An Open Letter to Barack Obama

(Note: Good thoughts and hugs to those who are in the path of Hurricane Ike. May this season end soon.)

Lipstick On A Pig

Lipstick On A Pig

Dear Senator Obama,

I understand how difficult your childhood must have been. After all, you were partially raised by a middle-class woman who was single for about six months and who, at some point in her life, may or may not have been on food stamps. After that horror of poverty and privation, you were raised by your upper-middle-class grandparents, including your grandmother, who apparently was a typical white person (i.e., racist). (I’m wiping tears from my eyes as I type!)

Nonetheless, I am wondering if at any point in your life, these parental figures ever said to you the following, which I heard every day of my life:

“Now apologize and shake hands!”


“Two wrongs don’t make a right!”

You see, when you do something wrong, and everyone knows it, you are supposed to apologize to the wronged party. This is something every seven-year-old is taught, but somehow, it has escaped your consciousness.

Case in point: When you call your opponent’s vice president a pig and say she smells like fish, you do not try to pretend you didn’t do it. You did it, in front of God and YouTube. So apologize and move on, otherwise you will engender anger and resentment. Anger, on the behalf of Governor Palin and her supporters and sympathizers; and resentment, by those who realize that you have so little respect for their intelligence that you think they will swallow your unbelievably lame horseshit. No, that’s not rain; you’re pissing down our backs, Senator.

And yes, Senator McCain has also used the expression “lipstick on a pig.” But here’s a thought for you:


Even if McCain had done what you say he did (which of course, he did not, since he was referring to policy and not person, unlike yourself), how does that excuse your actions in any way? Guess what – it doesn’t.

In conclusion, Senator, you need to start remembering all those lessons your mom and grandparents taught you, and stop obsessing about your absent, bigamist father. You are becoming a national embarrassment.

Thanks ever so,


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13 responses to “An Open Letter to Barack Obama

  1. OMG….the lipstick!!!

    Snarkalicious….keep up the good work….sad for obama that you are always so on the money!!!

  2. I miss you. I am very saddened to see you making up this crap. I hope this silly season will pass with a restoration of your honesty to you.

  3. Trolls, trolls everywhere….

  4. bore wars
    who let the hogs out
    hog wild
    here piggy piggy
    whole hog

    the hits keep coming.
    wonderful madam

    there has to be a Lord of the Flies joke in there someplace.

  5. Good thoughts and hugs to those who are in the path of Hurricane Ike


    but I think the effects of Hurricane Sara is being even more widely felt.

  6. Snow – Please point to something I made up.

    It is you who have lost your perspective. It is simply not credible to claim that Obama did not know exactly what he was doing. Even if he didn’t, why does he not apologize instead of pretending it didn’t happen? He is either completely insensitive or a total liar. Neither one speaks well of him as a personality or as a candidate.

    I miss you all at Eschaton too, but the pervasive misogyny and lack of integrity there turned me off months ago. If you care about FISA, you care about it no matter who votes for it or against it. If you care about voter and election fraud, you care about it no matter who perpetrates it. And yes, I can back up the election fraud statement.

    Delegate Statements

    Obama is not a legitimate candidate. He is not a qualified candidate. And, he is not an electable candidate.

    I hope someday you and the others at Eschaton will realize how wrong you were about Obama. But like always, I’m sure you will blame it on that evil Hillary.


  7. blame it on that evil Hillary.

    and you evil pumas
    be ready for that. its a comin

  8. Capt – I’m ready because it’s already been happening.

    Never, ever, EVER will it be the Party’s fault for forcing Obama on us. Never will it be Obama’s fault for running the most destructive and divisive campaign in Democratic memory.

    “Note to base: Stay Home.”

    Okay, Donna Brazile. You don’t need us to win. Let’s see how you do in November!

  9. Nice lipstick on that p…,um, person, madamab. 🙂

    I’ll be glad when this is over, but the affiliations will never be the same. It’s been a real eye-opener.

    Right, Snow?

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  11. Lipstick: Oh, naughty Madam! SO bad!

    Rebuttal to Snow: Well done, Madam.

    Now, about that lipstick shade. I think it needs a nice, sophisticated name . . . a French one . . . worldly . . . urbane . . . glamorous . . . it’s coming to me . . . ah! “Porcine” (pronounced “Por-SEEN”).

  12. You know, even if you buy Obama’s explanation, it doesn’t say much for him. I mean, to not even realize his remark could be taken that way? Oh, yeah, that’s the guy we want to have negotiating with other world leaders. Wasn’t eight years of being represented by a village idiot enough?

    BTW, the above concession of Obama’s point was done strictly for argument’s sake, because the twerp knew full well exactly what he was doing and enjoyed it.

    I swear, those atom-smashing scientists must have actually started their tinkering a couple of years back, because someone sure opened the portal to the Twilight Zone.

  13. republican in seattle

    That was awesome, Madame. Loved it.