Defined By A Vote?

Are We All Racists Now?

Are We All Racists Now?

For me, this election season has been a continuous cycle of smacks in the face. The Democrats have compounded their disastrously poor performance (no impeachment, no ending of the war) in Congress by selecting, not electing, a Chicago machine nominee who is as corrupt as any Bush Republican and as authoritarian and narcissistic as Bush himself. In a year when any Dem candidate should be winning in a landslide, November looks like it will be another nail-biter, with possible election fraud on both sides. 

But the worst thing, by far, that has come out of this election has been the race-baiting and sexism by Obama’s campaign, his media enablers and his mindless followers. Even a civil rights luminary like John Lewis has started perpetrating the same myths – that it is McCain who is dividing this country and inciting people to violence because ZOMG They’re All Racists!

Oh really? What does Representative Lewis think Barack Obama meant when he told his supporters to “get in peoples’ faces?” Does he think this type of violence and misogyny is fine, because it comes from people who support Obama? If Obama himself does not approve of the behavior of his supporters, which has been out of control for quite some time, then why does he not say so?

Look, there is a lot of ignorance in this country. We all know that. But can we really judge all people by the way they vote? Can we really call them racists because of the way they pull the lever on Election Day?

In that case, how do we describe the 97% of African Americans who plan to vote for Barack Obama? If they are defined by their votes, then they must be voting for Obama because he is black. Right? And because of that, they must be racist. After all, if it’s racist to vote for a white person because of skin color, it’s also racist to vote for a black person because of skin color. (Note: I don’t blame AA’s for voting for Obama. Part of the reason I still support Hillary is because she’s a woman, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.)

Or perhaps a person’s vote doesn’t define him or her. Is that possible for anyone to acknowledge this year? Or has everyone in the fauxgressive Obamasphere gone stark raving nuts?

Do we liberals ever have a real liberal to vote for? Of course not. Like it or not, we are too left-leaning to be President of ALL the United States. If we nominated a really liberal candidate, he or she would end up being as unpopular as Bush, who is too right-leaning to be President. So, it’s always a choice between someone you think is okay, but not good enough, and someone you think is the incarnation of EEEEEVILLLLL. (At least it has been, in the past.) If I were defined by my past votes for President, I could be called a Democrat, but not a liberal.

Furthermore, in the past 18 months, I’ve been willing to (or planning to hold my nose to) vote for the following: “Any Dem 08,” Al Gore, John Edwards, Chris Dodd, “Clobama” (Clinton/Obama Unity Ticket), Clinton, “Obinton” (Obama/ Clinton Unity Ticket) and Cynthia McKinney. Yet somehow, people seem to think that they can call me a brownshirt racist because I am now planning to vote for John McCain.

Think about the sheer idiocy of that charge. Think about the harmfulness of painting all Americans who vote for McCain as racists. And yes, the media is climbing on the suicide train too. The vote for President will likely be split very closely. Are we really planning to claim that about 50% of Americans are racists? And if so, how do we go forward and heal this divide so that we can actually solve some of the massive problems we are now facing in this country, instead of wasting another four years treading water on the economy, the environment, and the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan?

If I thought the Obamans had a shred of decency, honesty or integrity, I might plead with them to reconsider their ludicrous and harmful abuse of the word “racist.” If I thought the Kool-Aid had left them any objectivity whatsoever, I just might ask them to take a more honest look at themselves, and see who is really acting like a brownshirt. And if I thought it wouldn’t fall on ears deafer than Beethoven’s, I might pose these questions:

Does your vote for Obama define you as a person who hates white people? In the primaries, did it define you as a person who hates women?

But I’m afraid they are past the point of no return. They are addicted to blame. They have no interest in solving anything, uniting with anyone or moving forward into the 21st century. They just want their shiny new product and anyone who tries to stop them from getting him, deserves whatever they get. They can’t see how bad Obama would be for this country and for the Democratic Party. They can’t see that he will throw every issue they care about under the bus and happily continue the process that Bush began – turning over the Treasury to his rather unsavory friends and associates. 

John McCain is not who I’d want for President either, but what else is new? I’m used to voting for candidates I don’t like very much. And I’m voting all Dem down-ticket so that McCain won’t be able to do anything without going through a lot of Democrats first. 

I’m so tired of this shit.

Once again, we Americans have allowed ourselves to be divided to the point of apoplexy by two parties which are thisclose to becoming one Corporation, Indivisible, with Poverty and Injustice for all.

If we ever wake up and realize that both parties are trying to screw us out of everything we have, and that we need to vote for individuals, not letters, we might just begin to untangle this country from the jaws of our two-party system. At least the PUMAs are getting it this year. Let’s hope that Republicans are too. Whatever happens in the next four years, we are going to need to try to unify and help each other through it.

No matter who we voted for.

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5 responses to “Defined By A Vote?

  1. What makes you think that Hillary would have done any better?

    Her negatives were close to 50%.

    You’re kidding yourself.

  2. Billy B – I disagree with you, and I have plenty of fact-based reasons for doing so. However, you are entitled to your opinion.

    There. See how easy that is?

  3. Hillary would have been the far better candidate encompassing more of the Dem party, as I understand it. I truly doubt she would tolerate such vile treatment of her opponent as the Obama camp is allowing.

  4. CognitiveDissonance

    What do negatives have to do with anything? We all know (or should know) that Clinton’s negatives were brought up by a press flinging hate speech at her on a daily basis, and the Obama campaign pouring fuel on the fire. The same thing they have done to Palin. What does that have to do with how either of them would govern? Not a damn thing. What does it have to do with their electability? As Clinton was beating McCain by a much larger margin than Obama before the debacle of a convention, not a damn thing! And, incidentally, what does that have to do with madamab’s post?

  5. If Palin is elected, then she has been baptised by fire already and can better deflect what will be coming her way and focus better on the goals she has as VP, that’s how it will affect the way she governs. It has much to do with the initial post, as reflected by the words we use here and now. You are the only one angry, CognitiveD.