Let It Be

I’ve been receiving a number of very interesting comments lately. I only post those that are civil and/or on topic, and since these were neither, they didn’t make it onto the blog.

My favorite one was a whine asking about why “you people” (i.e., women) didn’t care about the war or the economy or anything but our vaginas. The writer then lectured me about how John McCain would be a bad president and how Sarah Palin is a bad mother.

I found it both hilarious and pathetic.

It never occurs to people like this that I can vote any way I want, for any reason I want. The Democratic Party is supposed to ask for and earn my vote, and they have done neither. In fact, they told me, a faithful voter for 23 years, to stay home this year. No can do, Donna Brazile. I’ll be using my vote to protest you, your corrupt and disgusting cronies in the DNC, and the unqualified, inexperienced Chicago Machine politician you put up for nomination in order to torpedo Hillary Clinton.

It doesn’t help that voting Democratic has done me and my fellow Americans no good at all. I was absolutely thrilled to see Democrats take over Congress in 2006, only to have that excitement change to a sense of slowly dawning horror as they failed to do anything whatsoever to stand up to the BushCheney Reign of Error. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan still rage on. The economy is in a recession. Bush and Cheney remain unimpeached and may never be held accountable for the horrific destruction they have wreaked upon America. The ERA has not been ratified and womens’ reproductive freedoms continue to be eroded at an alarming rate. Election fraud has now spread from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party via the DNC’s Rules and ByLaws Committee and ACORN, now being investigated in 15 states. Meanwhile, war criminals (Colin Powell) and liars (Scott McClellan) from the Bush Administration flock to Barack Obama’s side.

But the bottom line is, none of this matters. I could vote for Sarah Palin because I like her glasses. I could vote for John McCain because he reminds of my grandfather. My reasons are have been detailed over and over on this blog, and my mind was made up a long time ago.

You own your vote, and I own mine. So my advice to everyone is, respect your fellow Americans and their decisions. Whatever happens on Tuesday, we are all doing what we think is right.

Just let it be. 


4 responses to “Let It Be

  1. this is great…pass it around!!!

  2. i registered Independent the last time i moved – 4 years ago today. to be blunt, i never cared for democrats – was raised to think of them as dirty politicians. i grew up in scranton, and so had plenty of examples to support the premise.

    i bailed on the republican party because i got tired of their following the polls to dump on bush. did/do i support everything bush did? irrelevent. i saw the pubs as checking the polls, then giving their opinion. i have no respect for that.

    if someone voted for the war, then the war goes badly – have the temerity to say, “what do we need to do to fix this?” don’t bail. don’t walk from a president that is running a war you authorized.

    so i watched hillary. as a conservative, she’s easy to rip. but i began to see her differently this time. i believed since 2007 that her negatives were too high to get the nomination. i didn’t give it any more thought, but it gave me a soft spot for her.

    so now i am stuck. it seems to me that we have been letting the prisoners run the prison. politicians are elected by us – they go to the office we pay for – they do the job we tell them to do. but we’ve been sitting here for at least a full generation with this poke-and-hope mentality – we listen to a pol talk, we elect him or her, and then do what they tell us to do.

    why am i stuck? because i think the system needs to change. not the structure, but the active accountability. and to do that, i have to shed more completely this party-based view that i have of politics. “pubs” and “dems” are not appropriate labels. something else has to emerge.

    obama and his mantra of “post-partisanship”? cut me a break. he’s a hack, and an inexperienced one at that. just listen to dodd, frank, kerry, reid, and pelosi – they are lining up. no such thing as losing party identity with those people. yes, the same thing applies to the leading pubs.

    i don’t know what comes next. but something has to …

  3. why am i stuck? because i think the system needs to change. not the structure, but the active accountability. and to do that, i have to shed more completely this party-based view that i have of politics. “pubs” and “dems” are not appropriate labels. something else has to emerge.

    Clyde_m, you have put it so well. We ARE stuck. We can go no further with this two-party system. Both parties are now hopelessly corrupted by Big Money and complacency, and America is too large now for the Big Tents of “repub” and “dem” to cover everyone.

    In order to fix this situation, we need election reform quite badly. Here are some of my ideas about that.

    The PUMAs will be roaring after the election, and although we started out as Democratic Party loyalists, we are no longer. We believe in the principles of the traditional Dem Party platform and will vote for any politician who demonstrates an allegiance to those principles. We may even start our own party or voting block. And we will be working hard on election reform.

    As for me personally, I’m going to do everything I can to get women into government. I call it the 30% Solution, since it has been shown through many studies that it takes a critical mass of 30% women in government in order for the situation of women to improve in any given country.

    Clyde, you are not alone. There are millions of Americans that feel the same way. After the election, I hope that through PUMA we can all find each other and get our country out of this bi-partisan rut.

    I also hope that Hillary Clinton becomes an Independent after the election. As two of the most skilled and appealing politicians in the country, she and Bill would be excellent leaders of a third party.

  4. After I wrote to you, I expanded my thoughts into a post – http://myaisling.blogspot.com/2008/11/open-letter-to-pumas.html.

    It seems to me that all of us register as Independent. No immediate label. Having a voting bloc comparable to the pub and dem numbers over which they exercise no control – it wouldn’t even need to be comparable at first. Just enough to wipe out the crossover support of party to party. 20% of the electorate could control. The pubs and dems as currently configured will never stop fighting each other.