Drama at the G20

Protesters at the G20

Protesters at the G20

Well, it’s the first day of the G20 Summit in Great Britain. My teevee this morning showed me a picture of Our Girl sitting right next to President Obama in one of his morning meetings.  My suggestion to Barack?

Step 1: Replace your TelePrompTer with an earpiece.
Step 2: Have Hillary speak into it.
Step 3: Repeat everything she says.

My guess is, the press would find that you’d suddenly “recovered” your “natural speaking ability.” Cough! Cough!

As shown in the picture above, there are thousands of protesters who are just as mad as we are in America about the widening gap between rich and poor, and the horrible mess the global corporate overlords have made of their country. And French President Sarkozy is threatening to walk if they don’t do what he wants and start strictly regulating international transactions.

Should be an interesting day.

This is an open thread – tawk amongst yuhselves!


108 responses to “Drama at the G20

  1. Step 1: Replace your TelePrompTer with an earpiece.
    Step 2: Have Hillary speak into it.
    Step 3: Repeat everything she says.

    mad, not sure if I should laugh or cry!!
    what is this unqualified jackass doing in Europe?
    not so secretly hoping Sarky and Merkel kick his ass..

  2. This morning, my teevee ALSO told me that Barack Obama was espousing FDR’s New Deal by pumping money into the economy.

    No, CBS, Obama’s pumping money into the financial sector, which coincidentally happens to be populated with all his buddies and pals. FDR told the bankers to go take a flying leap.

  3. I much prefered the box on the back to the unsightly teleprompting head swing.

  4. Cat – yeah, if Obama really WERE channelling FDR, Sarkozy and Merkel would be a lot happier with him.

    You see, France and Germany actually provide a social safety net to their people. They know about FDR.

    And Barack Obama, you are no FDR!

  5. how he justifies giving trillions to banks with no strings attached and basically give up on the auto indutry and American workers is beyond the frickin realm of good politics.

    But when you have the media on your side you can just about get away with anything. I blame the media more than anything else for not educating the public on these issues.

    They are a complete failure.

    We however are not. We give it straight up and get our asses chewed.

  6. Thanks for the laugh madamab! Somehow just seeing her makes me feel better, at least we know someone is actually working.

    I just hope BO and MO don’t do something embarassing with the Queen. I am just picturing both of them sipping tea with their pinkies extended ’cause they saw that once on teevee.

  7. Oh, madamab, what a great suggestion! But he’s too full of himself to listen to Hillary. My bet is that he tanks big-time in his first, official appearance as President (which is not to be confused with his pseudo-Presidential world tour last summer). I read that he took 14 teleprompters with him.

    My teevee told me that protests are planned later for the US Embassy, where he is having meetings. I wonder how his ego will deal with that! He’s used to throngs of people, but they are usually full of adulation and beer.

    Catarina, I have a good feeling that Merkel will take him on. I don’t know how strong Sarkozy is, but he’s got a lot of riled up French citizens to deal with, so he may well stick it to Obama, too.

  8. Soupcity – I understand Obama is really, really excited about meeting the Queen.

    Insert obvious joke here.


  9. thanks, madamab must clean monitor now..

  10. I wonder if when he starts to feel he isn’t the star of the show will he brush his shoulders off, flick the bird and walk off stage to the tune of 99 problems but the brits aint one!

  11. LOL taggles!

    I wonder what gift he brought the Queen. A plastic tiara and a “My Little Pony”?

  12. His royal jewels?? Or maybe some collectible coins? Ok I’ll stop now…

  13. Bella Napoli

    Soupcity, you beat me to it; I was going to say some collectors plates of his historical inauguration…lol

  14. I saw somewhere Michelle was pressed for time and on the fly picked up these little gems from The Airforce 1 Giftshop.


  15. Taggles – That, plus a set of Ginsu knives.

    But wait – there’s more! For just an additional 9.99, you get these!

  16. That last one is the perfect gift. They will last forever. Just ask any landfill operator.

    😉 LOL

  17. Saw this over at Alegre’s:

    Apparently it’s now kewl for the state of Virginia (which is governed by anti-choice DNC Chair Tim Kaine) to spend its much-needed dollars on license plates which make political statements about abortion.

    Um, yay?

    Pro-choice Democrats: Under the Bus!

  18. We already have these in Ohio, I would love to know which groups get the extra money you pay for them each year too….


  19. from Prochoiceamerica.org (NARAL)

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 30, 2009
    Virginia Gov. and DNC Chair Kaine Signs Divisive Anti-Choice Bill

    Washington, DC – The leaders of NARAL Pro-Choice America and NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia expressed deep disappointment at Gov. Tim Kaine’s decision to sign into law a bill that funnels state money to anti-choice organizations, the so-called “crisis pregnancy centers.”

    Kaine, who also serves as the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, has taken action that’s inconsistent with the strong pro-choice platform adopted by party leaders last August. This is the first piece of legislation involving a woman’s right to choose that Kaine considered since being elected chairman of the national party.

    “It is unfortunate that, even after receiving thousands of messages from Virginians and pro-choice activists across the country, Gov. Kaine has opted to sign a bill that advances a divisive political ideology at the expense of women’s health,” said Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America. “This action reminds America’s pro-choice majority that we must hold elected officials in both political parties accountable when they take actions that are inconsistent with mainstream pro-choice values.”

  20. Good for them, Cat.

    Unfortunately, they supported Obama. He is not, and has never been, in accord with the traditional Dem platform on choice.

    Too bad it takes a ton of bricks for some people to understand that.

    Anyone have any info on PP or NOW’s response?

  21. mad,

    there is no more traditional dem platform on choice.
    they are kissing the asses of the evangelicals now.

    and yes, Naral knew that a long time ago.

    f-ing sellouts.

  22. I work for Canadian company. Most Canadians are very socialistic, bleeding heart liberals. They didn’t drink the koolaid, they actually invented and distributed it.

    Today my boss wrote me, regarding Obama, “You must want to tell the World, I told you so?”

    I just wrote him that it’s hard to be humble.

    A good day.

  23. Three Wickets

    Hope things will be safe there. I remember raising a fist or two in Trafalger Square when I worked in London. I also recall constantly carrying balls of trash in my hands whenever I would go walking outdoors because there were no waste baskets, on the street corners, in the tube stations, anywhere. This was back when a different kind of terrorist was planting explosions in public. Then I moved to Tokyo, and it was trash bin heaven.

    In other news, seems the PNAC boys have huddled and come up with a fancy new name FPI for Foreign Policy Initiative. They’re hoping to make their pitch to Obama. The big wingnut pow wow apparently took place at the Mayflower Hotel. Wasn’t that where Spitzer has his..and JFK would run off to have his.. What is the story with men and that hotel.


  24. Cat – before the Democratic Party became Obama for America, every Dem would chant “safe, legal and rare” as their mantra. No more!

    mlhath – LOL! At least your boss has a sense of humor.

    TW – You knew that was coming, didn’t you? Clearly Obama has no problems with war or “surging,” as long as he’s the one in charge. They must think they have a chance to wrap him around their fingers, as they did to 43.

    Looks like they’re starting with a tried-and-true tactic – flattery. I’m sure Obama will like that.

    I wonder how the Obots will feel about the neo-cons praising his policies towards Afghanistan? Instead of asking why , they’ll probably just ignore it and play with their Heads O’ State.

  25. garychapelhill

    Isn’t the Mayflower where Obama went to try win over Hillary’s donors after she threw in the towel and kind of acted like a jackass towards her?(well, I guess that part isn’t new)

  26. Soupcity — if the worst thing the do when meeting the Queen of English is sipping tea with their pinkies extended we will be lucky. Trust — there will be faux pas because they are noveau riche social climbing morons but I’m imagining Obama (thinking he is charming) leaning over & squeezing the Queen’s arm while calling her “sweetie” or Michelle doing her hoity-toity act (you know the one). Now THAT could cause WW3.

  27. Has anyone seen the GOP’s “alternative” budget?


  28. angienc2 – That’s what I was thinking vis-a-vis MO. That look she had on her face at the Convention while Hillary was speaking – she’d better not direct that at Her Majesty!

  29. Too late! The Obamas gave the Queen an ipod — can we hope this is an April Fool’s joke?


  30. BTW — MO looks like a hot tranny mess to boot.

  31. I think your right “Gary”.
    I like what you’ve done with the site “MB”.
    I heard today that Obama traveled with “12” TelePrompters…..UGH!!!!!!
    From now on I’m going to tell anyone that thinks I should support him this:
    I will listen to him when he “Ditches the Prompter”
    For over “1” year I’ve been left wanting to see him in “UnScripted” moments.
    “I’m still waiting”!!

  32. From Catarina’s article:

    Rather than attempting to equalize the results of peoples’ lives and micromanaging their affairs, we [the GOP] seek to preserve our system of protecting our natural rights and equalizing opportunity for all. The plan works to accomplish four main goals: 1) fulfill the mission of health and retirement security; 2) control our nation’s debts; 3) put the economy on a path of growth and leadership in the global economy; and 4) preserve the American legacy of leaving the next generation better off.

    What a bunch of utter BS.

    If their goal was to leave the next generation better off, they would not have followed the disastrous economic policies of Reagan-Bush that led to this moment they describe. They grew the government exponentially and cut taxes in a time of war. Meanwhile, they deregulated and refused to oversee the financial sector, allowing for huge swaths of our largest banks and lending institutions to become massively undercapitalized.

    Their actions have left Americans bankrupt, homeless and jobless. And they dare to say that they NOW have our best interests at heart?

    They had their chance. They blew it.

    Now is Obama’s plan the answer? No. But neither is this travesty.

  33. angie, did they mention whether the ipod was loaded with Obama’s greatest speeches?

  34. Thanks TPT/NY! LOL – Obama will never be unscripted!

    Angie – MO is not looking her best there, is she?


    This part of the article you linked was priceless:

    During their private meeting, President Obama and first lady gave the queen a personalized iPod with video footage of her 2007 visit to Washington and Virginia. She was also given a rare songbook signed by composer Richard Rodgers.

    In return the queen, and her husband Prince Philip, gave the Obamas signed portrait of themselves.

    HAHAHAHAHA! That is a MASSIVE dis from the Queen. Good for her!

  35. screw the GOP- where is the *hot tranny mess* link?

  36. found it. scary.

  37. jules — they didn’t say, but the article does mention that it was loaded with footage of the Queen’s visit to the US last year — as IF she hasn’t ever seen news footage of herself! {rolls eyes}

    O/T — SOD re: the Palin AG “is he a homophobe” drama — I can’t get myself too worked up over this because (1) even IF true, it doesn’t change the fact that Palin signed into law same-sex benefits in Alaska; (2) it doesn’t change the fact that Palin appointed a pro-choice woman justice to the Alaska Supreme Court; and (3) the AG’s office doesn’t WRITE legislation.
    All in all, I find it pretty ridiculous that the Obots want to try to make this an issue when Obama himself is a homophobe.

  38. Sarah Palin’s best friend of 30 years is a lesbian.

    Just sayin’.

  39. angie: Tacky, tacky, tacky — both the ipod (not exactly a creative, thoughtful, or practical gift for Her Majesty) and the video (though the Narcissist-in-Chief probably thought that was a swell idea).

    I bet madamab could write a wicked play about the conversation that went on between the Obamas and the Royals!

  40. Oooooh, Jules…you are bad!!!

    And by bad, I mean GOOD! LOL

  41. An ipod? Oh, dear God.

  42. chatblu – What? It had videos on it.


  43. Can you see HRH jogging thru the castle gardens, trailing Corgis to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody and others by – wait for it- Queen.

  44. “it’s hard to be humble.”

    I’ll be using that one often.

    Obama gave the Queen an iPod? An iPod?

    She gave him a signed portrait of herself? Now THAT’S funny! I agree that this was a dis. It’s like giving Barky a taste of his own medicine.

    Re: The alleged letter form the Alaska AG. I wrote it in the thread below, but was this letter written on Palin’s behalf? Did she proof-read it and approve it? Did she have anything to do with the letter? As angie points out, all I know for certain at the moment is that Palin’s actions ensured that partners of gay employees in Alaska can have health benefits. And Obama has punched the gay community in the face time and time again. I’ll need a lot more information on this letter from the Alaska AG to start getting mad.

  45. garychapelhill

    he also gave her a “rare musical songbook” by richard rodgers. The video ipod had footage of her visit to the US in 07 . I have an itouch and I can barely read anything on it. I think it is rather cruel to give a person who is nearly 90 years old such a thing….. btw did you see the photo op video? MO basically pushed Prince Phillip into the background and she and BO towered over QEII who looked a bit like a munchkin. 🙂

  46. Bella Napoli

    I am still laughing at the Queen and husband giving them them their signed portrait! ROFL! Wonderful!!!!
    Now, anybody know whether Palin was “disinvited” as the MSM put it or if she cancelled a speech she was to give to the Repubs? I confess I didn’t know she was to give a speech, but caught a snippet from HLN about it…

  47. garychapelhill

    DYB, nothing that he said is any worse than the menagerie of homophobes Obama has surrounded himself with. And I believe it was Palin who pressured the AG (i believe a previous one) to enforce the domestic partnership benefits of the state. I will have to look that story up again….

  48. Bella Napoli> I don’t watch the teevee, so I don’t know what they’re saying about Palin now. But, we do know that over the past few months she personally cancelled appearances at a few Republican/conservative gatherings (most notably CPAC) claiming she was busy. I think this story of her being “disinvited” can go either way. Either she cancelled another one herself, or they’re mad at her for canceling the previous ones.

  49. The Queen had never even heard of an Ipod before the Obamas gave her one. Knowing this, B. Obama preloaded the device with songs he felt the Queen would like. “I’ve got 99 problems but a bitch aint one” was at the top of the list.

  50. Bella Napoli – I think it will be difficult to find out the truth of what happened with the fundraising event. The Obot Media says she was vacillating because of her duties as governor, and the RNCC needed an answer before she could give it, so they replaced her with Gingrich. The media used it as “another example” of how she is “not ready for prime time.”

    Personally I think she was shafted by her party again. Palin is without a doubt their biggest and most successful fundraiser. They should have done everything they could to accommodate her schedule.

    I think the Republican Boyz Club is determined that she will not run for President in 2012. First that dud, Bobby Jindal; then Gingrich, fergawdssakes? The man is so 15 years ago. They are desperately trying not to see what is staring them in the face.

  51. Mawm – tee hee!

    Taggles said upthread, “99 problems and the Brits ain’t one!” GMTA!

  52. Bella Napoli

    yep…she doesn’t look too good. But did you know that this morning CNN said the First Lady of France didn’t go to the G20 summit because she was afraid she would lose the comparison with the beauty and style of Michelle? Perhaps not many Americans know that Mrs.Sarkozy was, not too long ago, considered one of the most beautiful women in the world and that her presence at the catwalks in Milan and Paris was a “must have” for all the designers. And she was afraid of Michelle? I mean Michelle has many things going for her,I am sure, and had CNN focused on her strenghts, whether her education or her strong will or being such a good mother (well, apart from letting her children be exposed to the poisonous attitude of the good pastor, Mr. Wright), would have been a good choice. But forcing a comparison about beauty and style with France’s First Lady was a DOA proposition, in my opinion. Michelle comes several points short on both counts…

  53. Stateofdisbelief

    I’m wondering if anyone has come up with a copy of this alleged letter written by Sarah Palin’s new Attorney General which the left blogasphere is touting as proof that Sarah is anti-gay.

    All of the google hits link back to two sources, an article from the Anchorage Daily news and a blog site called PamsBlend. Neither have a copy of the letter and the blurb they are citing is from an article about the AG and does not say he CALLED gays anything, just that he used certain words. Can we verify the accuracy? The blurb from the Anchorage News states:

    “During a fight several years ago over gay rights, [Allison] Mendel helped organize Anchorage lawyers in support of an anti-discrimination ordinance. Ross wrote a nasty letter to the Bar Association newsletter, using words like “immoral”, “perversion” and “degenerates.” The language went way beyond reasonable disagreement, Mendel and others said.”
    – from Wayne Anthony Ross never a quiet force, Anchorage Daily News

    Notice it just said he used words…it doesn’t say how. Is there a way we can verify if this is accurate or if it is more obot disinformation?

  54. Stateofdisbelief

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    Wednesday, April 8th at 8:00pm EST

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    Whose HERstory are we sharing?
    Who has been the biggest Wanker this week?

    You’ll only find out if you tune in!

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    all on PUMA United Radio (PUR)

  55. Stateofdisbelief

    angie — re: my inquiry about Sarah Palin. We should at least verify. It is very likely disinformation because of the limited sources and the way the article was phrased. If this isn’t debunked, it will find its way into the MSM if she ever tries to enter the political fray again. Also, I would still be disappointed if she chose him with knowledge of this. Something isn’t clicking here.

  56. Bella Napoli

    Thanks for the answers re: Palin. Yes, madamab I think the GOP Boyz are trying to scuttlebutt her again, just as the DEM Boyz (and some women) did to Hillary. I think 2012 will see Pretty Boy Romney on the forefront (I am not being sexist, am I? My husband calls him that)…they think he is entitled.

  57. Stateofdisbelief

    OMG…Michael Moore, Mr. “man of the people” considers Obama’s “firing” of GM CEO to be a “superhero” move. Not one word about the looting by bankers, but hit main street and this kool-aid drunk is euphoric. I will NEVER EVER buy or watch this man’s films again. What a fucking hypocrite.

  58. Bella Napoli – I think it will be Romney-Jindal.

    My spidey-sense is tingling with both Hillary and Sarah. I feel like they might both ditch their Parties, which treated them like dirt, and become Independents.

    I’ve said this before, but I think this is the plan for Hillary:

    2 years as SOS
    Resign at end of 2010
    Change Registration to Independent
    Run for President in 2012 – possibly with Sarah as VP

    Of course, this is only if Obama lasts through the whole four years without resigning, which I’m not sure he’s going to do.


  59. SOD – That is just horrible!

    How ironic – his first documentary was “Roger and Me.” It was about the awfulness of Roger Smith and how he had screwed over the workers of Detroit.

    These people are just worshiping at Obama’s feet. Why? I will never, EVER understand it. I know Michael Moore wasn’t paid off – he doesn’t need the money.

    Maybe it’s Obama’s narcissism that attracts them. Like calls to like, as they say.

  60. Bella Napoli — if Carla Bruni is “afraid” of being compared to Michelle Obama I will f*ck Tweety — the more likely story is that Bruni stayed home so that she would not embarrass Michelle Obama (i.e., next to Carla Bruni the world would see that the Empress is naked). Any Obot that believes the CNN spin need to die.
    Seriously. Stop wasting oxygen.

  61. angie!!!

    ohmg lmao

    thank goddess we know carla is laughing her ass off, but even if she was extremely insecure i would not let you f*ck tweety!!!!!!! now stop that crazy

  62. Stateofdisbelief

    Angie — awful awful visual! YUK! 🙂

  63. Stateofdisbelief

    Imagine the confusion with all that spit flying.

    OK…now that was bad. 😦

  64. Bella Napoli

    Madamab:love your Clinton/Palin ticket, hate the Romney/Jindal (or Obama/whomever for that matter) ticket.
    O will never resign or be removed from Office: the MSM and the Party will make sure of that. And with a Romney/Jindal ticket it will be another 4 years of O, I am afraid.

  65. Stateofdisbelief

    ofercrissakes…O’Idiot can’t even dole out a measly $13.00 without a total clusterfk.

    Is there anything I need to watch out for?
    Possibly. Some people could end up getting a larger credit than they’re entitled to. That means they’d have to pay back the excess amount when they file their 2009 taxes — or, if they’re getting a refund, their refund would be reduced by the amount they were overpaid.

    If that situation is unappealing, a tax filer could act now to reduce the number of withholding allowances he takes on his W4 at work. The fewer allowances he takes, the more tax that is withheld.

    The IRS has a calculator online that you can use to figure out how many allowances you should take if you’re eligible to receive the credit and don’t want to be overpaid — or to put it another way, don’t want to have too little tax withheld.

    Those most likely to be overpaid are:

    Anyone who holds more than one job. You will get paid the Making Work Pay Credit twice, up to $400 ($800 for a joint filer) from your first employer and up to $400 ($800 for a joint filer) from your second employer.

    Joint filers whose spouses work. Each spouse will end up being paid the credit for married couples by each of their employers.

    There’s a twist, too. Because of the way the withholding tables were set up, each working spouse may be paid up to $600 this year — instead of up to the $800, Mezistrano said.

    In other words, the husband would receive $600 at his job and the wife $600 at her job, for a total of $1,200. Since they’re only entitled to $800 total as a couple, that means they would have to pay $400 back to the IRS — or see their refund reduced by that amount.


    Here’s an idea: why don’t you just NOT defer my social security contributions and put that money where it belongs – in my SSI account.

    BAIT AND SWITCH ALERT! So he’s reducing my FICA tax which would normally go into the SSI account and then charging me 400.00 extra INCOME tax at the end of the year to give to the bankers.


  66. garychapelhill

    I think Carla doesn’t like having to kiss american ass. remember when she blew off GW and Laura when she and sarkozy were vacationing in Vermont and the B’s were in Maine? She “had the flu” and then was seen the next day out on the boat. LOL Wait, or was that his ex wife?

  67. Bella Napoli

    Angie, SOD, Catarina: ROFLMAO!!!

  68. that was Sarky’s ex wife who blew off the Bushies and went shopping instead. hehe.

  69. SOD
    The damned making work pay credit is going to cause problems.
    That is a good article you linked. Better explanation than the IRS website..

  70. It’s so stupid. The amount of money is too paltry to matter in any case!

    Don’t cut my taxes: give me a damn job.

  71. Stateofdisbelief

    Check this BS out.


    Apparently everyone’s employment contract and promised benefits are “rewritable” EXCEPT the looters on Wall Street.

  72. Good point gary! Of course — I wouldn’t want to be in the same room as those money-grubbing social-climbing Obamas or those dumba$$ Bushies. My opinion of Carla just went up.

  73. Michael Moore can kiss my grits! I still love that when the Village Voice made a list of the worst and nastiest New Yorkers some years ago, Moore and Ann Coulter made the cut along with other luminaries like Leona Helmsley.

    And because our taxes weren’t complicated enough, they have to add another step. Thanks guys!

    I’ve always loved how people who have more than one job pay more taxes. I suppose it never registered with these morons that maybe some people have more than one job because they can’t afford to live on just one. Or maybe they’re freelancers with short-term gigs. I’m this close to jumping on the Ron “Get Rid of the Income Tax” Paul bandwagon.

  74. Carla probably had something better to do, like clipping her toe-nails.

  75. CNN portrayed the two First Ladies as if they were sorority sisters worrying about wearing the same dress to a party.

    As ridiculous as the statement was, the sexism was even more disgusting than the obvious falsehood of the comparison.

  76. Hee hee — more gossip. Looks like Obama thought he could park wherever he wanted:

    But Queen Elizabeth II’s handlers made the request Wednesday after President Barack Obama’s reinforced Cadillac limousine was found to be blocking the garden entrance driveway at Buckingham Palace.

    Not really his fault — but f*ck him anyway.

  77. DYB — I think Carla had to wash her hair. hee hee.

  78. A flipping iPod? Oh dear lord. I heard they had it engraved. Stay klassy guys!

    angie @3:10 you were right! I guess I was hoping they couldn’t possibly be that clueless, fool that I am. Wow.

    Have a good night all!

  79. Angie – I saw that too. He really batted 1000 – first blocking the Royal Family from entering the palace, then giving the Queen an iPod.


  80. soupcity:

    angie @3:10 you were right!

    Now, if everyone could just keep that in their head as a given we could save a lot of time! 🙂

  81. Here’s the problem with an iPod: it would be a lovely gift for a teenager-through-middle-age-person of average wealth. But the elderly and extremely wealthy Queen of England is a wee bit different. Giving the Queen of England an iPod with footage of herself on it is the equivalent to giving a visually impaired Prime Minister a set of DVDs (region 1.) It shows a lack of understanding about who Obama is dealing with, and it shows once again that no thought went into this gift. I mean, he could have shown a little effort and at least packed the iPod with audio recordings of the complete works of Shakespeare, or the complete music of Edward Elgar. SOMETHING to show that some effort went into this gift. He might as well have given this woman a gift certificate to Harrods.

    The Royal couple giving the Obama’s an autographed portrait of themselves tells me that the Queen anticipated the stupidity of the gift she was going to get from them, and she gave Obama a gift as useful to him as the one he gave her. And I have no doubt she was thinking of Gordon Brown’s DVDs.

  82. Honestly, she treated the Obamas like tourists. You can probably pick up those photos on Ebay for 20 bucks.

    I wonder if they even realized what a huge show of disrespect it was. But then, I doubt they know how much they disrespected Gordon Brown either.

  83. DYB — Amen! You hit the nail on the head about the stupidity of the iPod for the motherf*cking QUEEN OF ENGLAND. What the thoughtless, tasteless Obamas fail to understand is what makes something a gift is not its price or its “kewl” factor but its appropriateness for the person/occasion. Obama is clueless.

    More gossip — saw this on LR (and I have not watched the msm in forever, so don’t know if they are covering this, but I doubt it) but the signs that the protesters in England are carrying read:

    “Quit Iraq and Afghanistan: Yes we Can”

    I cannot express my satisfaction in seeing that trite slogan being used against ’em.

  84. Three Wickets

    A bit OT, but gotta say we can’t keep turning into an economy of government guarantees. Real estate and consumer loans backstopped by the Fed. Banking and default swap bailouts insured by the Treasury and FDIC. GM and Chrysler now selling vehicles with government warranties. All the more unsettling because a guarantee or promise from Obama is worth, well.. Global confidence in America is oh so important to everyone. Whether in manufacturing, service or any other field, made in America has to be about competitive quality as much as solidarity. And competitive quality does not mean the same thing as cost competitive. Never has, never should. China builds millions of cars every year for their domestic market under famous German marks which they’ve licensed. Most of the cars break down within three to five years.

  85. garychapelhill

    I think he doesn’t get that she IS england. when you give her a gift, it is a gift to the entire nation. Something symbolic is required. an ipod just doesn’t make any sense. I read that the queen’s gift of a framed picture is standard fare for foreign heads of state. I’m sure there are strict protocols about who gets what on her side. yeah it sounds cheesy, but I’m sure it keeps a lot of feathers from getting ruffled. I’ll bet the frame is no cheap thing either. It is all meaningless anyway, and I’m barely believing I’m spending so much time thinking about it LOL 🙂

  86. I know! Obama should have written the Queen a poem!


  87. Bella Napoli

    You guys heard the latest? It seems MO touched the Queen, like a pat on her back or something like that. Now,that’s a definite no-no when you are dealing with HRM: when the Australian PM did the same thing he was almost ousted from his job when he went back to Australia. OMG, could we be that lucky??? :~)
    I know, I know, not a fat chance…just wishing…

  88. If you would like to be a fly at the wall of the Buckingham Palace here are two intresting videos covering the arrival and the reception hosted by Her Majesty The Queen at the Buckingham Palace. The footage with Hillary starts in the first video at 15:15 and in the second video at 7:40


  89. Bella Napoli! Shut up!!! I predicted one of that would do that up at 3:10!!

    I need to get a psychic hotline — of course, I can only predict the faux pas of the nouveau riche, but it’s a start.

  90. Bella Napoli! Shut up!!! I predicted one of them would do that up at 3:10!!

    I need to get a psychic hotline — of course, I can only predict the faux pas of the nouveau riche, but it’s a start.

  91. Sorry for the double post — my connection is effing up!

  92. Those complete works of Shakespeare I mentioned earlier that Obama should have put on the Queen’s iPod should, of course, have been newly recorded by Hollywood’s brightest stars. Scarlet Johanson, Janine Garofallo, Jane Fonda, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Susan Sarandon. Nora Efron should have supervised them all. And Ludacris and Jay-Z should have scored them.

  93. Bella Napoli

    Yup, Angie…definitely psychic…get moving on that hotline… :~)

  94. No offense to my dearest Angie, but does it really take a psychic of her obvious ability to predict that the Obamas will behave like the classless schmucks they have always been?


  95. Bella Napoli

    and any republican (in the sense that they wanto to dispense with the monarchy) british stars they could find…

  96. MB — lol — no, it doesn’t. Perhaps my super-ability is being able to see those two as the classless schmucks they are & while it is a talent shared by all here, it’s still pretty rare. 🙂

  97. Bella Napoli

    I am getting really silly, which means it’s bedtime for me…Good night all!

  98. I just talked with my mom re: the iPod & MO’s arm touching & she said the Queen is thinking “in what trailer park did they find these two?”

    Night Bella — I’m done too.

    Night all.

  99. Reading this post and the comments was like a breath of wonderful fresh air.

  100. I concur RalphB – thanks for the oxygen
    guys! I’ve been dying here for so many nights looking for it online. Wish I had checked in earlier.

  101. Stateofdisbelief

    File this under – “You gotta be fking kidding me!” The iPod Obama gave the Queen was loaded with HIS speeches? Nuh uh!

    “Here sweetie…you’ll love to listen to me speak as much as I do”


  102. garychapelhill

    SOD, I bet it has his books on it too…

  103. Stateofdisbelief

    CBS,(aka ONN, the Obama National Network) is gushing this morning over the iPod as “the PERFECT gift” and Meeshill’s protocal faux pas of touching the queen as “endearing” and “warm.”

    I swear, this MSM is bought, sold, and controlled. Anyone with more than 3 braincells is able to decipher the controlled messages as nothing more than propaganda.

  104. Stateofdisbelief


  105. SOD – Why wasn’t his famous “anti-war” speech from 2002 on that i-Pod?


  106. Stateofdisbelief

    Revisionist history is unfortunately not compatible with some of the newer technologies. 🙂

  107. LOL SOD!

    New thread up above – with music!