The Judgement of Barack Obama, Part II

Note: It’s Pearl Harbor Day. Believe it or not, Barack Obama and George W., oceans NEVER protected us. We honor the service of the men and women who fought and died in World War II, especially on this day “that will live in infamy.”

The people our President-Elect surrounds himself with have always been of grave concern to me. We know so little about this man, yet we were supposed to trust his judgement over Hillary’s in the primaries, and McCain’s in the General Election. Why? Because he made a speech against the invasion of Iraq in 2002.

That speech was supposed to outweigh the fact that his friends are neoliberals, racists, misogynists, homophobes and domestic terrorists, and that he has consistently failed to adhere to liberal/progressive principles when he is forced to act instead of just speak. He did not filibuster, or even vote against, telecom immunity from being prosecuted for warrantless wiretapping, as he promised. (Hillary voted against it, keeping her promise.) He did not take public financing, as he promised; in fact, he raised about $500 million online during his 21-month campaign. Despite the ludicrous spin the Post puts on it, that money didn’t come from “small donors.” We know that Obama’s online donation system did not verify names and addresses, unlike Hillary’s or McCain’s, which would not allow donors from overseas, or who posted phony names and addresses, to give them money. Thus, those donors who gave $80 or less multiple times (as the Washington Post story admits, the average Obama donor gave more than once) could have easily gone over the $2500 personal donation limit by simply logging in with many different names and addresses. Moreover, Obama is not required to disclose the names of anyone giving less than $200 to his campaign. How conveeeeenient, as RiverDaughter would say! The bottom line is, someone has bought Obama, and we don’t know who it is because no one will investigate where it all came from. So much for the Obamabot spin that Obama is a populist figure.

President-Elect Obama is no longer saying he will “end the war” in Iraq. He has moved the frame on abortion from “safe, legal and rare” to “in consultation with their families and pastors” and has nominated the anti-freedom Tom Daschle as head of the HHS, rather than a staunch pro-freedom advocate like Governor Janet Napolitano. Furthermore, what did Joe Biden mean when he predicted Obama was going to make unpopular decisions we would hate, and that the world would test Obama when he came into office?

What have we on the leftish side of the spectrum done by allowing ourselves to be fooled by this cipher into giving him the most important job in the world? Why did we let this happen to our country? Why did we elevate supposedly “inspiring” speeches over action?

And speaking of speeches…we now have a little insight into Obama’s 27-year-old chief speechwriter, Jon Favreau. Which is he – a neoliberal, racist, misogynist, homophobe or terrorist? If you guessed “misogynist,” you’re right! Here he is, showing the same respect to a cutout of Hillary that Obama and his cohorts have shown to the real Senator Clinton.



If you genuinely think this is no big deal, what if it were a cutout of Michelle Obama?

Photoshop by Murphy at PUMA Pac

Photoshop by Murphy at PUMA Pac

This is the person responsible for the “hope and change” nonsense. This is how he feels about Senator Clinton, who is now going to be in his boss’ Cabinet as Secretary of State. This is his maturity level – manhandling a cardboard cutout’s breast while his friend pretends to make her drink and kisses her ear. America, you’ve been mesmerized by the words of a man who has not evolved past eighth grade.


(Note: For more about the judgement of Barack Obama and the blaming of Senator Clinton for the reprehensible actions of 13-year-old he-man woman-hater Favreau, listen to me and Sheri Tag ranting and raving on tonight’s show, “No We Won’t,” on Puma United Radio (PURRRRR) at 8 pm Eastern.)

We have not changed. We have not elected a man who is superior to George W. Bush because he is more articulate, more progressive or willing to change the status quo. He is none of those things. We have no reason to congratulate ourselves on our supposed enlightenment because Barack Obama has extra melanin in his skin. We have not ended racism; instead, we have legitimized misogyny and the outright buying of elections by people and forces unknown. In short, we have proved nothing except that we are stupid enough to buy the same stinky turd over and over again, as long as the marketing department puts it in a shiny new package.

We are hope-notized by slogans. Our corporate media slants every news event to further its own agenda. Our political parties collude to produce terrible candidates instead of giving us a chance to vote for someone who might REALLY shake things up. Yet we sail along, placid as sheep, actually thinking our votes make a difference. Ask the people of Michigan and Florida if their votes made a difference in the primaries. Ask the people whose states went for Hillary in the primaries but whose delegates switched to Obama during the roll call at the Convention, if their votes made a difference. My state was not even allowed to call its delegates!

Wake the fuck up, America. This is the third stolen election you’ve put up with; the second unqualified and totally unacceptable President we’ve allowed to squat in the Oval Office while hailing him as a “Messiah.” You’ve been bamboozled and okie-doked. The puppet show continues and the powers-that-be could not be more thrilled.

Fool us twice – we WILL get fooled again.


6 responses to “The Judgement of Barack Obama, Part II

  1. About your analysis of Jon Favreau – just because he’s a mysogynist, how do we know he’s not also a racist, neoliberal, homophobe or terrorist?

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more. My question is – what the heck do we do now?

    We’re really scr*wed. these “kids” have had their game and O capitalized on their ability to manipulate words in ways that messed with people’s minds. After the second Bush election I honestly believed that the American public were fed up and would see through that kind of manipulation – ooops, I was wrong.

  3. republican in seattle

    Who was the 3rd President who was completely unqualified? Carter? Clinton? At least they were governors as our current one was unlike the ass clown taking charge on Jan 20th. I have to admit I did feel better that he appointed Hill for Sec’y of State. At least she does understand the threats in the world. Between her and Biden, maybe they’ll be able to get some sense in Obama and we won’t end up with 8 years of disastrous policy — severely reducing the military, spreading the military around without much support, letting embassies and US Naval vessels and government buildings be destroyed. I’m sure Hill learned a lot from her husband’s tremendous ineptitude.

  4. Awww, republican! You kill me.

    That was a typo, which I’ll fix. Obama is the SECOND unqualified and unelectable president we’ve allowed the media to put in office. BWB was a legacy who was a very part-time governor, although I will admit that even that makes him more qualified than Obama.

    Only someone as partisan as you would call Bill Clinton inept. That is absolute nonsense.

    After 8 years of Bill Clinton, the country was in great shape despite the mess he inherited from Reagan/Bush I, and the ever-increasing terrorist threats, which that “inept” President actually PREVENTED from happening (the Millennium bombings, look it up).

    I sure hope Obama can achieve THAT type of ineptitude, but I’m not banking on it. I’m looking forward to four more years of Bush.


  5. republican in seattle

    Well hey, he said he isn’t going to completely nix the Bush tax cuts. So there ya go. (Makes me happy and you sad. LOL. I have to taunt.)

    I am partisan and I heartily admit it. You are quite partisan too although you may not admit it. I find that liberals often times seem to think they aren’t partisan and think they are actually very moderate. Ah, good times, good times. You and I will be drinking for different reasons, my dear Madama B, but they both have their roots in Obama getting elected.

  6. An op-ed piece I wrote about Favreau was published in Pajamas Media this week for anyone who would like to read and comment (no registration is necessary at that site to leave comments):