Welcome Everyone!



Thank you all so much for stopping by and leaving your comments – it really means the world to me!

I’ve added an explanation of my comment policy on the sidebar. I’m sorry I have to do it, but things tended to get very stinky in here before I moderated everyone by default.

And since you’re all here: I’m joining the fabulous Sheri Tags tonight at 8 pm on No We Won’t PUMA Radio, so won’t you take a listen? Angie NC may join us as well!



16 responses to “Welcome Everyone!

  1. I’ll be listening tonight!!
    I’m forever a FAN!!

  2. Thanks TPT/NY – right back atcha!

  3. I’m with you, madamab!

  4. garychapelhill

    I’ll be there! you got my digits, right?

  5. Gary – email them to me and/or Sheri. Let us know in the chat room when you’re calling in and we’ll pick you up.

    Love you…MB

  6. Did you hear about MO gaffe:

    Hillary Clinton appropriately (there is no other way with Hillary) invited Michelle Obama to the event and graciously introduced her to the assembled guests. When it was her turn to speak what does Michelle Obama say? Catch it in the video — she starts by saying “Let me thank SECRETARY Clinton, I love saying that..” enunciating the word Secretary. Why say this in such an obvious manner

  7. garychapelhill

    afrocity, do you have a link?

  8. Yes, I’ve seen this MO incident discussed at HillaryIs44. I also think there was a photo in the NY Post of Hillary speaking and Michelle glaring at her from behind. I mean, if looks could kill… I think the Post headline was “The Watchwoman.”

  9. Hey afrocity!!!

  10. Hi all. I am glad to see Afrocity. I always liked what she had to say! DYB, I did alot of reading yesterday and you were great!

  11. I glad to see “Afrocity” here.
    You don’t know me; but I liked to read your insightful comments on TC. I was on the weekend everything went “down” for you & I was saddened by it.
    I commented; but as usual….was ignored.

  12. Here’s an article about Hillary and MO, the comment and The Look.


  13. Three Wickets

    Hi MB. Hope you’re settling in ok to the new home on the east side. All museums, no performing arts, must feel like Mars right now. I believe there’s a movie theatre or two over there, depending on your street. Great restaurants though, but who can pay? Anywho, will drop by often, count on it. And please keep me in the loop on exciting events in the area. You have my stats. Cheers MB.

  14. FLVoter> Thanks! I tried and was told to shut up by the moderators. Whatever! I’m used to immigration. LOL.

    Obviously I missed something about afrocity at that other place. I don’t want to drag it out here, so nobody tell me. But nothing surprises me anymore.

  15. madamab. You are much missed but won’t be so much now that we know where you will be hanging out. Keep the faith!

  16. Michelle does not know how to behave.