ABC’s Life On Mars – Watch or Don’t?




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3 responses to “ABC’s Life On Mars – Watch or Don’t?

  1. Thought overall the show was most interesting….will need another couple weeks before I decide if it will be scheduled on my regular roster of shows. Have a sneaking suspicion it will! It is worth watching just for the music…Jason O’Mara is great….loved him in the series In Justice and his creepiness in The Closer.

  2. Flying Junior

    Guess not, huh?

    I mean, it’s the same twenty-first century propaganda designed to inure us to harsh police tactics, except this time, the cowboys are from the seventies, replete with cardboard stereotypes of the hippies of the era. The good guy is from our time. It’s a battle out there. Only the pure in heart survive.

    Just put it in my water, so I don’t have to watch it.

  3. FJ – You know what, I really like the show! It’s more about love, justice and weird sci-fi stuff than propaganda IMHO. Plus, Jason O’Mara is gorgeous!

    But hey, it’s all a matter of taste.