Axelrove: We Have Always Been At War With EastAsia.

Does This Party Structure Look Familiar?

Does This Party Structure Look Familiar?

In July, I remarked upon the Orwellian nature of the Obama campaign. And why shouldn’t they be Orwellian – they have copied KKKarl Rove’s playbook down to the last semicolon, and La Turd Blossom has certainly been a fan of the visionary 1984 author. Remember the legislative hommages, like “No Child Left Behind,” which actually causes children to be, um, left behind if they don’t pass the tests; and who could forget the cleverly-named “Clear Skies Initiative,” which was responsible for more pollution that actually cleared the skies of…birds! Good times, good times.

But no worries – we need not miss Rove and Bush for long. Here comes KKKarl’s younger, hairier brother, with his latest logic-twisting assertions.

Top Obama adviser David Axelrod strongly defended the selection of evangelical pastor Rick Warren to deliver the opening prayer at the inauguration, telling moderator David Gregory on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that the nation needs to get beyond “shaking our fists” across a political divide.

The selection of Warren, a Californian whose “The Purpose Driven Life” has sold 20 million copies, prompted a fierce backlash from some of Obama’s liberal supporters — especially gay activists, who were miffed at Warren’s support for the Golden State proposition outlawing same-sex marriage, which passed in November. (Note the diminutizing use of the word “miffed” here, and the complete omission of female activists who are outraged at Warren’s opposition to reproductive rights and belief that a woman should be submissive to her husband. – MB)

“You have a conservative evangelical pastor who’s coming to participate in the inauguration of a progressive president,” Axelrod said from Chicago. “This is a healthy thing and a good thing for our country. We have to find ways to work together on the things on which we do agree, even when we profoundly disagree on other things.”

Let’s take a closer look at this inclusive-sounding pap, shall we?

First of all, Obama promised he would bring change to America. Yet conservative pastors have given invocations at Democratic Presidents’ inaugurations before. Billy Graham gave the invocation at both of Bill Clinton’s inaugurations. Bishop William Cannon, of the United Methodist Church, gave the invocation at Jimmy Carter’s inauguration. At JFK’s inauguration, Catholic luminary Richard Cardinal Cushing gave the invocation. Are we getting the picture yet?

You know what would have been a change? Including a rabbi and an imam and a priest – all liberal! How about co-invocations, recognizing that America is a melting pot of religions and that the days of bigotry and misogyny are coming to an end? No, none of that for President Obama. We must keep the fundiegelicals happy, or they won’t vote for him in 2012. It looks like “change” was meant only in the Orwellian sense.

Now, what else about Axelrod’s statement was a big pile of Unity Pony poop? Why, the idea that Obama disagrees with anything Rick Warren stands for. And this realization is what is really getting people “miffed.”

May I ask the LGBT Obama supporters out there what Obama has ever done for gay rights? Anyone? Bueller? In fact, his position on gay marriage is the same as Rick Warren’s. Oh, Mr. Obama may not compare it to pedophilia, polygamy or other aberrations, like Rick Warren did; but when Barack Obama’s voice was used in robocalls to tell his supporters in California to vote for Proposition 8, where was Mr. Obama’s protest? Why did he not vigorously state that using his voice in that context was wrong? Well, because as he has stated often, Barack Obama opposes same-sex marriage. Feeling hopey-changey yet, LGBT community?

As for Barack Obama’s attitude towards women, do we really even need to go there? He has half the number of women in his Cabinet that Bill Clinton did. He “inexplicably” did not pick Hillary as his Vice President (thanks for your help, Caroline Kennedy!). His sexism during the primary and general elections was epic. And The Groper, Jon Favreau, is still employed as the President-Elect’s CHIEF speechwriter. In fact, he is writing Obama’s inaugural address. Hey, I can do it just as well, and I’ve never pretended to date-rape a future Secretary of State! Wanna hear it?

“Change. Hope. Believe. You are the ones you’ve been waiting for. I am the greatest. Reagan was awesome. Lincoln and Washington were poseurs. JFK was a jelly doughnut. Bill Clinton who? Joe Biden who? Hey, anyone want to pick a dog for Malia and Sasha? I can’t even make THAT decision!”

Let’s face it, left-leaning boys and girls of all sexual orientations, Barack Obama is not our friend. He does not believe what we believe. He does not want universal health care, or his allies in Congress would not have pronounced it dead in the water. He does not care about social justice for anyone, or he would not have included woman-hating homophobes in his campaign and inauguration. He does not care about economic justice, or he would be keeping his promises to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans (he’s still not sure if, or when, that will happen, according to Axelrove in the article quoted above). He does not represent change, except that he is more melanin-enhanced than his predecessors.

Yes, get ready to twist your brains repeatedly around more truth-defying statements from the President’s office for the next four years. That’s what happens when you vote with your emotions and not your brain. Hope you enjoy your Reagan Republican DINO, fauxgressives!

We told you so.

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3 responses to “Axelrove: We Have Always Been At War With EastAsia.

  1. garychapelhill

    Obama may not have compared being gay to pedophilia, but he did say that when it comes to same sex couples, God is “not in the mix”. I don’t know of a clearer way to state that you think that being gay is a sin, or achoice, or immoral, or any of the wide range of bigoted statements made by evangelicals over the years that supposedly progressives have fought to discredit . Obama is a bigot, a misogynist, and a homophobe. He is a disgrace to anyone who ever fought for social justice, and those that have and don’t denounce his shameful bigotry are nothing but hypocrites.

  2. garychapelhill

    oh, and a big AMEN to your righteous rant mb. you rock!

  3. Obama said “God is not in the mix” when gay couples and lesbians marry? Now he speaks for God?
    Of course I have gay friends who would be fine with that perhaps, because they do not believe in God. But to me it is so insulting. Obama has managed, just like the right wing fundamentalists and some Catholics, to reduce God down to a size they can manage to understand and which is controllable in their little worlds.
    It’s just amazing.