Whew! The High Holy Days Are Over…

and I’m all sung out! I hope everyone who fasted today is enjoying a wonderful feast and feeling cleansed of their sins for the year.

Hey, guess what? The Washington Post’s Political Browser picked up my debate post at The Confluence! Wow, am I rich and famous yet????

[cricket cricket cricket}

Meanwhile, I hope everyone is dealing with the economic crisis as best they can. The sixth day in a row of double-digit losses! Yikes! And the bailout won’t happen till AFTER the election. Will it go down to 7,000? Who the heck knows? Thank goodness I’m not rich, or I’d be really freaked out right now. I’m sending good thoughts to all of you out there who are having a rough time. Chances are, it’s going to get worse before it gets better, even though neither Obama nor McCain would admit it Tuesday night…


5 responses to “Whew! The High Holy Days Are Over…

  1. You speak openly, easily and freely of your spirituality. Thank you – this isn’t often seen in most blogs. I wish you a prosperous and blessed coming year. I’m hoping soon traders will find diminished stock values too tempting and start buying and spiral it up a bit.

  2. Good wishes to you on your holy day!

    My financial situation imploded two years ago, so you could say I was ahead of the crowd. If I can keep my job and keep my car running for the next 3 years, I should survive. It doesn’t pay the big bucks, but at least I like my job. I never have anticipated being able to retire, so as long as I don’t end up pushing a shopping cart down a street, that’s the best I can expect.

  3. sister, I hear ye!

  4. FOX news reported that the world bank has been repeatedly hacked – just browsed the headlines, didn’t get the details of the report yet…..

  5. goesh – Thanks! Spirituality is the right word. I’m not religious in any organized way, but I have great respect for those that are.

    Sister – Hang in there, lady. You are amazing! I always look forward to your comments, and am sure you will never fail to land on, or stay on, your feet!