Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself…

Well, since I have some lovely new visitors, I’d like to get a little bit personal. Why don’t you all pull up some comfy chairs and relax?

(Not – the COMFY CHAIR!)

A lot of you know me only from the Confluence, but believe it or not, I did not spring full-grown from Riverdaughter’s head, like Athena! As my regular visitors know, I have actually been blogging since June of 2007, so it’s going on two years now. Who’da thunk it?

If you were to go back and read some of my writings from before, you would recognize the style, but the sentiments would seem rather foreign to you. That’s because I was a die-hard, super-partisan Democrat back in those days. Republicans were all evil and a threat to democracy, whereas Democrats were the struggling underdog defenders of the One True Way. Moreover, all Republican voters were dumber than dirt, whereas we who voted for Democrats were morality, intelligence and clarity personified. I was absolutely positive that all we had to do was vote for some Democrat, ANY Democrat, and the world would set itself aright. All that Bush did would be immediately overturned, the world would explode in sweetness, light, unicorns and rainbows, and Republicans would disappear into the rank cesspools from which they crawled. 

Can you believe that nonsense?

Yes, my awakening was very painful and brutal, but it was necessary, and a big step for me as a person. So for that, I thank Barack Obama and ObamaNation for hitting me over the head and waking me from my partisan, zombie stupor.

What was the moment for you? Were you always cynical about the Democrat vs. Republican, good vs. evil stuff? Or were you a firm and passionate believer, like me?

Tawk amongst yerselves!!!

By the way – I don’t post every day, but I’ll do it more often now that you’re all stopping by!


31 responses to “Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself…

  1. The person who made me see the light was Tom Daschle. As Senate Majority Leader (and then Minority Leader) he single-handedly drove me to change my registration from Democrat to Independent in early 2002. Perhaps even late 2001. He’s as big a snake as anyone I’ve ever watched speak and act. The slime just pours out of his every pore. I like what Matt Taibbi wrote about Daschle after Obama tried to give him a cabinet position: “In Washington there are whores and there are whores, and then there is Tom Daschle. Tom Daschle would suck off a corpse for a cheeseburger.” This, to me, is the perfect summation of Tom Daschle. With him as the leader of the party – who got thrown out of office by his own constituents while a leader – I started to realize that not all Democrats were created equal. And there was the occasional Republican I liked. So while until 2008 I continued to vote straight down the D party line, the seeds were planted. And in 2008 Obama and his campaign drove the final nail into that coffin. Never again will I vote straight down party lines.

    And then there is this line delivered by Martin Donovan’s character in the movie “The Opposite of Sex,” which is filled with many great truths. Donovan plays a gay teacher who has been fired from his job after a false accusation by a male student that he molested him. He says the following to that same student: “I survived my family, my schoolyard, every Republican, every other Democrat, Anita Bryant, the Pope, the fucking Christian Coalition, not to mention a real son of a bitch of a virus, in case you haven’t noticed. In all that time since Paul Lynde and Truman Capote were the only fairies in America, I’ve been busting my ass so that you’d be able to do what you wanted with yours! So I don’t just want your obedience right now – which I do want and plenty of it – but I want your fucking gratitude, right fucking now…” (Emphasis mine.)

  2. I am too tired to go into much detail right now and am headed for bed , but i just wanted to say I am glad you will be posting more ….and I will be back often, if you will have me ……..

  3. Hello Madamab
    I kept checking in during the day. I am glad you are posting.

    For me it was not one moment, it was a series of bad acts.
    The democratic party I knew would have never allowed the caucus fraud, the lies about the Clintons, the stealing of delegates and voting fraud by the DNC to select an unqualified person in a critical time in this country.

    The democratic party I used to know worked for the people of this country not against them. In good conscience I could no longer be a democrat and I changed to Independent.
    I will do a better job of checking out all political candidates.
    Their records, their beliefs, their associates,their integrity and what they really will do or try to do for all Americans.



    I will be good I promise///////

  5. by the way

    There are the Irish and those who wish they were Irish.
    Give a kiss to a marcher in the parade for me.



  6. I was pretty much a Dem, but would vote for the occasional Republican when that person was the better candidate. This was mainly in local elections though.

    I became disillusioned with the Dems during the ’08 Prez race and especially disillusioned with the DNC and the Roolz committee. After that and seeing how the MSM was determined to pick the Dem nominee for everyone I blew them off and left the party.

  7. I’ve always thought both parties were corrupt and worthless; but I used to think the Democrats were the lesser of the 2 evils. When Gore caved in 2000 I started to realize they are equals. 2008 really brought it home.

  8. Three Wickets

    I guess for me it was when my former Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi said Superdelegates should not vote their conscience. That was the straw that probably broke this sturdy Dem’s back. I knew then for sure that the fix was in. Nothing I have seen since last Spring has shifted that realization. As far as I’m concerned, the State Dept is like the Fed, not party affiliated.

    Good morning! 🙂

  9. I have to admit, I was duped too. Dem good, Rep bad. The way I explained the Dems rolling over for Bush everytime was that they were weak and ineffective, something that often afflicts the “nice guys”.
    I was extremely dissatisfied with the Dem congress since 2006, but it wasn’t until the 2008 primary that I realized that they were as crooked as any tricky dick Republican.

  10. You sound just like me. I was so upset over 2000 that I never thought the Dems would do that, never mind doing it to members of their own party!

    Well live and learn, I guess.

  11. Alwaysthinking

    Before Reagan I tended to vote for Republican presidents but the party in Texas was weak (dating back to Civil War Reconstruction Days) and there were few viable Republican candidates down the ticket. Instead, there were “conservative” Democrats and “liberal” Democrats. We voted in the Democratic primary because that’s where all the action was. In the General Election each year, I split my votes between parties and candidates.

    Most of the conservative Texas Democrats later became Republicans. When the Republicans turned extremely ideological and hard-nosed, I began voting against them, but I also found myself voting for the “lesser of two evils” almost every time. Clinton was an exception, although I could not tell most of my friends that I voted for him, I did let a few know that I could not support the Bushes (not a pleasant experience). After I watched the seven Democratic male candidates turn on Hillary during that fateful debate in 2007, I was livid. (I recognized what was happening immediately.) I grew more furious as I watched the rest of the Democratic Party shenanigans in 2008. I still hoped Hillary could pull out the win, of course, despite the deck being stacked against her by the DNC and the major media. However, when the Democratic Party convention literally did not count Texas votes and those of many other states that had supported her, I was so disgusted that I resolved not to vote again in the Democratic primary. I may change my mind depending on the circumstances in 2010 and 2012, but I do not trust the party to count my vote. As for Texas Republicans, I cannot abide their hard-line ideology. What a dither we are in!

  12. My moment was in August 2007 when FL’s primary votes wouldn’t be counted. But that still wasn’t enough to change my voter registration. I changed it after my primary vote in January 2008, since FL is a closed primary state. I couldn’t miss the only opportunity that I had to vote for HRC.

  13. “Yes, my awakening was very painful and brutal, but it was necessary, and a big step for me as a person.”
    Well put, madamab. For me it was a slow build during the late winter/spring of 2008, but the RBC betrayal of what I had thought were core Democratic principles clinched it. I changed from D to unaffiliated that week. My D/R goggles were shattered and now I see things in a much less partisan way.

  14. Three Wickets – I am so sorry, but I had to unapprove your comment too!

    I don’t want to discuss what happened here. I’ve said all I’m going to say. Let’s just leave it at that, please. Thanks so much! 🙂

  15. I was a die hard vote only democrat .. until this last election … After all .. my Aunt Suzie worked for Bobby Kennedy and Bella Abzug for years… but this year has opened my eyes to so many things , I feel as if I have been asleep …
    but I am awake now !!!
    But I must confess, I didn’t like bo from the moment he opened his mouth and said the reason he was running for president was because it was HIS TIME and HE DESERVED IT , which I thought was the antithesis of what Jack Kennedy had said …

    and actually it was and he is .. to me the anti – Jack Kennedy …

  16. Three Wickets

    Understood MB.

  17. For me it was 2004. In the general election everyone just “played to the middle”. Since I had already voted republican in statewide & local races (on rare occasions); I changed to an Independent. I figured if enough people were “in the middle” maybe things would get ” less partisan”.
    Well, there were more “middle” people this time around; but
    sadly the country is “More Partisan than Ever”!!

  18. Hi madamab! It’s good to find you again. I was a lurker at the other place but never had the nerve to comment.
    I never was very political until last year. When Hillary Clinton ran I really thought she had a chance. But the D’s turned out to be worse than the R’s when it came right down to it. How did we get fooled for so many years?

  19. Here’s something I’m working on that could use someone with stronger number skills and a stronger stomach to check it out.

    Re the ‘Council on Women’, here’s more info (as of January) as to its apparent gender ratio.
    Men: 15
    Women: 7 (including Jarrett and Tchen)
    See as to Obama’s cabinet members and ‘cabinet level posts.’ His ‘Council on Women’ is defined as automatically including all those office holders. (Sorry I lack the stomach to read the Executive Order to see if it includes anyone else.)
    A male dominated placebo wrapped in a fig leaf, I calls it.

  20. I was a Dem alll good for decades. I did not become a Rethug alll bad til Bu$hit. Talk about a rude awakening – I had serious doubts about BZero from January on because of no vetting – and knowing Bu$hit was never vetted or questioned and gawd did the D’s error this time around. Watching the RBC charade May 31 etched my path for me – I just waited until my candidate completed the primary hoping against hope the D(umb, criminal)-leadship would right itself. My rage started in 1999 against the Bu$hit candidancy – I knew about the no moral compass – no rules he operated under. Now to have an empty suit seeming foistered upon us by my own party who is not
    pretending very well to be a Democrat or even an American in my view – my rage still burns.

    I have missed your pithy comments and satire these past weeks and am so glad you will be posting here girl! I’ve been more of a lurker these days but I do read. I have learned to bookmark this site as well as GCH and taggles – I am so clever

  21. Three Wickets

    Citi Group’s chief economist Lewis “helium forecaster” Alexander is heading to Treasury to become Geithner’s right hand counselor. In other tragic and laughable news, the Pope makes a public statement condemning condom use to fight AIDS in Africa.

    Spring has sprung. Took a half hour to enjoy the smell of it this afternoon, pondering aimlessly on questions such as whether I call myself a Clinton Dem or a Hillary Dem. Then I went through the mail and snapped back to the grey reality of the economic tsunami and political farce all around us. 😯

  22. Three Wickets> The smell of spring in NYC? How can you tell which smell is spring?! 🙂 It doesn’t officially start until, what, Saturday? I always thought it was strange that a season would start on the 21st of the first month of that season. It wasn’t that way in the USSR. First day of spring was March 1st, first day of summer June 1st. I remember in an ESL class I failed a test because they asked when Winter started and I responded December 1st. Nobody told us they did things differently in America; or maybe I just spaced out during a lesson.

  23. Three Wickets

    DYB, these days I’m a little north of the city. But I could tell it was Spring because my wife was smiling. Also, puppy was making all kinds of friends at the local park. Spring in NYC always starts for me when Sheeps Meadow opens in Central Park.

    March 1st in the USSR. That’s cold even in Kiev, much less Moscow. Maybe in the West, Spring has to wait till after the Ides of March. English is your second language. Wow. I’m afraid of what you’d be capable of writing in Russian.

    Back to Tarkovsky from an earlier thread. I loved Andrei Rublev on first viewing. Liked Solaris on second viewing. Appreciated Stalker on third viewing.

    This time lapsed blogging is cool. Got used to it when I hung out at HillBuzz. Less is more and all that. Glad MB is here.

  24. I apologize for not doing the introduction first. I came over with the ‘Council on Women’ material on my clipboard and didn’t want to lose it.

    My own life story began like Hillary’s: middle class socially conservative family, Goldwater Girl, slowly coming round to some liberal positions, switching to Democrat when womens rights and environmentalism became viable issues — and switching to Independent in summer 2008, like many others. Then voted for Palin.

    I’ve been a Clintonista since the 90s. Admire Hillary and Palin: both have good things to offer. My own current demographic is latte tree-hugger. If Obama had behaved decently — and HIllary hadn’t been running — I’d probably have voted for him.

    As it is — PUMA! Party. Unity. My. Ass. I worked hard for Hillary and now run several PUMA blogs.

    As I said in an earlier post here, I’m tired of bashing Obama on past history or future speculation. But imo we need to keep looking at whatever he is doing with current live issues and debunk him on that.

  25. Thanks for sharing your story, Madamab. I have always been suspicious of politicians and parties and the corruption of our system of government. I am registered Independent and try to vote for the candidates I deem most trustworthy, which means I often had no alternative and did not vote or voted for the candidate who had no chance of winning. I voted for Hillary and watched with sorrow as the delegates caved and then Hillary conceded. Did not vote Obama, will never vote Obama as I am convinced he is an usurper.

  26. Hey, Mad. What up. Glad to know we haven’t lost you. I’m gonna need a dose of your charm and satire to get me through the *headdesk* stage of grief.

  27. ThreeWickets> I think I write in English better than in Russian at this point. Actually, I’ve reached the stage that when I read in Russian I translate into English inside my head.

    Tarkovsky was amazing. Even if one gets bored with his stories, the actual filmmaking can be enough to keep one glued to the screen. “Nostalghia” can feel deadly…and yet that endless final sequence of Yankovsky walking back and forth in that pool trying to keep the candle from going out can be hypnotic. The final shot is even more remarkable.

  28. …what all of you said.

    I had been working Democratic campaigns for 35 years.
    No more.
    On June 1st it broke my heart to change to No Party affiliation. Now, I don’t even mind, it is such a relief to not be associated with this band of thieves and cheats.

  29. republican in seattle

    I’ve always been one of those self-hating misogynistic Republicans. *smirk* Although I wish the people in my party would get some nards from time to time. We always see things through our own prisms, right Madama? You commented in another thread about Republicans being craftier at framing debates, but then, they were voted out so that craftiness wasn’t exactly worth much, was it? I know you and others will gag, but I want to see more people come up through the ranks with the smarts and savvy of Newt — just without the personal baggage since Democrats and their media accomplices are always so good at pretending we’re hypocrites for being human. 🙂

  30. Hey MadamaB, I didn’t know you were pen-pals with Anne Coulter!

  31. The moment of clarity for me came on April 22nd, 2008, the night of the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary. I live in the Finger Lakes area of New York State but I had gone to Pennsylvania to help support the get out the vote campaigning for Hillary Clinton. I was in St. Augustine, Fl the night of the PA primary and was thrilled with her decisive win. I had watched in disbelief as Barack Obama came on television after the Philadelphia debate AND GAVE HIS OPPONENT, HILLARY CLINTON, THE FINGER!! ON PRIME-TIME TELEVISION! Then he followed that with a knifing motion, from the hip that looked sexual to me, then the shit off the shoulders and shoes moves. I could not believe that a candidate for POTUS was behaving in such a crude and vulgar way and then being celebrated for it. From then on I could not and would not support this candidate. When the RBC met in May and blatantly broke their own rules regarding delegate vote counts and the shameful manner in which they and the DNC forced Barack Obama on us as the democratic nominee for president, disregarding the votes and wishes of the people, it was then that I knew the Democratic Party had become as corrupt as the Republican Party and I could no longer associate myself with them. So now I am a voter without a Party and I have never felt so politically free.