Bush and Obama: Perfect Together

Hooray! We’ve finally gotten our Unity Pony, guys and gals. Only problem is, it’s Obama who is unifying with Bush – and the dynamic duo wants a lot more of your…CHANGE.

The Unity Pony Takes Your Change

The Unity Pony Takes Your Change

The federal government has decided to spend $800 billion more on purchasing mortgage assets and securitizing the frozen credit markets. Yes, that brings the total up to $1.5 trillion, officially. Golly gee, can I be a greedy bank, insurance company, financial institution, mortgage lender or credit card company too? All I have to do is get “too big to fail,” and voila! I can steal from the Treasury with both hands and laugh all the way to the bank, as my employees who put their 401(k)’s in my company lose their jobs and their financial futures. Wow, screwing millions of people to the wall is FUN!!!

But I digress. Barack Obama keeps saying there is only “one President at a time,” but in reality, he and Bush are acting as a team.  How sweet!

WASHINGTON — America has never seen anything quite like this: The president and president-elect acting like co-presidents, consulting and cooperating on the day’s biggest crises.

“It’s pretty unusual,” said George Edwards, a presidential expert at Texas A&M University, in College Station.

What Princeton University professor Julian Zelizer calls “the split-screen presidency” is the result of several historic forces converging this fall:

  • The 24-7 nature of the global economy, which demands timely reaction.  
  • Incoming and outgoing presidents who have personal and political reasons to show that they can manage a crisis.  
  • A president-elect, Barack Obama, who “believes in strong government and wants to get things under way immediately,” said William Leuchtenburg, a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill professor who’s written extensively about the presidency.  
  • A lame-duck president, George W. Bush, who’s leaving office voluntarily. “Bush was not defeated. That makes for an easier relationship,” Leutchtenburg said.

Well, thank Gawd we didn’t elect McSame because, um…

But wait, there’s MORE unity between Bush and Obama! Robert Gates will be staying on as Secretary of Defense. Yippee! From the AFP story linked above:

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has reportedly agreed to stay in his job at least for Obama’s first year as president and execute the Democrat’s signature policy of withdrawal from Iraq.

Okay, stop right there. Obama’s “Signature policy of withdrawal from Iraq?” Oh, that’s just rich. That’s just hilarious.

He and Hillary always had essentially the same plan – removing the combat troops at the rate of one-two brigades a month, and leaving some there to help stabilize the country.  Change you can Xerox, indeed.

Politico said Gates would be part of a raft of national security positions announced next week, including former NATO commander General James Jones as national security adviser.

It’s so comforting to know that the same old people will be in charge of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and national security, isn’t it? We know about once-and-future Defense Secretary Robert Gates, and as for General Jones, the new National Security Advisor? It turns out he served under both Bush and Clinton.  So much for bringing fresh faces and new ideas to Washington.

Seems like the only change Obama was ever interested in, was the change in your pocket.

We told you so.

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2 responses to “Bush and Obama: Perfect Together

  1. Can’t say it enough – Obama is a Karl Rove creation.

  2. (DISCLAIMER: I’m slow-witted in money matters, so I rely heavily on my financial advisor Coiney McStocking, who has had me flying in the crash position for a couple of years now. Because I’m a feckin’ eedjit, I’m not in debt and took my nest egg out of flashy, now-worthless junk when it was way uncool.)

    Viewed in tandem with prior Dem cave-ins on declaring easy bankruptcy — for ordinary schlubs, that is — this is another example of who’ll continue making out like a bandit here. Banks will get their markers and cash-money up front, like they always manage to do, while the suckah owners of hastily acquired, now essentially worthless homes will be stuck over-paying for them for an earthly eternity.

    The oboiz should be resting quietly, though. The blackness of the must-have fauxgressive toy of the year, a black president, will be unaltered. Presumably, he’ll be having a good long think about this, ably guided by VP-elect Biden who helped this economic tragedy along.

    Bold prediction on the economy: there’ll be a rousing speech using the outsidey voice.