Congratulations, Madame Secretary

A Giant Among Giants

A Giant Among Giants

I do not have time to write about the Hillary Clinton confirmation hearings today, but if you would like to read some very entertaining and wonderful posts and live-blogging, please do visit The Confluence and check them all out. It’s all Hillary, all the time over there today – and with good reason.

I am so proud that I supported her during the primaries, and I am so proud that I never drank the Kool-Aid. And I am so, so happy for America that despite the fact that she will not be President, we will still have the benefit of her brilliance and compassion as Secretary of State.

I know that she will go far in repairing the damage that eight years of the Bush Doctrine have done to so many countries and so many people across the world.

Tomorrow, I will have a snarkier take. But today, the pleasure of seeing excellence at work cannot be sullied. Hillary Clinton is an Olympic athlete of politics; and today, she was one who took the gold without breaking a sweat.

Congratulations, Madame Secretary.


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