The Song of Our New ObamaNation: The Bitch Deserved It

Our New ObamaNation

Our New ObamaNation

Most people in this country do not know how explicitly misogynistic Barack Obama’s campaign was. They don’t have time to sit at the computer and read The Daily Kos, or Talking Points Memo, or The Huffington Post. They didn’t read the vile, endless hatred spewed at women by Obama’s supporters. They believe the lovely stories spun by the corporate media: that Obama was saintly and above all negativity and “unifying,” while his opponents rolled around in dirt. And even when Obama or his surrogates did or said something overtly misogynistic, the media either did not cover it, or excused it.

After all, the bitch deserved it. 

As for Obama’s followers, they refused to admit that his sexist language against Clinton and Palin was intentional. Oh really? Then why didn’t he apologize for it? That’s what a smart political operative does when his words are “misinterpreted” to be offensive to a particular group of people.

There is no logical answer to this question, except that yes, he did flip Hillary off, he did mean to call Sarah Palin a pig, he did intend to slam Hillary when he took the stage after a primary victory to the song “99 Problems (And a Bitch Ain’t One)”, and he did mean to use Clinton’s femaleness against her when he called her “likeable enough” and said she was “periodically down” with her “claws” coming out.

But logic has been in short supply when discussing this election. Over and over again, we women have been told not to believe our lying eyes and ears, to participate in our own marginalization “for the good of the country.” Well, some of us realized that the election of Barack Obama would legitimize the use of misogyny as a tactic against any woman who dared to challenge the entrenched patriarchy in America. And try as we might, we just couldn’t be excited about taking the country in that direction.

This year, many of us finally understood the deep, abiding and totally irrational hatred that our male-dominated culture holds against women. For me, nothing brought this home so much as the sudden proliferation of the attitude that violence against women is no longer automatically horrifying. It used to be unthinkable and shameful for a man to harm a woman.

Not anymore.

From Keith Olbermann’s comment that Hillary Clinton should be taken into a room with a superdelegate and only one of them should come out, to the “artist” who hung Sarah Palin in effigy, to the New York man who beat a woman in the face with her McCain/Palin sign, to this unhinged essay in the Philadelphia Weekly, in which, under the guise of speaking about grammar, the male author advocates giving Sarah Palin a forced hysterectomy (bolding is mine):

If you’re speaking, “an historic” is acceptable, but you can’t say the H: It’s gotta be “an ’istoric.” If you do pronounce the H, or if you’re writing it down, go with “a.” You wouldn’t say, for example, “Someone should give Sarah Palin an hysterectomy before she spreads her devil spawn any further.” You’d say “a hysterectomy.” Same with “a historic.”

In another shocker, the good governor herself wasn’t immune to linguistic foibles leading up to the big day. Just before votes were cast Sarah Palin told Fox News’ Sean Hannity she was “very excited and anxious for the 4th.”

I suspect Hannity was too busy drooling to notice, but the word she probably meant was “eager,” not “anxious.” Unless she was trying to tell Fox News viewers she had anxiety about losing—which she didn’t—she made the all too common mistake of confusing “anxious” and “eager.” It’s an important distinction: She was eager for Election Day; she’s anxious about the impending hysterectomy she doesn’t yet know we’ve scheduled for her.

Imagine this vomitous crap being written about Barack Obama or John McCain, and a woman advocating giving them a forced vasectomy. Did your brain explode? Of course, because such an article would NEVER BE PUBLISHED. It would rightfully be seen as sexist, violent and socially unacceptable.

But as the author says later in the article, Governor Palin is a “vindictive bitch.” So she deserves it.

And then, of course, there are stories like this. An eighth-grade young woman wearing a McCain t-shirt was repeatedly told she should die for wearing it. A woman in an upscale restaurant was dragged across the floor by her hair and punched in the face, and the cop at the scene told her it was her fault, because she had started the fight by pouring a glass of water on an incredibly obnoxious man who had called her a c*** and refused to allow her to sit in an empty seat he was “saving” for someone, despite her offer to get up as soon as the man’s friend arrived.  Yes, of course, she should not have poured the water on him, but don’t we think that the man’s response was just a tad over-the-top?

Of course not. The bitch deserved it.

I have a feeling that these assaults on women, verbal and physical, are going to proliferate under the Obama Administration. Why let go of a winning strategy? After all, he is President-Elect, and not that c*** Hillary Clinton, or that John McCain, who picked that bimbo sex-doll bitch Sarah Palin for Vice President, right?

Women of America, we do NOT deserve it. We do NOT deserve to be called c*** and bitch just because we want equal representation and rights in the society in which we represent 52% of the population. We must refuse to continue to participate in our own humiliation. We must stand up for all women everywhere, especially those who put themselves into the national spotlight, knowing that they will become a focus for the hatred that dare not speak its name.

We must take the emotion out of our movement and focus on concrete goals, my sistren and supportive brethren. We must not be distracted and divided by the tactics of men who are focused on holding on to power at any cost. My goal is achieving gender parity in government via the 30% Solution, and I will not be turned from it.

After all, equal representation, unlike misogyny, is something we do deserve. And we shouldn’t stop until we get it.

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8 responses to “The Song of Our New ObamaNation: The Bitch Deserved It

  1. “the hatred that dare not speak its name”

    Too right.

  2. The key sequence is the hatred first, followed by the layering on of attributed evils. Case in point: Jon “Hitler and my new Black BFF, you c*nts”” Stewart.

    He did a bit during the Daily Show’s episode with Paul Rudd* as a guest promulgating the ongoing Sarah Palin pile-on (ie, that she’s soooo dumb she dot dot dots).

    Increasingly Stewart’s takedowns tweeze out a comment or talking point followed by a disproportionately longer riff, first “explaining” the egregious excuse for his attention — one would think that would be self-evident for, you know, actual humor — and then his sarcastic put-down.

    Ho ho ho, Palin wasn’t able to name the countries in North America, the meme goes. Ha ha ha, the THREE, goes Stewart’s self-congratulatory comedic schtick.

    Except, nyuk nyuk, nyuk, not counting all the Caribbean countries Arugula-for-Brains has vanquished into non-existence.

    This has been another installment of Women who Oppose Obama in Any Way are [awful in any fucking way we want].

    * TDS is off my regular must-see teevee sked but I crush hard on Paul Rudd. What can I say, I’m only human.

  3. Yup, and when he gets to dealing with other nations, in particular the ME type nations, his Chicago style politics and his bashers will be of no avail and will serve up no support to him. The misogyny of his campaign and how he tends to employ it as President will be irrelevant when it comes to say the issue of Iran recently testing and deploying the Sajjil rocket – a solid fuel, 2 stage missle with a range of 1200 miles. Nurture and reason with that, Obama and see if your Harvard rhetoric holds much sway.

  4. What the hell? I mean, really, what the hell IS this?

  5. I’d like to say that this is unbelieveable, but given this past election cycle, sadly, nothing surprises me any more. They are all in junior high, it appears.

  6. I couldn’t quite get my mind around this one, so I had to come back and re-read it. It’s repulsive in the extreme, but bluelyon is rights — it fit, sadly, with everything we saw during election season. And now, because it was never stopped, it’s taken root and it’s growing.

  7. Women who voted for Barak Obama have low self esteem.

  8. Make that no self esteem, Julie.