My Dirty Little Secret…and Yes, I’ve Left The Confluence

How Barack Obama Makes Me Feel

How Barack Obama Makes Me Feel

I am an Obot!!!!1111!!!

Okay, not really. My real secret is:

Barack Obama bores me.

Do I still think he’s a misogynist, homophobic authoritarian who will go down in history as being as bad as, or worse than, Bush? Absolutely. He doesn’t have the temperament, the will or the strength to be President. He was never ready to answer that red phone at 3 am. He had a $150 million inauguration when he knew the economy was going down the toilet. He keeps the White House at 78 degrees when people are living in tent cities. He doesn’t have the experience to deal with political opposition, even pointlessly throwing birth control funding under the bus in order to get an obviously impossible 80 votes for his stimulus package in the Senate. He goes after private citizens with his bully pulpit, trying to stifle their free speech.

As we see with the continuing fiasco over the people he tries to appoint to his Cabinet and staff having to resign because of financial scandals, he doesn’t know how to hire people. He’s left Tim Geithner essentially on his own at Treasury, although the economy is the paramount issue right now. Heck, he even HIRED  Tim Geithner despite his tax cheating history.

As for his foreign policy, our only bright light is Hillary Clinton. But she must be pounding her head against the wall regarding his idiotic idea to reach out to the “moderate Taliban.” Moderate Taliban? That’s the biggest oxymoron since “jumbo shrimp.” Earth to Obama: Extremists aren’t moderate. That’s what makes them extremists.

In short, Obama is staying the course; becoming yet ANOTHER national embarrassment. This is a man who in the midst of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, spends more time traveling, partying, vacationing and making speeches (and pissing off important allies like Great Britain), than actually making decisions and governing. He could have been a fine Vice President, but he is an unmitigated disaster as President.  

But we knew that, didn’t we?

During the primaries and the general election, I tried to call attention to the fact that Barack Obama would be a very bad President, and point out the reprehensible manner in which he stole the nomination from Hillary Clinton, who was the people’s choice by any measure. It turns out a lot of people felt the same way – thus, the joy and heartbreak of PUMA.

But now, I have better things to do with my time than to bash Obama day and night. Frankly, I don’t see what good it will do. He’s the President now, and unless we all decide to march on Washington and demand his resignation (which, by the way, I would be totally on board with!!!), he is going to be the President for a while. And yes, he is sucking, is going to suck, and will always be remembered as sucking. We were right, we told you so, yada yada yada.

By nature, I am an optimistic, active and idealistic person. What I saw during the election of 2008 was horribly painful, but good things eventually came out of it: PUMA, groups like The New Agenda and Fifty-One Percent and WomenCount and so many more arising to take the place of the old, co-opted groups like NOW, NARAL and Planned Parenthood; and Carolyn Maloney’s book, which awakened me to the amazing power of more than 30% women in government. That’s where I see my focus going forward.

In two years, I might be in a FEMA concentration camp. I might be dead from another terrorist attack on New York. I might be jobless, homeless and starving.

But then again, I might not.

So I’m hoping for the best, and placing my faith in the newly awakened power of women. And I am not just writing and thinking about it, I’m teaming up with some other PUMAs, to do something about it. (I will have more about this within the next week or so.)

As for The Confluence, I won’t stoop to Riverdaughter’s level and air our problems in public. Suffice it to say I’ve stopped contributing there, and have no plans to return. If anyone wants to know more, you can contact me personally.

Meanwhile, I’ll be here, at New Hampster’s Partizane, at The New Agenda on Sundays, and at Shtuey’s new blog, CityTavern. I also may cross-post at 51 Percent from time to time.

I do hope you’ll drop by to see me sometimes!


49 responses to “My Dirty Little Secret…and Yes, I’ve Left The Confluence

  1. ‘But now, I have better things to do with my time than to bash Obama day and night. Frankly, I don’t see what good it will do.’

    Funny, I have just come to the same sad conclusion.The effort it has taken for me to even breathe while being so angry has about killed me.

    I am commenting here as a long time lurker at TC.
    I will miss your voice there. I used to post at the start of the blog, then when you and many others discovered it, and wrote what I thought so much better than I could express, I just started reading instead of taking up space.
    Just wanted to let you know how much I always enjoy your work.

  2. I look forward to reading your thoughts here! Please don’t stop writing those wonderful plays!!!

  3. Thanks to you both for your kind support!

  4. Hear hear! The constant Pampers bashing only serves to give him more power while it expends our energy. I think you are taking the right tack on this: build up what’s needed to counteract the problems and move forward. BO bashing can be fun, but in the end it’s not going to solve anything.

    The worst part is that he’s just like Shrub, but without all the great gaffes, though bonking his head on Marine One was classic.

    You have been a consistently strong voice throughout the struggle, and I couldn’t be happier about you being at the Tavern.

    Keep going!

  5. A co-worker with whom I had a few heated discussions about Obama during the primary and election posted on my Facebook wall today: “You were right!” This was in response to Obama banning federal money for stem-cell research. Another sleeper awakes. How many to go?

  6. Ah, I’m in moderation at 2:31.

  7. MadamaB, I understand what you are saying. Obama will continue to be lousy, but let’s focus on some positive things we can do. I’m with you.

  8. HI Madamab ….

    Bo has bored me for thesmall entire time I have been aware of him……… but I think he bears watching so he can be called on his actions !!!!

    but YOU on the other hand……….. do not bore me 🙂

  9. I thought PO lifted the ban on using fed $ for stem-cell research.

  10. MadamaB,

    As I said at TNA, your post there about Obama’s ‘Council on Women’ was great!

    Much blog talk about Obama is very old news to me now, and some is wild prediction. But I think you/we are right to focus on and expose scams that Obama is doing right now, such as this ‘Council’; I’m writing about this at my new blog too. There’s enough news spotlight on it right now that our sceptical comments would also be heard (and on the family planning money Obama removed from the Stimulus). We might even get some action on those.

    Strike on the irons that are hot….

  11. Somehow, I managed to miss the entire event at TC, but have noted your absence. Glad that your voice will still be heard and that I can visit you here.

  12. firlight2012

    Totally agree on a taking a new, more positive direction.

    Sounds like a wonderful, new beginning…probably one of many new beginnings to be had…in a lifetime!

  13. I just spent many hours reading and commenting on the blog about you leaving at TC. I’m really sorry about you and shtuey leaving, especially about that issue. I’m very interested and curious about your take on the issue.
    I would also hope that you would reconsider leaving, and possibly debating the issue at TC – or here.

    If it’s just dirty laundry,(meaning personal stuff) then I agree you about letting it go. However, if it’s about differences in ideas, approaches to things, then I’m mostly a believer in letting things hang out, talking about, and hopefully, learning things, and resolving. That said, I’ve learned that there’s a place for letting things go when talking about them creates hate and ugliness. So since I know very little about what happened, I’ll refrain from giving my opinion.
    Except I’m curious and nosy and the topic has become very important lately so….
    Anyway, I’ll miss you at TC and will come here to read where you’re at.
    I love the idea of planning action, too. I’ve been urging this for a while now.

  14. rise_Hillary

    No loss. The caddiness there is not a good experience. Finding meaning is more important than gossip.

  15. HEY LADY
    you are missed.
    I am coming back east in October. I will make it a point to come to New York and we will do lunch.



  16. OMG Helenk! I would be so honored to meet you. You are one of my heroines!

    Please make sure to put me on your agenda!

  17. madamab, I naively thought you had just been too busy to post until it occured to me several days ago to look over here and I found some great new posts. I’m just happy that you are still writing away and that you have plans for something constructive and positive. You are a very knowledgeable, thought-provoking, and inspiring writer. I’ve bookmarked your site and will be sure to visit frequently.

  18. At least I know where to find you! And as much as it hurts a little, it helps. XXOO

  19. Pat, it hurts a LOT for me, and ditto.

    MadamaB, keep up the fantastic work!

  20. Best Wishes Madamab-will check up here for new posts.

  21. I’m not surprised – if you weren’t on board when Obama won the election, why would you be on board now? I’m only thinking maybe it is time to come together. Come back to the party! Hillary has joined up, and she is doing a magnificent job. You can be a strength and a positive in support of the current administration. Life is short!

  22. Madamab, I have missed your voice. And as far as today at TC, I was very disappointed by the remarks of many there. I feel like someone has thrown ice cold water on me and have once again found myself “homeless.” I am very glad of your presence.

  23. Madamab-It took me awhile to put together who all had left TC. As I commented to BB, there are so many posters there that I had to sit down and review who I had not seen lately.

    It’s a very touchy subject, I/P and I’m sorry to see it caused some people to leave.

    I got an email from one person with some background on the situation but I’m not going to discuss that.

    I guess I’ll still go there to see what’s going on. However, I’ll check here (but I’ve got to rename the link!) and I’ll check out City Tavern also. I now have that bookmarked via Cinie.

    I’ll see ya around, here and other places!

  24. MB, I, for one, am very saddened by the schism at TC. Speaking as a frequent reader, but only occasional commenter, I did sometimes find TC somewhat insular (although I still very much enjoy that forum). You were one of the few regular front pagers who always made me feel welcome by acknowledging and replying to my infrequent contributions.

    I’ve been reading your posts at TNA and will plan to check in here on a regular basis, too.

    Best wishes,


  25. Wow, Jacqueline, I think you took a few extra leaps there in your post.

  26. Jane,

    I think we need to be pretty sceptical of anything good that Obama claims to have done. 🙂 He’s good at getting press credit for some big ‘executive order’ which contains fine print making it really do nothing at all, or referring the issue to Congress to take up in some future decade….

  27. See what the first female managing editor of the Harvard Review had to say about Obama:

  28. madamab, missing your clear and compassionate voice!

    glad I can find you here-I’ll track down and read your posts wherever they may be.


  29. madamab, I’ve always been a fan of yours since the Eschaton days.
    I’ll miss you at TC but I’ll enjoy your thoughts and playlets over here!

  30. Maybe I should have said “the blog that must not be named?”

  31. Oh I get it-just read your policy.

  32. How do I get on the okay list?

  33. madamab, I will miss your voice at TC. Often, I agreed so totally with your viewpoints, I found no need to comment. As for less time and energy watching Obama sell out the people, it sounds good, but I’ll have to wean myself.

    I have a good friend running for school board, and am able to put some energy into her campaign. She will be a great advocate for children, education and fiscal responsibility. You are right about doing something positive. It lifts the spirits. Together we shall shift this tide – eventually!

  34. madamab did I already say this is a great post?
    and I love it that there’s no nesting here 🙂

  35. Haha, yes, no nesting!

  36. HEY NO NESTING woohooo

  37. I completely missed all the stuff that went on and i guess I’m not sorry that I did. Anyway, I think that both blogs can have a purpose. Your purpose is a good one and other ones have other purposes that are just as worthwhile.

    I frankly haven’t been blogging much lately because Obama is doing exactly what I expected him to do. I expected him to lie and weasel continuously about his stances and backtrack on all his promises so nothing he does is very surprising. The thing that surprises me is that the people that thought he would put forth their policies are not extremely angry with him right now.

  38. Hello. May I ask: is there anything that Obama has done that you approve of at all?

    Also: it is difficult to convey nuance over the internet, so I promise that this is a purely curiosity-driven question and not in any way hostile, just in case it comes across that way–you have said that you vote according the 30% solution. Are there any circumstances under which you would vote for a man? For example, if someone like Michelle Bachmann was running against an ethical, progressive liberal male candidate?

    DYB: the first female editor of the Law Review is a hardcore Republican who very publicly defended Bush’s policies on the Iraq War, torture, etc. I’m not saying that what she says isn’t true, but I would take it with a fairly gigantic grain of salt. Especially since what she said about Obama before he became a really viable candidate contradicts what she says in that piece, as one can see in this article from 2007: “Certainly, Barack and I were hardly best friends; he was a year ahead of me at Harvard Law School (and six years older) when we met the summer that I became a newly-minted editor of the Harvard Law Review. But we did work together for some time, and he reached out to advise me when I became the first female Managing Editor in the Review’s history.
    Barack is a deeply committed liberal, and I am a proud conservative. Even so, he possesses five qualities that are genuinely praiseworthy — political ideology aside….” and the article continues.

  39. Hi Jane,

    The answers to your questions are no and yes. After a guy colludes with the Party to steal the nomination, using sexism and fauxrages to gin up support, he’s pretty much toast with me. And yes, I would probably vote for a man over a super-extreme woman if given the chance.

    This is a talking-pont free zone, and I think the talking points are next, so I suggest that you look for the giant loophole in all of Obama’s “liberal” decisions. It’s not hard to locate.

    Check back with me in a few months, when the Kool Aid wears off.

  40. No, no talking points–although I think of expressing my views as simply expressing my views rather than reciting talking points, as you presumably do.

    In response to what you said, I do not think Obama is perfect by any means and I would like, for example, to see more concrete progress on overturning Bush’s policies with regards to detainees. But if you look objectively at the situation, much of what Obama has done, especially with regards to domestic policy, is decidedly liberal.

    I find the intensity of the anger directed at Obama on these sites to be illogical and driven by anger rather than facts, but hey, you think I’m a kool-aid drinker, so I suppose we will have to agree to disagree.

    But I genuinely want to thank you for answering my questions politely. I really do appreciate that–people are so often rude over the internet due to the joy of anonymity. So, thank you.

  41. To be clear: “as you presumably do” means that you express your views–not that you recite talking points.

  42. What exactly has Obama done that’s so liberal? How many of Bush’s or just conservative policies has he reversed? FISA? Guantanamo? Torture? Rendition? Stem cell research? Wars? Tax cuts for wealthy? Money for bankers? Gays in the military? Gay marriage? You are still prescribing to him things you want to believe, not things that are. And you obviously were not paying attention during the primaries when the true character of the man shined through.

    As far as what Liebau says – being a “hardcore” Republican doesn’t preclude one from telling the truth. She might have supported Bush’s war, but Obama voted for it over and over again. What she says about his behavior at HLR matches pretty well what those of us not in orgasmic raptures have been seeing from him all along. He just spent another weekend at Camp David. He’s “working from home” again.

  43. Jane – And your politeness is also much appreciated. That’s why I approved your comments.

    Believe it or not, your fellow Obama supporters are often unforgivably nasty, especially the men. For some reason, the women tend to be a lot nicer.

    I would love to hear your thoughts in a few months. Just remember: Look for the catch. Like, stem cell research: He lifted the ban, but there will be no funding unless Congress acts to overturn a 1996 provision. Disabled veterans: He’s going to make the ones with private insurance pay for the remediation of their injuries. Guantanamo: He needs to overturn the MCA and reinstate habeas corpus. He hasn’t done that, and he won’t. He reserves the right to do with these prisoners whatever he desires. And that’s not mentioning the Lilly Ledbetter WITHOUT the Fair Paycheck Act, the jettisoning of birth control funding in the first budget go-round, and so much more.

    Jane, you seem like a thoughtful person, so I hope you will take this as it is meant. We are not crazy. We are angry because Obama has betrayed the principles we’ve all believed in all our lives, and we will never forgive him for it, especially since he will continue to do so for the next four years, at least.

    Take care.

  44. Madamab:

    I am happy to have found you. Somehow I missed whatever went on at TC, but did notice you were not commenting. Along with a number of others….Afrocity for example. Gary and Mawn for awhile.

    I don’t go to alot of sites, but have noticed the ones I do go to seem to lose a number of great contributors from time to time. And I never know what happens to them.

    Sometimes some posters do get pretty angry over things that should not divide us. Some commenters are rude. I guess that is what comes from being anonymous.

    But I have always enjoyed your comments, and am pleased to see you again.

  45. why am I in moderation?

  46. Back Bay Style

    MadamaB, nice to find to you again. And, yes, although I will admit to occasionally having wasted typespace on Obama anger, I have felt from the day after the election that it is best to be realistic about the fact that he is in office, and deal as best we can with the conseqences of his election.

  47. mlhath> Please see the notice on top/left about moderation on this site. Because MB isn’t around all the time, and because there are many trolls who drop bombs here, she checks every comment before it’s posted. It’s nothing personal; everyone’s comment goes to moderation first.

  48. You have a fan for life here!