Things To Read Today

Riverdaughter is SSSSSMOKIN.’ This is one amazing post, people. Miss it and run the risk of being uninformed!!! (NOOOOOOOOO!!!!)

Palomino muses on whether or not the Wall Street roller-coaster will benefit Obama.

Alegre commiserates with Harry Reid, now breathing bus exhaust like the rest of us.

And AIG, the insurance behemoth? It’s been bailed out by the Federal Reserve. Wall Street is unconvinced. As for me, gosh, I’m so happy that the Captains of Industry can do all the damage they want, secure in the knowledge that their companiesĀ are too big to fail, and retire to Anse Chastenet in their hundred-foot-yachts, complaining about the inferior year of their Kristal, instead of donning orange jumpsuits and leg irons, being forced to donate their bank balances to their ripped-off employees.



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