Oooooh, Sarah-cuda!

Still Think I Should Quit, Do Ya?
Still Think I Should Quit, Do Ya?

Well, wasn’t that a lot more interesting than the Presidential debate?

I doubt the two combatants did much to change any minds that are already made up. Those that are voting for O’Biden will still vote for them, whereas those who are voting for McPalin are still going to vote for them. However, here is what the debate DID do, in my opinion:

Sarah Palin dispelled the ridiculous caricatures that the media has been busily shoving down our throats.

No, the woman is not a bimbo. No, she is not an ignorant redneck. And she is not crazy or extreme. She is the girl next door – the smart, driven and attractive one, of course. But more importantly, she is a standard-issue Reagan Republican, which is not a compliment from me, since I hate Reagan with a white-hot passion. However, it is more than thrilling for her base, which has been looking for a new Reagan ever since the man left office in 1988, eight years too late for women, minorities and the middle and poorer classes in America. And her strength, energy, passion, and command of the facts should reassure those on the conservative side that were, either sincerely or insincerely, agitating for her replacement. They will no doubt be over the moon today.

Both Sarah and Joe made the points they wanted to make.

Unfortunately for Joe, his points were not particularly convincing. As I’ve said time and again, Barack Obama’s main problem is that he has ceded far too many points to the Republicans. Thus, Biden was stuck defending Obama’s stupid non-positions, like “The surge worked, but I wouldn’t have voted for it anyway.” On gay rights, Biden made it sound as if the Democratic platform is the same as the Republican platform, when in fact, the O’Biden ticket believes in granting civil unions the same rights as marriage. On offshore drilling, Biden also agreed with Palin, practically chanting “Drill, baby, drill” right along with her.

Joe Biden was also determined to follow the Obama line of attack – that McPalin is Bush. Unfortunately, that attack has not been effective – otherwise, Obama would be 25 points ahead, since Republicans, Democrats, Independents and Rosicrucians all agree that Bush is a horrible President. But Americans don’t like Congresscritters either, and Biden is one, as are McCain and Obama. This strategy of blaming Bush for everything worked in 2006, but now the Democrats share the blame for not impeaching him and ending the war, as they promised to do. They said they would drain the swamp, but they left the biggest messes untouched.

Of course, I disagree with Palin on almost every issue, so to see the candidate I should be able to vote for performing so poorly was quite depressing. Her points were not convincing to me either, but they were well-made, concise and devastating. Debating is about framing, and there’s nothing that Republicans do better than that. (Certainly not governing, as we’ve seen for the past eight years.)

By the way, Gwen Ifill, despite my ribbing of her yesterday, was not heavily biased towards Biden. Obviously, she should have recused herself, and I wish she had. Some of her questions were quite sophomoric, some even morbid (why did she ask that “heartbeat away” question? Ewwwww), and I don’t know why she didn’t bring up the issue of abortion, which is one of the things that Americans fear most about the Governor. Does she feel that it’s a personal issue and not a political one, the way I do – that the government should have no jurisdiction or say into what a person does with her own body? Or was she just trying to avoid controversy? It is, as the King of Siam would say, a puzzlement.

In any case, I would say that Sarah did a wonderful job last night. Too bad she’s not a liberal, but she did show America that women (yes, even pretty ones) can hold their own with the big boyz. It will make it so much easier for the next woman, or women, who run for national office. For that alone, women all over America owe her, and all those who came before her, like Geraldine Ferraro, Shirley Chisholm and our beloved Hillary, a great debt of thanks.

Or perhaps, a song!

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23 responses to “Oooooh, Sarah-cuda!

  1. Check out the brand new book which reached #305 in Kindle within hours: Thanks But No Thanks: The Voters Guide to Sarah Palin by Sue Katz; The most comprehensive review of her perspective.

  2. Stephanie: I’m familiar with her positions. As I said, she is a Reagan Republican.

    I was going to vote McKinney, but now I think I’m going blank at the top of the ticket.

  3. republican in seattle

    I loved her last night! I was so praying for the pit bull to come out and she did. YAY!!!!!!!!

    Oh, and Madame, I thought of you when the question came up of what if something happened, how will the VPs govern as President. Biden said something like Obama picked him to be a strong advisor who isn’t afraid to dissent with him and I immediately thought, “Why not Hillary in that case?!!!” If Obama truly wanted a strong voice to dissent from time to time as VP, no one would have been more perfect for that than Hillary. And for that, I’m grateful that Obama put his arrogance into the decision and chose a man who is a total bore machine typical lying liberal.

  4. Republican – she really did great. I was cheering her on. I wanted her to prove she could handle Biden, and she did it with charm and style. Good for her!

    And you are absolutely right about Obama’s pick showing his arrogance and short-sightedness, whereas McCain looks like a genius for his pick. I wish I had someplace to include that in the post, but I didn’t want to ramble aimlessly, like our beloved Senators do.


  5. – all I know is the talking penis’ were ever so quick to point out that this debate would not decide the election but prior to the debate, they were saying a bad performance on Sarah’s part would end McCain’s bid for the Presidency. Ahh, isn’t this erectile dysfunction of the mind??? You know, one time it’s there, next time not sort of thing? I hope I am allowed to bash my own gender? Hello? Should I have used the expression ” dicks with lips” instead of talking penis’ ???

  6. If Sarah Palin is the Reagan Republican then I guess obama will be voting for her ticket….wasn’t he the one espousing how great Reagan was?

    biden’s tirade about bush, bush, bush and McCain’s being more of the same was trite and stupid, but he looked very pleased with himself, as simpletons have a way of doing.

    I am a dem, but I am voting for McCain/Palin because obama/biden would not be a good choice.

  7. goesh – You go ahead! I am so pleased that some men recognize sexism when they see it. It has been so blatant in this whole election cycle, but so many are absolutely dead-set against admitting it – especially the fauxgressive bloggers.

    PssttCmere – I wonder if Obama would even vote for himself! He does love Reagan so much….LOL!

  8. “Reagan . . . left office in 1988, eight years too late for women, minorities and the middle and poorer classes in America.”

    And for all my friends who died of AIDS.

    “in fact, the O’Biden ticket believes in granting civil unions the same rights as marriage.”

    Well, no, it doesn’t–not unless the O’Biden ticket believes in granting civil unions all the FEDERAL rights regarding taxation, inheritance of social security benefits, and many, many other benefits extended at the FEDERAL level to heterosexually married couples (you know–“one man and one woman”) but withheld from civilly unionized same-sex pairs. Last I heard, the O’Biden ticket’s position was “separate but equal,” and that if you have a problem with that, you should settle it at the STATE level so those good old federal benefits can continue being the exclusive province of the breeders.

    @ goesh: “dicks with lips”–I’m going to steal that.

  9. Palomino – Well, I didn’t say I BELIEVED O’Biden on GLBT rights, but that is their stated position. Biden should have felt free to say so. That he didn’t was very suspicious.

    One of the reasons I started souring on Obama was that Donnie McClurkin B.S. I have zero tolerance for that type of bigotry.

    I always wonder, if I am considered legally married, why aren’t my friends Gary and John? We were both married by the Justice of the Peace at City Hall. But because I am a girl and my hubby is a boy we are somehow entitled to more rights than they are.

    I don’t get it, and it’s disgusting to me.

  10. Palomino – go ahead and take it, I prefer “talking penis’ ” myself, it’s more Ivy league ain’t it? You know the kind of men I’m talking about, career bobble-headed condo living BMW driving white trash with a chair in front of a camera that can’t walk the walk with women but talk the talk so freakin’ glibly – generation Viagra of the new good old boys club, where having a white penis still means something. It’s a brutal Friday, ain’t it? I don’t give a damn, I’ve got old war wounds from Viet Nam and granddaughters that are very, very assertive and sport high IQs and they won’t be putting up with some of this shit when they are my age. Have a good day!

  11. My own take is that the federal and state governments should leave marriage to the churches, which could define that institution to their liking. Under this arrangement, marriage would simply be a sacrament, with religious significance for the people involved but, like the sacrament of baptism, not conferring any legal status.

    Any mixed- or same-sex couple (and, to my mind, units somewhat larger than a couple) that didn’t want (or was refused) a church marriage could arrange a civil union, presided over by a JP at City Hall. And any civilly unionized couple/unit would then be eligible for whatever goodies the federal government chose to bestow upon the legally hitched.

    To establish eligibiity for said goodies, a couple married in a church ceremony would be required to arrange a civil union as well.

  12. Palomino – That’s exactly my position. EXACTLY.


  13. Well then let’s get married!

  14. Hmmmm…interesting proposal…when our legislation becomes law, I can have two husbands!

    Of course, I’ve already got a gay husband and a gay boyfriend, as well as my straight husband. I may be a tad overbooked.


  15. I could marry you both–Mrs. Palomino 3.1 and Mr. Palomino 1.0. (Your gay guys sound like they’re doing a fine job fending for themselves.) Insofar as I am also Mr. Palomino, does that make me the beta release? I’m so confused.

  16. republican in seattle

    This R also agrees that government should stay out of the business of saying who’s married and who isn’t, leave it to civil unions in terms of government matters, and leave marriage strictly to the confines of religion. It means atheists won’t be married, they’ll just be cohabitants in a civil union. Fine by me. 😉

  17. FYI, Obama may not be 25 points, but at the point where McCain is pulling out of Michigan, he might as well be.

  18. Flying Junior

    I don’t know why she didn’t bring up the issue of abortion, which is one of the things that Americans fear most about the Governor.

    Why would Gwen Ifill bring up a wedge issue such as abortion? Sarah has made her position perfectly clear. Still, I don’t see a serious effort to overturn Roe v. Wade. It has much more power as the elusive prize. The Republicans will never deliver on this promise, no matter how many justices they appoint. For one thing, no supreme court justice in his or her right mind, R or D, would seriously consider criminalizing abortion.

    Also, I think it is to be expected that a member of the media should have at least some liberal bias. After all, they are the intelligentsia, “N’est ce pas?” She did bring up gay marriage. Too bad Joe and Sarah were in complete agreement.

  19. Flying Junior

    Also, I think it is to be expected that a member of the media should have at least some liberal bias. After all, they are the intelligentsia, “N’est ce pas?”

    I should have said “moreover,” not “also.

  20. republican in seattle

    You mean they should have conservative bias! It’s the old Winston Churchill quote to the effect of, “If you are under 30 and a conservative, you have no heart, and if you are over 30 and a liberal, you have no brain.” And how. LOL.

  21. Flying Junior

    Thank you for that great quote. Winnie is one of my big heroes. JFK said in 1960 that the labels conservative and liberal no longer held any significance in the modern world. Too bad that one didn’t catch on! I consider myself to be very conservative. I mean, I’m very involved in conservation. There is no prosperity in a degraded environment.

    What troubles me most is that precious few conservatives are willing to disavow the sadistic policies of the Bush administration, least of all, John McCain. My wild-eyed friends assure me that W, Cheney and friends are no aberration, but the logical end result of Reaganism. I, however cling to the hope that fair-minded and just conservatives are still out there. Unfortunately, there do not appear to be any holding the true reins of power in the Republican party.

  22. SergeiRostov

    14 madamab
    Hmmmm…interesting proposal…when our legislation becomes law, I can have two husbands!

    Of course, I’ve already got a gay husband and a gay boyfriend, as well as my straight husband. I may be a tad overbooked.

    Hey, overbooking wouldn’t be an issue with *me*; I wouldn’t ask for much of your time…it could be like the National Guard – “one weekend a month, two weeks a year.” 😉

    (I will even forgo the “two weeks” part. 🙂 )

  23. SergeiRostov

    A commentator in Milwaukee, Joel McNally, called her a “dimwit” on a recent panel show and said that her Katie Couric interview was the “real” her. (He then denied that “by calling her a dimwit he was insulting her- oof!)

    (Of course, he also thinks that Hillary is a racist and Obama is “brilliant”, so that should tell you something.)

    Another progressive I used to look to bites the dust. Sigh.