We Tried To Tell Ya, Cheetos…

Where Is My ObamaLove?

Where Is My ObamaLove?

but you wouldn’t admit that Barack Obama was not a progressive, liberal or even really a Democrat. You accepted all the crazy, ridiculous narratives that were fed you by Axelrove and Burton and Plouffe (Oh my!). Hillary is a racist! Hillary wants Obama killed! Hillary is an evil warmonger! The Clinton era was the same as the Reagan-Bush era! Obama will saaaaaave us from the evil clutches of the DLC and people like Joe Lieberman! We will finally, FINALLY get rid of all those moderate, centrist, Republican-lite politicians like the Clintons and achieve ideological purity if we just elect Obama, at which point all racism will also disappear and the world will move into a more enlightened Age!

Where do I begin with this nonsense? Well, how about the fate of the Queen of All Evil, Hillary Clinton? Looks like instead of slinking back to the Senate in shame, discredited for evah and evah, La Rodham is much more in this situation.

Now, Who Will Bring Me Cake?

Now, Who Will Bring Me Cake?

Rumors are flying with great abandon about Senator Clinton’s future. Will she be Secretary of State? Will she take the job Ted Kennedy offered her in order to keep her autonomy and work on the issue that is nearest and dearest to her heart, Universal Health Care? Will she run for President ever again? Fiddle-dee-dee, what’s a girl to do?

One thing is certain: Senator Clinton is one of the most sought-after names in the country right now. Guess all that stuff Obama said about her foreign policy experience being limited to drinking tea and other ceremonial activities was just a bunch of hooey. And even Ted Kennedy, the biggest Obama supporter in the Senate, realizes he shouldn’t work on reforming health care without her. Awwwww, so sad, too bad, Cheetos. Bamboozled again.

But wait, there’s more haid-exploding news for the Obamabots:

Hello, Holy Joe!

Howard Dean says Joe Lieberman was kept in the Democratic caucus because the Senate was following Barack Obama’s lead. But then, the Huffington Post reported as much over a week ago. So no, Firedoglake idiots, Joe Lieberman’s fate is not “Clinton’s call,” as you so ludicrously claimed in your latest “action” email to me. Your CDS is fucking embarrassing at this point. Let it go. You got your Messiah and it’s all on him now. 

Evil Clintonites Being Drafted into Obama Administration At Speed of Light.

As we all know, Obamabots are incredibly invested in ridding the party of all centrist, DLC influences, since they are diluting the purity of the progressive movement, don’tcha know; and anyone who voted for the war is right out. (Still trying to figure out what this movement is all about, since throwing the working class out of the Democratic Party doesn’t seem too progressive to me.) How’s that workin’ out for them so far? Rahm Emanuel, DLC mucky-muck, warmonger and Clintonite, is Obama’s Chief of Staff. Eric Holder, Clintonite and influential advocate of the Marc Rich pardon, is Obama’s Attorney General. John Podesta, Clintonite, is chief of Obama’s transition team. There are many more Clintonites up for Cabinet positions, including, of course, an actual Clinton.

Are you starting to get it now, folks? Let me bold it for you just in case:

Obama Is a Center-Right Democrat, Not a Liberal.

From Obama’s promise-breaking vote for FISA, to his grovelling acceptance of the endorsement of ultimate war criminal Colin Powell, to his unwillingness to take a strong public stand against Proposition 8, to his “softening” of his positions on executive orders (he’ll use them now), a full withdrawal from Iraq (residual troops will remain), closing Gitmo (easier said than done and we might get a messy new legal system instead of justice), and ending torture (he sounds a lot like George W. Bush here – America DOES torture, or how could he end it? And what about “enhanced interrogation techniques?”), to his willingness to appoint Republicans to his Cabinet, Obama is rubbing his center-right beliefs in his gullible followers’ faces.

We PUMAs understood that Obama was to the right of Hillary a long time ago. You see, we were voting on issues, not on slogans, and not on some utterly fictional idea of who our candidate was. But to you Cheetos, our preference was based on racism. Well, Republicanism comes in all colors, and it was racist of YOU to pretend otherwise.

Why am I hammering on this so much? Partially for fun, of course, because I love pointing out hypocrisy and the utter stupidity of the folks who spewed bile against Hillary for two years based on absolutely nothing but her scary ladyparts. But ultimately, my goal is to shock the more reasonable members of the Obamasphere into realizing that they are under the bus with us; that Obama is not who he says he is; and that no one politician of any Party is the answer to your political dreams. We the people must take our country back, and if a President doesn’t have to earn your vote, he won’t care about you after the election. As The New York Times reported, some Obamans are already realizing this fact.

And maybe, just maybe, they will join our movement in the future. If we do become an UnParty or voting bloc, we will need all the members we can get. Come on, Cheetos, you can do it. Come to the light…

(By the way…Gender Analyzer says: “We think https://madamab.wordpress.com is written by a man (77%).” Hahahahahaha! And my blogtype is The Mechanic.)

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6 responses to “We Tried To Tell Ya, Cheetos…

  1. Fiddle-dee-dee and flippity-flop-flop

    Here’s a thought….maybe the obamarrhoids might have considered listening to us 🙂

  2. Obama believes the Constitution needs to be scrapped!
    This guy is too much.
    Article @ http://www.elinkfind.net/blog2/?p=723

    A Zobgy Poll shows that supporters who voted for Barack Obama didn’t know their candidate. In fact, they didn’t know much at all.

    Here is a video

  3. My brilliant comment, alas, was slipped in at the end of The Confluence post, so I’ll repeat it here:

    The other funny aspect of Obama’s appointments is not only that they’re Clinton people, but they’re Clinton people who stabbed her in the back. I’m certain that before she decided to run she had assurances from them – as well as from party “statesmen” like Kennedy and Kerry – that they’d support her.

    Lo and behold, turns out they ran behind her back to convince The Precious that it was his time – not that he and his ego needed much convincing.

    My theory is that Clinton threatens them with the utmost horrorible crime for a professional Dem politician – actually accomplishing something. Kennedy has “worked” on health care reform for some 30 years. How’s that worked out? It’s a lot like Roe v Wade – it has to remain in play so you have a reason you just gotta hafta it-will-be-a-disaster-if-you-don’t vote for them.

  4. Well I for one wish Donna’s Dumpling Dems, the Cheetoh set and other fauxgressive bloggers well in their impotent role of clogging Capitol Hill spam filters (AKA “holding Dems’ feet to the fire”, “holding media accountable”).

    Enjoy your toy, guys!

  5. Ellie, Sister, Sam and all, wise and well said!

  6. I have said, repeated, and annoyingly…..he is no radical change guy.

    I agree. Hillary was the true progressive. That got me banned at HuffPo.

    I said. He ain’t no Marxist. That’s annoyed anti-Obama sites.


    Can’t win on this one.

    Good post. thanks.