The Law of Unintended? Consequences

Trust Me!

Trust Me!

I’ve been doing a bit of research on Governor Janet Napolitano, and have read many contradicting things about her qualifications and ability to do the job of Director of Homeland Security. I just can’t get a bead on her, so I am adopting a “wait and see” attitude and hoping she will bring some fresh ideas, organizational ability, and competence to the position. I do like the fact that she is female, of course.

Unfortunately, her appointment may be a net negative for the population of Arizona – the pro-freedom population, that is (I use  the words “pro-freedom” and “anti-freedom” because “pro-choice” and “pro-life” are inaccurate and misleading, in my opinion.)

Should Janet Napolitano, Barack Obama’s pick for homeland security chief, be confirmed as expected by the Senate, Napolitano will need to step down from her current position as governor of Arizona.

The state has no lieutenant governor, and its laws dictate that the governor, who is a Democrat, be replaced by Secretary of State Jan Brewer – a Republican.

The Associated Press reports that Brewer, who would be governor through 2010, “had a reputation as a fiscal hard-liner and conservative on social issues while a legislator in the 1980s and 1990s, so her taking over the governorship would mean a new approach from Napolitano’s direction.”

Since governors are not members of a legislative body along the lines of the House or Senate, a shift from blue to red in the Arizona governor’s office doesn’t hold great national significance. There would be far more fanfare if a Senate seat was to switch hands due to an Obama cabinet selection, though such a scenario is extremely unlikely.

Hmmm…the new Governor, Jan Brewer, will be far more conservative with regard to “social issues.”  That sounds a bit ominous.

The CBS story doesn’t go into more details, perhaps because the story is not of “national significance,” or perhaps because the consequences of Jan Brewer’s ascendancy might be a bit more serious for pro-freedom advocates than the “news” outlet would like to admit. But hey – some folks are over the moon. Apparently Governor Napolitano has been a one-woman wall against a veritable tidal wave of anti-freedom state legislation, using her veto pen to protect womens’ rights time and again.

Now, that wall will be gone.

Washington, DC ( — Incoming president Barack Obama has picked pro-abortion Gov. Janet Napolitano to become his new head of the Department of Homeland Security. (MB’s Note: They’re using “pro-abortion” now instead of “pro-choice.” I’m seeing this new frame more and more, and we should not allow it to pass unnoticed or unchallenged. It’s absolutely disgusting how these people manipulate the language to demonize women.) Napolitano constantly chagrined pro-life advocates with her vetoes of pro-life legislation and the pick may help get pro-life laws on the books there.

Napolitano would have to survive a Senate confirmation vote, which isn’t expected to be difficult despite some criticism of her on other issues.

Should she be confirmed, pro-life Republican Secretary of State Jan Brewer would become the state’s next governor — which appears to be good news for pro-life groups.

That would put pro-life advocates in control of both the state legislature and the governor’s seat and would theoretically make it easier to get new laws on the books.

Napolitano has been a formidable obstacle as governor. She vetoed every piece of abortion legislation that has come across her desk — seven pro-life measures in total.

The measures that Napolitano has blocked include a “partial-birth” abortion restriction, strengthening parental consent regulations, inundating women with propaganda and pseudoscience about when their fetuses can feel pain, attempts to allow pharmacists the right to “conscientiously refuse” to fill birth control prescriptions, and preventing taxes from paying for abortions for state workers.

Welcome to hell, women of Arizona. Welcome to being punished for daring to want to control your own bodies. Welcome to getting permission from a committee before you dare to terminate a pregnancy. Welcome to driving hundreds of miles just to get your birth control because your unfeeling asshole of a pharmacist smugly refuses to fill your prescription.

Welcome to your taxes paying for cluster bombs and “bunker buster” nukes and missile defense boondoggles and Blackwater mercenaries who rape and torture women and the Iraq and Afghanistan clusterfucks, but not for abortion.

Because the people who want this for you are “pro-life.” Well, they’re not pro-ALL life, just THIS type of life. 

A Zygotic American

A Zygotic American

And this beautiful vision of a “culture of life” for Arizona is made possible by none other than Barack Obama.

Is tearing down Napolitano’s wall something Obama intended by appointing her to his Cabinet? I don’t think there’s any way to know, unless we suddenly develop telepathic powers. Obama is so good at taking both sides of every issue that we can’t even tell if he’s pro- or anti-freedom.

 But regardless of how well Napolitano may do as Secretary of Homeland Security, I cringe at the thought of her successor, Jan Brewer, piously signing all those horrific measures into law, and what the women (and the men who support them) of Arizona will be going through as a result.

Too bad it’s not an important issue to the corporate media. After all, it’s only teh wimminz…and the law of unintended consequences.

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2 responses to “The Law of Unintended? Consequences

  1. One has to wonder if obama even cares about the consequences of his actions in any way. My guess would be no!

  2. “Unintended” is unnecessarily kind in my opinion. When it come to Obama, I believe the phrase “bonus!” would be more accurate.