Don’t Believe The Hype

No one knows what is going to happen on November 4th. No one. Not me, not the media, not the blogosphere, not even the candidates themselves. Predictions are pointless, and only the people can make the final decision.

I remember the lessons of 2000 and 2004 all too well. After four dreadful years of Bush, I was absolutely, 100% positive that John Kerry would win in a landslide. No one could shake my certitude. There was no way, no WAY John Kerry could possible lose!

And the media agreed.

Chuck Todd of MSNObama boldy predicted A Kerry Landslide: Why The Next Election Won’t Be Close.

At Common Dreams, it was discovered that the world wanted John Kerry to be president much more than Bush. (Can’t blame them, can we?) The article describes Kerry’s would-be voters thusly:

Another pattern that became apparent in studying the data was that those people with higher education and more income were more strongly in favor of Kerry, Kull said.

“Those at the top of world society are more negative towards Bush than those at the bottom,” Kull said. “The most likely common link is that those who have the most access to information tend be more negative towards Bush than those with less access to information.” Overall, only 20 percent of those surveyed supported Bush for a second term, while just under half support Kerry and one third did not express a preference.

Hmmm. High-information, educated, global voters preferred Kerry. Anyone seeing a pattern here? Does this description fit any group of voters you might have heard about?

But wait, there’s more! Kerry appealed immensely to younger voters, which would carry him over the top in a massive victory over Bush; so said Michael of And on October 21, 2004, Winger at MyDD said there was rock solid evidence of a huge Kerry win – relying on polls, of course! ABC ran a nice article on October 26, 2004, summarizing all the various predictors and indicators that could possibly tell us who was going to win on Election Day – some quite hilarious, including who was a bigger hit in the Halloween costume game. (It was Bush, because he had better hair.)

I’m just saying, it’s not over till it’s over. Just make sure you have your say on November 4th.

Use your voice wisely. PUMA POWER!!!


One response to “Don’t Believe The Hype

  1. This PUMA voted last Friday madamab. I voted for John McCain and Sarah Palin. The very first vote I have ever cast for a Republican. The world did not end.

    I too believed the polls in 2004 and thus was shocked and sad the following morning to find Bush had somehow managed to keep his useless butt in the White House and had 4 more years to screw up the country. (What might have been the result if Kerry had the guts to fight for the voters of Ohio?)

    I voted FOR the 30% solution and AGAINST the Democratic Party and Obama.