A Tale from The Street: Why The 30 Percent Solution is Important

Not the Only Role Model Anymore
Not the Only Role Model Anymore

Coming home from temple yesterday afternoon, I heard a father and his daughter talking as they walked past me. The daughter, who looked like she was in the tween years, was complaining about being short.

The father’s response took my breath away.

“Do you think Sarah Palin is tall? Do you think Hillary Clinton is tall?” he asked his daughter.

Wow. Female role models that aren’t six feet tall and 100 pounds with D-cup breasts. Can I get an Amen? 

Throughout the primary season, Hillary supporters were told how historic the election was for Barack Obama. We got it, believe me. In fact, some of us are AA or have AA friends and family (or both). The symbolic nature of his candidacy was evident.

But what about the historic nature of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy? What about the fact that 52% of Americans are women – that’s a MAJORITY, people – and have never seen ANYONE that looks like them ascend to the highest levels of power in the United States. Why is this impossible for anyone in the media or the Democratic Party to acknowledge?

We know the answer to that, don’t we, ladies? It’s never, EVER our turn. We are to step aside and let the important ones go first. If you have a penis, you may step to the head of the line, especially if you make sure to step over the little ladies on the way.

But John McCain made a bold move with his Vice-Presidential pick. He made it possible this year for us, the MAJORITY of Americans, to have our turn anyway, despite the disgusting machinations of Obama for America. And the endorsement of the head of the L.A. Chapter of NOW for McCain/Palin shows American women that the 30 Percent Solution can, and should, be supported by feminists of every political stripe, without fear or shame.

And that is something we can all look forward to, in these dark and confusing times.

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4 responses to “A Tale from The Street: Why The 30 Percent Solution is Important

  1. Canow – That was not a NOW endorsement, it was a personal endorsement by Mandell. She is free to endorse whomever she wishes. I’m sure she is ready for the shitstorm that the Obamans will throw at her. In this election, women are simply not allowed to make up their minds to vote for a woman. Of course, 94% of AA’s can vote for an AA without being screamed at, abused and mocked. I wonder why that is?

    Richard, your comment was off-topic and unworthy of you. I deleted it.

    I notice that no one that comes here, babbling off-topic nonsense, EVER refutes the actual results gained by implementing the 30 Percent Solution. That’s because the facts are the facts, folks.

    You just can’t believe that women are actually standing up for themselves, can you? You just can’t believe that we are actually DEMANDING something in exchange for our votes, instead of meekly standing aside and letting the man go first, can you? Well, we are. Put a woman on the ticket or pay the price.

    The heels are on and the gloves are off. Word, sister Sarah!

  2. I’m still trying to figure out how Bill Clinton as Governor of Arkansas was qualified to run for President but Sarah Palin as Governor of Alaska is not qualified to run for Vice President but I guess Bill was taller than Sarah.

  3. Goesh – Well, Bill had two or three terms as Governor under his belt.

    But let’s compare her credentials to Barack Obama’s, shall we? She blows him out of the water!