with contractors repairing my shower, I found a book called
    I was told there’d be cake by Sloane Crosley.
    I is a book that many of us would like.
    Pat Johnson if you read this you have to read this book.



  39. SOD
    I am so glad to hear the good news about you daughter. You must of done a lot right for her to be able to continue and thrive.