PUMA Up, People

We Are Just Getting Started!

We Are Just Getting Started!

Well, it’s coming into the home stretch now. Finally, after all the shocks and the agony and the disappointments and the activism, we are less than three weeks away from the final decision as to who will be our President next January.

Massive Hakas are being perpetrated by the media. Polls that are representative of only 20% of the people called are being shown and quoted as if they are valid. The screams of “RACISM” are coming almost daily from the Obama camp. The trolls are flop-sweating all over PUMA sites. And some erstwhile PUMAs are losing their nerve in a spectacular way, turning on their former friends and trying to work out their cognitive dissonance by shitting all over us on their blogs.

It’s time to PUMA Up, people. We are in for a whole lot of ugly.

I have said in the past that I thought Obama was unelectable. I said that because I did not believe that a person who surrounds himself with racists, money-launderers, voting fraud perpetrators and domestic terrorists could get elected President in this country. But I didn’t know how invested the media was in pushing him down our throats and covering up the radicalism, corruption and bigotry that informs his vaunted “judgment.” It is just possible that this blatant media push, combined with the ever-worsening economy and the understandable hostility towards the Republican brand after eight years of the Worst President Ever, could get him into the White House.

But whether Obama or McCain wins, our actions after the election will be the same. Being a PUMA has always been about two things: 1) Doing everything we can to ensure that the Obama wing of the Democratic Party is not successful in its attempted coup; and 2) Reforming the Democratic Party after the election. We may or may not succeed in the first step, but that is no excuse not to proceed with the second.

As Hillary quoted in her speech at the Convention, “When you hear the dogs and when you see the torches, JUST KEEP GOING.”

And so it shall be. PUMA POWER!!!

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10 responses to “PUMA Up, People

  1. Thanks for the post madamab. Sorry to see some people losing their nerve before the finish, but I guess that was inevitable. Keep hanging in there!

  2. Thanks, RalphB! I understand how that can happen, too. It’s scary out there for those who say NOBAMA!

  3. Democrats too now can learn from the Canadian elections .. no party won cause they really did not care about the voters, but only about winning themselves http://anyonecare.wordpress.com/2008/10/15/canada-harper-failed-again-in-an-attempt-to-win-majority-government/

  4. thenonconformer – Interesting!

    I do think we should go to proportional representation in America. Two parties are just not cutting it. There are 300 million people here. How can just two parties be adequate to our needs? No tent can possibly be that big!

  5. Thank goodness it’s still a secret ballot. I bet a lot of people will vote against BO on Nov 4.

  6. in Montana the pressure is great to vote Obama if you speak on blogs…didn’t work with our family…we mailed our absentee ballots for McCain today..last night the Obama campaign called me and asked me if i got my absentee ballot…freaked me out…I told them NOBAMA…..

  7. Good for you, athyrio!!!

  8. McCain tried hard to put you folks on notice last night

    Elections matter in judicial appointments
    Roe v. Wade was a terrible decision
    All that whining about “women’s health” is just an excuse.

    He’s pretty open about it.

  9. Rootless – Really? I had a very different view of it than you, of course.

    If you are going to remain civil, then check out my next post in about 30 minutes. If not, I’ll have to block you again.

  10. I agree with votermom – I think there is a lot of “quiet” support for John McCain this year. After having to replace my stolen Hillary yard sign about 4 times this winter, I am abstaining from the McCain sign, but the 4 voters (2004 Kerry voters) in my house will all be supporting McCain on Nov 4.