Harry Reid Wants Democrats To Lose Congress AND The White House

Vote For Me, I Have No Idea What To Do!

Vote For Me, I Have No Idea What To Do!

It looks like the horrible economy has boosted Barack Obama’s daily tracking numbers just a bit. Well, we can’t have that, now, can we? Harry Reid to the rescue! He’ll make sure that bounce goes away, further torpedo the chances of downticket Democrats, and reassure Americans that the Democrats ARE completely clueless:

ABC News’ Z. Byron Wolf reports from Capitol Hill: Don’t look for any legislation in the near future to address the financial crisis.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, asked today what new regulatory actions Congress can take, said, bluntly, “No one knows what to do. We are in new territory here. This is a different game. We’re not here playing soccer, basketball or football, this is a new game and we’re going to have to figure out how to do it.”

Woo-hoo! When big financial problems arise, it’s always good to admit you have no clue how to resolve them. That will build confidence in your party!

Now, the lede of the story is somewhat misleading, since there will be short-term legislation proposed to try to alleviate the damages caused by greed and deregulation. But apparently, any heavy lifting will be passed on to the next President and Congress. Now, THAT’s leadership!

In the short run, Democrats are trying to push through a second stimulus package with funding for infrastructure improvements, renewable energy tax credits and other things. But all agree it will be up to the next President and Congress to do any re-regulation.

And its important to remember that there is no congressional oversight on the string of bailouts by the Federal Reserve of AIG, the nation’s largest insurance company, or the lending giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Moments after the press conference, on the Senate floor, Reid said he will keep the Senate in pro forma session after the Sept. 30th departure date so that committees can meet and consider the problem.

I ask you, if the Congress will remain in session after September 30, and will be doing something to counteract the effects of these failures right away, then why didn’t Senator Reid say that?

And why in the name of the Giant Green Lizard are we allowing the free-marketeers to get control of the framing of this issue? Why doesn’t it SOUND like the Obamacrats are the Party of the Responsible Economy any more? Is it because they are stupid, or because they are bought and paid for by Corporate America? Or is it a combination of both?

Let’s just pretend for a moment that Harry Reid were infused with the spirit of a real fighting Dem, such as, oh I dunno, FDR, Truman or Hillary Clinton. This is how I think his statement might have been different:

Well, we’re preparing a large-scale stimulus package to provide immediate relief to the American people. If we can get some of our Republican colleagues to join us, and President Bush doesn’t veto it out of sheer partisan spite, it may even pass the Senate in time to help people immediately.

What the American people need to know is that the impact of the failure of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae had nothing to do with whether or not the institutions were part of the government. Remember, other corporations, like Bear Stearns and AIG, were also bailed out by the Federal Reserve, yet they were private corporations that were deemed “too big to fail.”

The problem is, when deregulation and corporate greed go hand in hand, the people always end up footing the bill with their hard-earned cash. The CEO’s of these companies walk away with multi-million-dollar golden parachutes, while their employees walk away with nothing. This isn’t the way it’s supposed to be.

What led to this financial crisis was the deregulation of the mortgage industry and the deregulation of the lending industry. We need more oversight, not less. It’s incredibly irresponsible of the free-market ideologues, like Jim DeMint, to try to claim more deregulation would have prevented this crisis. That’s like claiming that giving a heroin addict more heroin will cure his addiction. It’s madness.

We need to get back to diversity and real freedom in the market. We need to break up the big companies and give the small businessperson a fighting chance. We need to end the practice of no-bid multi-billion dollar contracts for the friends of the President and the Vice President. And we need to make sure that when the corporations make mistakes, they, and they alone, are responsible.

To this end, we are proposing the following legislation:

  • A “Golden Parachute” law, to the effect that if a CEO drives a company into bankruptcy, he or she cannot profit from it;
  • A reinstatement of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, which will be used to break up monopolies so that this sort of domino effect does not happen again;
  • A new Truman Commission, which will be overseeing and correcting wasteful government spending and war profiteering; and
  • A fully-funded, fully-staffed SEC, with the power and ability to enforce new and existing regulations.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to work.

Wouldn’t that be something to hear? But the Obamacrats are too stupid, too paid off, or both, to say anything like that.

Pass the popcorn and watch McCain/Palin sail to victory in November. There’s just no hope for Obama or Congresscritters like Hapless Harry. But if you have any spare change, please donate to your favorite Downticket Dem if you feel so inclined. We need a strong divided government in January.

Who knows, with two people in the Executive Branch who actually have a record of reaching across the aisle (UNLIKE George Bush, Dick Cheney or Barack Obama), maybe we will get SOMETHING good accomplished in the next four years.

Yes, I know. I’m just a cockeyed optimist.

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18 responses to “Harry Reid Wants Democrats To Lose Congress AND The White House

  1. Hey Madamab,

    Can I vote for you to replace Harry Reid as majority leader in the Senate?

    IMO the answer to your question below is that it is a combination of both.

    Is it because they are stupid, or because they are bought and paid for by Corporate America? Or is it a combination of both

  2. Being a politician is hard work.

    Just ask George Bush.

  3. LOL, you two!

    BTW, looks like Hillary advocated something similar to what I suggested in March of this year. Check out what Anglachel has to say.

    I can haz Hillary back?


  4. I think a better stimulus package would consist of restructuring usurous loans that have gone toxic for millions of Americans, instead of bailing out the same institutions that have wreaked the havoc. Bush has truly gotten away with murder just like his father did before him. But I wouldn’t put much faith in Palin-McCain to be the next FDR.

    Reid is an embarassment and has been a continued disappointment since his rise to power, (or lack thereof.)

  5. FJ – I think our only hope right now is to have HRC as Majority Leader and vote for every Downticket Dem we can to strengthen the Legislative Branch. The Congress will be making economic policy, not the President, whom I am convinced will be McCain.

    Check out what she said yesterday. The woman is a freaking genius, and I swear, I did not know this before I wrote the post.

    Hillary On the Economy

  6. Amazing! That is indeed a strong voice for hope. Obi Wan Kenobi rises again!

  7. FJ – Hee hee hee! I’ve often thought of HRC as Obi-Wan Kenobi.

    “If you kill me, I shall only become more powerful than you ever imagined.”

    Great minds, FJ…:-)

  8. republican in seattle

    W doesn’t have a record of reaching across the aisle? Geez, Madama, you sure need to get your eyes checked. He did that frequently with Democrats in TX while Governor and he did that with No Child Left Behind with Teddy as one of his first things as President. Plus immigration reform. Plus lots of other things.

    I also heartily chortled at the comment from your dream Dem saying they’d do this and hope the President doesn’t reject it out of sheer partisanship. *snort*

    Massive bail out package today. Notice that? And no, it’s not a good thing. We will all pay. This magical mystery money is not just appearing out of thin air. And bail outs won’t solve the problem. Banks and financial institutions fail from time to time. And people lose jobs. Heck, I’ve been unemployed through mergers and downsizing and such 3 different times in my career, so I’m not being intentionally heartless. I just think the last thing we need is government bailing out institutions when government is a large part of the bigger picture problem in the first place. (Oh, and btw, the massive creative scheming practices started up during Clinton’s Presidency. You could still blame that on Rs as they had power from 1994 on, but then again, who appointed the Treasury Sec’y, retained the Fed leadership, appointed SEC leadership, etc?

    I fear all of this will mean Obama will win now. He’s already been rebounding massively in just the past week. Grrrr.

  9. hee hee hee, Republican, you are hilarious!

    W doesn’t reach across the aisle. The only way anything ever gets done in Washington is if the Democrats cave. W stubbornly sticks to his guns no matter what reality dictates.

    I could not agree with you more about the taxpayer bailouts. It’s incredibly unfair to socialize risk and privatize gain.

    However, I’m really not interested in your rather creative re-writing of history. The fact is, the lower and middle classes ALWAYS do better under Democratic Presidents. Here’s a graph for you:


    As a person who cares about the working class, I always have voted Democratic in the past. But this year, I don’t think the economy is going to benefit Obama. He has hardly shown leadership in that area.

    Don’t worry, republican, your side will win this Presidential election. But we will win Congress….and then, let the battles commence!


  10. republican in seattle

    Ha! Your side has control of the media and academia. There’s a lot of revisionism that happens to make Democrats look good. LOL.

    Let’s hope McCain wins. Obama has been doing well in the polls lately despite the blatant outright lies he and his campaign have been passing along to the media and in speeches.

  11. My side has control of the media?


    Republican, I’d like to go out for drinks with you. I think we would have a great time laughing at each other’s partisan assumptions.


    The media is corporate, not liberal or conservative. This time around, they are supporting Obama because he is the most in their pockets. That’s a good enough reason not to vote for him – as if you needed one!

  12. republican in seattle

    Make that karaoke and we’ll have to have a date. I’m a singer too! I’m just not professional. But I have been on a few high profile movie trailers. I’d love to sing “Barracuda” — in honor of Ann and Nancy having an adolescent tantrum that big bad John McCain is using that at rallies as the Sarah Palin theme music. LOL.

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  15. SergeiRostov


    In Texas, Bush only reached across the aisle which separated far-right conservatives from far-far-right conservatives.

    And in Congress, Bush’s idea of “reaching across the aisle” has been “you do what I want or else.”


    I have often said: Look at the candidate who the media loves and you’ll know who NOT to vote for.

    They loved Reagan, Poppy Bush, Shrubby…and they loved McCain *and* Obama…but now it looks as if they have dropped McCain and held onto Obama

    (Oh, and RIS: if the media is liberal, how come they HATE Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Al Gore, but LOVE Reagan, Poppy Bush, and Shrubby? That right there disproves your contention.)

  16. SergeiRostov

    (Oh, and of COURSE academia is liberal: after all academia is about facts and truth, which are pretty much (99%) always -on the side of liberalism; I mean, when are conservatives EVER right, except when they agree with liberals?)

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