Barack Obama, Cartoon Liberal

Is This the Image We Want Democrats Projecting?

Is This the Image We Want Democrats Projecting?

I have been racking my brain, and I honestly cannot come up with any way that the DNC could have screwed America any more than by nominating Barack Obama this year. The reason? He is the most cartoonish exaggeration of a far-left liberal that has ever run for President. And the rightwing narratives against liberals are all being confirmed by everything he does and says. To wit:

Liberals hate America.

Does Obama really seem like a guy who is positive about America as a country? Do I really need to go into all the statements by his wife, his associates (Wright and Ayers) and himself? There is a way to present solutions to our problems without sounding like you think America sucks. Hillary was great at it – she used the word “potential” all the time. That is why she got the Clinton Dem vote and Obama didn’t.

Liberals want to suppress free speech.

I used to think the rightwingers were crazy for saying this. But along comes Obama, whose operatives and supporters infiltrate the entire fauxgressive blogosphere and create a No-Tolerance atmosphere for anyone supporting Hillary. He bans the usage of signs at several of his campaign appearances. He and his enablers at the DNC silence the voters of Michigan and Florida by invalidating their elections, despite the fact that doing so invalidates the DNC’s own rules. He calls for a “civilian security force” as big as the current military. He creates a “Truth Squad” that threatens to use law enforcement to crack down on “lying” political ads. (The law enforcement officials involved have been forced to back off their original, incendiary statements.)

Liberals are bigots.

Gosh, you think a guy who plays the race card constantly is a bigot? A guy who calls his own grandmother a “typical white person?” I think it’s ludicrous that everything is about race with Obama. Geraldine Ferraro was 100% accurate in her statement. If Obama weren’t black, he never would have gotten this far. Or do you think the 90-94% of AA’s that voted for Obama in the primaries would have done the same for a white man? That firewall of support was the only thing that gave him any legitimacy whatsoever as the Democratic nominee.

Liberals are elitists.

This one is true about Obama, and unfortunately, about the fauxgressive blogosphere as well. Obama is arrogant and condescending, and so are his supporters. Just go to any fauxgressive site and you will see the hatred and ridicule that anyone not supporting Obama, Republican, Democrat or Independent, receives. As for me, I experience the elitism every day. Everyone that comes here to try to change my mind about Obama talks down to me, or posts some ridiculous nonsense that’s either untrue or irrelevant. Whatever happened to realizing that people who disagree with you are not stupid, or even necessarily wrong? What happened to keeping an open mind and realizing that Republicans, for the most part, are just good people who disagree with us? It is “fatiguing and irritating” to constantly argue with people who are underinformed and over-opinionated, but this year, I find Obama supporters to be that way, not PUMAs.

Far from strengthening the Democratic brand, having Barack Obama as our representative this year is weakening it, perhaps fatally. Millions of die-hard Democrats are now voting for a Republican for President because Obama is unacceptable to them. Wasn’t that supposed to be the other way around this year? Where are all of Obama’s vaunted Republican supporters? I thought Bush had destroyed the Republican brand forever. Looks like McPalin is on the way to revitalizing and infusing it with new meaning, doesn’t it? The Party of tolerance (Palin talked about “equal rights” this morning in Florida) and American exceptionalism? The Party of Reform? The Party of honor and service? I’ll tell you something, this sounds a lot better than the Party of America-hating, free-speech-suppressing, bigoted and elitist Barack Obama.

And we made this happen this year. The blame is entirely on the DNC, who saw that Hillary had leapt every hurdle necessary to win in November, while playing by every arbitrary rule they made, yet handed the nomination to the man who boasted no important blue state or swing state wins, but who had swept Utah, Kansas and Idaho.

And heaven forfend that this empty suit somehow limps into the White House. There won’t be another Democratic President for decades after that. His combination of “me-too” non-leadership and authoritarian tendencies will move America even further in the wrong direction. He will be the Jimmy Carter of 2008.

Because I am against Obama, my left-wing creds are even being questioned by the one conservative whose blog I visit. He says I MUST have moved to the right because Obama is the left-wing of the Democratic Party and I refuse to support him. Uh, no, my friend. It’s just that Obama is neither a liberal nor a Democrat. But why would conservatives know that, when he calls himself a Democrat, and confirms that their every stereotype of a liberal is right on the money?

Gosh, wouldn’t it have been horrible to nominate someone who is positive about America, whose resume and associations have all been shuffled through ad nauseum, and who actually has a clue about the economy, equal rights and reforming health care? Someone who could refute all the negative stereotypes liberals are always saddled with? Someone who could actually unite Americans and move us forward into the 21st century?

But then, we would have won the election, and the Congresscritters would have had to (gasp!) do some work. And as we know, work isn’t their strong point.

Right, Harry?

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3 responses to “Barack Obama, Cartoon Liberal

  1. What will be our fate? The democratic party seriously needs a major overhaul….the sooner, the better. obama is back to his whining, calling out McCain’s campaign by saying they are smearing/swiftboating him. So, then he retaliates by trying to play gotcha over the S&L scandal….could he be more ridiculous?

  2. I just left this thought over at Riverdaughter’s:

    Maybe the MSM wants Obama to win based on the (justified) belief that he would be easier for Congressional Republicans (and perhaps even the GOP leadership) to kick around than would McCain….

  3. republican in seattle

    LOL. I liked the part about Jimmy Carter version 2008. I thought only people like me were saying that.


    I’m not feeling optimistic, though. The economic woes are playing right into Obama’s hands. And it makes me sick because it’s people like Carter who started the community investment crap in the first place and Barney Frank who kept saying there was nothing wrong with fannie and freddie, nothing to see here folks, move on — and then, oh crap, they’re messed up, it’s REPUBLICANS FAULT!!! What morons. But they have all too willing accomplices in the media and America seems to be buying it if I’m the polls I’m seeing are accurate. Just makes me want to vomit.