You Keep Using That Word, Palin-Ized. I Don’t Think It Means What You Think It Means.

Are You Kidding Me, Caroline?
Sarah Palin

As I walked to the subway the other day, I saw a headline that made my blood boil. Good thing, because it was minus a zillion degrees.

Some Dems question Caroline Kennedy’s experience: ‘They’ve basically Sarah Palin-ized her’


It was entirely legitimate to question GOVERNOR Sarah Palin’s government experience. It is entirely legitimate to question SOCIALITE Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg’s government experience (which, despite the embarrassing paucity of her resume, has already been greatly exaggerated.

What is NOT legitimate is to do the following:

  • Hack into her personal email;
  • Advocate violence against her (advocate for an involuntary hysterectomy, hang her in effigy, create a cartoon referring to her as a “MILP – Mother I’d Like To Punch”, shoot a video where she is viciously tackled by Terry Tate);
  • Spread rumors that her son, Trig, is not her own;
  • Create a sex doll that looks like her;
  • Create t-shirts with the words “Sarah Palin is a c***” and wear them proudly as if they prove how kewl and feminist you are;
  • Claim she doesn’t know Africa is a continent, and that she answers the door in a towel like Salome doing the Dance of the Seven Veils, and create a massive fauxrage about how much the RNC spent on her wardrobe without paying the slightest attention to how much the male candidates spend on theirs; and
  • Edit her interviews so that she appears to be a warmongering idiot; ask her hostile and brainless questions like “What magazines do you read?”

Wake me when any of that happens to Princess Caroline. I have a feeling I’ll be napping for a long, long time.

Given the torrent of deranged misogyny that Governor Palin encountered during her candidacy, Sarah certainly would have reasons to be press-shy, although I’m not convinced she really was – not as shy as “I’ve already answered eight questions, can’t I just eat my waffles” Obama, in any case. But for the life of me, I can’t understand what excuse Ms. Schlossberg has for not talking to the press, and for actually demanding they submit questions in writing. (Echoes of Bush, there.)

So far, the media have been polite, some fawning, in fact (Ruth Marcus, I’m talking about you, sister). Could it be that La Schlossberg has absolutely nothing to offer New York but money, connections and a famous name? Golly gee, say it ain’t so, Caroline!

It was only recently that the Princess came out with a platform of sorts. Her campaign to win over the hearts and minds of New York’s movers and shakers is being managed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s team. Yes, that’s Democrat/Republican/Independent Michael Bloomberg, who gives New York Democrats a case of post-partisan depression. Is Schlossberg even a Democrat? Who knows – she has skipped many of the 39 contested elections since 1988, only voting in about half of the primaries.

Palin-ized indeed. What Schlossberg is getting is what every politician SHOULD get: scrutiny over issues and qualifications. The last politician we elected who wouldn’t accept that scrutiny is already enraging and disappointing millions who realize he’s “not the Obama they knew.”

I hope that New York will not fall for the same okie-doke that the Democratic Party pulled on America with their Reagan Republican DINO President-Elect. It’s not up to us plebeians; it’s up to the Governor, which could be good or bad. Mr. Paterson may find Caroline’s recent reluctance to disclose any financial information whatsoever a bit of a turnoff. (If the woman were TRULY being Palin-ized, she would be subject to reams of evidence-free speculation on how she was clearly hiding the fact that she bought all of her children and had fourteen abortions.) And from the reactions of many of our local politicians and pundits, Ms. Schlossberg is going to have a bit of a rough time making us believe that she is the change we’ve been hoping for.

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