Real Life Interfering With Bloggy Life…

stoopid meatspace!

(No, I don’t really call it that. I think it’s a hilarious term, though.)

Anyway, the lack of leadership in Congress and the corruption of the Bush Administration has combined to give us a massive economic crisis. And did you know, the bailout package is exactly the type of “solution” the Japanese used after their real estate bubble burst in the early 90’s?

They’re still in a recession.

It’s scary out there, folks.


2 responses to “Real Life Interfering With Bloggy Life…

  1. ….and Iceland is teetering on bankruptcy and the UK is coming out with their version of a bailout….it is scary out there…

  2. republican in seattle

    So, um, why is the yen virtually the only currency that’s actually strengthening against all other currencies? LOL.