Hillary 1, Obama 0

Photo by The New York Times

Photo by The New York Times

Poor Barack Obama. He didn’t realize that New York governors don’t sell their Senate seats like Chicago governors, no matter how many rich and powerful people you marshal in your favorite’s defense.

Caroline was inevitable, we Noo Yorkaz were told. The New York Times pushed her almost daily. Obama wanted her. Bloomberg wanted her. Ted Kennedy told Paterson that should he do the Kennedys this favor, New York’s requests for money and time would go straight to the front of the line. (I wonder if Ted was smoking a cigar and talking about offers he couldn’t refuse at the time?)

But Paterson didn’t listen. He went with Hillary’s choice, Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand. It seems like he always meant what he said from the beginning – he would pick a woman, and a person who represents the more conservative upstate area of New York, which it is difficult for Democratic politicians to win over.

Governor Paterson had a conference call last night. In it, he stated he had made his choice on Sunday and would announce it on Friday. Given that information, isn’t it easy to understand why Caroline withdrew? There is a lot of speculation about possible tax problems, nanny problems and a high-profile affair with the editor of the New York Times. But honestly, it just seems as though he never wanted her, and told her so.

Today, misogynistic election-stealer Donna Brazile is pouting that the Obama team’s choice was rejected. Sadly, she’s cloaking it in faux concern for women being under-represented in government.

Political strategist Donna Brazile noted the contrast between the excitement surrounding Obama’s inauguration this week and the general public attitude toward women in office, one that she said helped drive Kennedy out of the running.

Um, Donna? Didja not notice that Kirsten Gillibrand is, like, you know, a woman? So clearly, the “general public attitude toward women in office” had absolutely jack SHIT to do with Caroline being kicked to the curb. Caroline Kennedy was not qualified, just as Obama wasn’t qualified. And New York politicians seem to take their responsibilities seriously, unlike their colleagues in Chicago.

I have no doubt that Kirsten Gillibrand, who is already a two-term Congresswoman, will be a great choice for the next New York Senator. And may I say, thanks SO MUCH to all the New York PUMAs who joined me in my efforts to convince the Governor to do the right thing, especially TPT/NY! You go, sister girl!

Meantime, for those keeping score in the new Obama administration: Hillary 1, Obama 0.


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  1. Dittoo”
    Saturday is “Time to Celebrate”!!

  2. Oh, madamab, you forget how Howard Dean said Paterson’s donations will dry up if he doesn’t pick Caroline:

    “She may not have a political bone in her body, but she can raise at least $100 million for New York Democrats, and Gov. Paterson needs to keep that in
    mind. He’ll be running for re-election soon, and that’s going to be an important factor”

    HA! to you now, Dr.Dean.

  3. garychapelhill

    madamab–have you seen the latest in CDS? Fox has a “news story” slamming Hill’s use of the term “smart power”


    The article goes on and on about how vague and silly it is, and that this kind of thing is what sank her bid to be pres. Yeah, like “change we can believe in” is sooo deep…ARGGGHH!!!

  4. Chevalier, I wouldn’t listen to these marketing types, anyway, they’re a bunch of dopes. I used to work at Coke, and one guy in marketing tried to convince me that the reason the sales of Sprite were outperforming the sales of regular Coke was because of the “nipples” on the bottles, where Coke bottles were smooth. Seriously. Come to think of it, maybe he now works on the Obama team – style over substance.

  5. Madamab – I hope you don’t mind but I’m tagging you.

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  6. Bluelyon – I already posted my six things. Sorry darling!


  7. Kirsten was my first choice all along. She is my District Rep, and I’ve met her. I also have a friend who is a close friend and adviser of hers, and she tells me Kirsten has always been independent and strong, willing to vote her instincts and conscience over the popular thing. She was very accessible, holding regular town events to listen to her constituents, and that’s why her record leans more conservative than down-staters would like. Upstate NY’ers felt the bail-out was rushed and lacked accountability. That’s why Kirsten voted against it TWICE, angering Nancy Pelosi. I am looking forward to watching her grow into this new level of power. Unfortunately, with that will come the attacks. I think she’s tough enough to take the heat. She’s also got Schumer’s support, so he will help her get acclimated.

    As for Donna B. ptttt, ptttt (sound of spitting). She is beyond reprehensible. One of the KEY players in denying us the best woman for office this country has ever seen, and NOW she’s whining about sexism?

  8. Donna Brazille just can’t help herself from making stupid utterances.

  9. Well fif, it sounds like Gillibrand is not a “New Democrat”. How dare she listen to her constituents? The New Democrats know better than the silly voters.