How Dare You Question Dear Leader!

What The Heck Did I Do?

What The Heck Did I Do?

Poor Joe The Plumber. All he wanted to do was make an informed decision in this year’s election. So, he asked Barack Obama whether or not Obama’s proposed tax plan would affect him if he should buy a business that makes $250,000 – $280,000 a year. It’s a normal question for today’s taxpayer worried about the rising costs of living. Everyone’s freaking out about taxes these days – even my hubby, who is scared spitless by McCain’s proposal to tax health benefits paid by his company.

Unfortunately, Obama was without his teleprompter, and said something that triggered massive alarms throughout the land. Here is the whole interview without all of the editorial commentary that’s been added to it. The key moment is at 4:46.


Let’s leave the question of socialism aside for a moment. Here’s what I think about Obama, McCain and taxes: Every single President coming into office during a time of economic trouble has raised taxes. Remember George H. W. Bush in 1988? “Read my lips: No new taxes.” As soon as he saw the utter destruction Reagonomics had wrought upon the Treasury, he raised taxes – but not enough to turn the economy around. So Bill Clinton raised taxes again – hugely – when he came into office. It took two years, but finally enough money was raised to begin reversing the disastrous effects of 12 years of “voodoo” economics. And surprisingly enough, when President Clinton left office, the Treasury was overflowing and the economy was booming. Amaaaaazing!

In my opinion, when the new President takes office, taxes are going to be the least of our problems. Cost-of-living increases and joblessness are going to be far larger issues. I lived through the Carter era, and I think it’s going to happen again. Nonetheless, I am certain that my taxes will be raised by either Obama or McCain. As Democratic Presidential nominee Walter Mondale said in 1984,

By the end of my first term, I will reduce the Reagan budget deficit by two-thirds. Let’s tell the truth. It must be done, it must be done. Mr. Reagan will raise taxes, and so will I. He won’t tell you. I just did.

You tell ’em, Walter! Buckle up, America: the taxman cometh. I can’t imagine any other outcome, especially with the majority Democratic Congress that will be taking power.

The strange thing about Obama’s statement is that he should have known better. The purpose of taxes in a capitalist system, which the last time I checked we still had (barely), is not to re-distribute wealth, but to raise revenue for the government so that it has enough money to function properly. In addition, the socialist idea of wealth re-distribution is extremely unpopular in mainstream America, so you would think that a candidate for President would avoid even the appearance of favoring such a thing.  But since Barack Obama has been surrounding himself with a cocoon of left-wing radicalism in Chicago, it seems he doesn’t understand either of those things.

True to form, Obama’s supporters cannot acknowledge the fact that The One made a gaffe of epic proportions. A distraction is needed to take our minds off the fact that Obama appears to favor socialism over capitalism. So, they do their master’s bidding, and swarm upon Joe like the rabid animals they are – all with the obliging aid of the corporate media, and as an added bonus, screaming “RACISM!” all the way.

I’ll tell you plainly that this type of hysteria scares the shit out of me. For Gawd’s sake, the guy just asked Obama a standard conservative question about his taxes. The answer was: “Yes, under my plan, your income taxes will increase about 3% if you make over $250,000 a year. You may have some offsets in the form of a tax cut on health care and the capital gains tax, however.” The end. Was Obama obligated to say the words “spread the wealth around?” No! Why did he, then? I think that’s a very valid question.

Is this what we have to look forward to in an Obama administration? Any type of dissent or questioning is not permitted, especially if it exposes any weakness in him?

No wonder the Senator from Illinois voted “yes” on FISA. Warrantless wiretapping just makes it so much easier to root out and expose the dissenters, doesn’t it? 

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4 responses to “How Dare You Question Dear Leader!

  1. Too many comments to wade thru at Confluence, so I’ll comment here:

    Part of the problem with the economy is the way it’s not capitalist/free market. “Conservatives” gamed the system to encourage the accumulation of wealth in the hands of the ultra-rich. That’s why real incomes for the working poor stagnated in the 1970s. That stagnation has slowly spread up the economic ladder, so that many middle-to-upper class professionals are beginning to experience the economic uncertainly that until now they pooh-poohed in their less financially fortunate fellow citizens.

    Example: A few years back Donald Trump declared bankruptcy. Loopholes designed for the ultra-rich allowed him to retain most of his assets, short-change his creditors and throw a multi-million dollar wedding afterward. A working class person wouldn’t come out sitting so pretty; in fact, thanks in part to “liberals” like Joe Biden, s/he’d be condemned to extended if not lifelong wage slavery.

    I’m for “wealth distribution” that means a strong safety net. I don’t believe that even the “underving” poor deserve to live on the streets and freeze to death. I believe that it would be a stronger country if every citizen had access to all the educational opportunities s/he has the interest in and can make use of. And I don’t hold sacred the principle of passing huge estates from generation to increasingly worthless generation. This country would be a hell of a lot better off if W. Bush had been consigned to the level of failure his talents and efforts meritted.

    Did you ever notice that “leftist radicals” like Obama and Ayers somehow never seem to volunteer to redistribute their own money? Witness the Obamas’ stingy charitable donations. Cincy McCain has it all over them and their ilk.

    End of rant, and for the record, a tip of my cap for another great post.

  2. That is, of course, “undeserving” poor. Clumsy fingers and a very long week.

  3. republican in seattle

    As a R and a small business owner, I consider Obama’s answer to be the biggest insult to date coming from any American politician of recent history. It wasn’t the distribute the wealth around bit that annoyed me. Democrats say that kind of thing all the time. No, it was the “people coming up behind you need that money” bit. Um, no they f-ing don’t. I’m sorry, but it is not an entitlement to start your own business. It is a freedom and freedom is NOT FREE!!!!!!!!!! And while he’s taking the small businessman’s money — money he probably worked extremely hard to build up to in 10 or more years through gains in market share — he’s essentially saying he’s going to give that money to people coming up behind to help them become the businessman’s competition. And I find that extremely insulting and an utter outrage.

    I thought he was just clueless before. Now I see that Obama really is out to get me. 😉

  4. For the record, I don’t know if there is any such thing as the “undeserving” poor. Everyone deserves a basic safety net below which they cannot fall. Beyond that, opportunity should be available and what you do with that opportunity is your own affair.

    I doubt if “spreading the wealth around” by taxing the rich and playing Robin Hood will give us a more just society.