No, We’re Not Voting Obama. Get. Over. It.

Yes, that’s right, Obamans, we are not “coming to” the One. According to Gallup’s latest, at least 20% of Hillary’s (polled) supporters are still refusing to drink the Kool-Aid.

Call us whatever you want. Tell us we’re being insulted by the fact that John McCain, a Republican, did not pick Hillary Clinton, a Democrat, to be his VP. Personally, I didn’t think he would. Did you?

Go ahead, tell us the Republicans want to overturn Roe v. Wade. Your candidate’s campaign said he would use that tactic as blackmail in order to get us pesky gals to fall in line, after all! Well, of course the Republicans SAY that to please their rabid anti-abortion base, but actions speak louder than words, a concept which Obamans never seem to grasp. The Wingnut Branch of the Republican Party owned all three branches of government for 6 out of the past 8 years, and Roe v. Wade is still the law of the land. Why and how would a President McCain suddenly overturn it, given the large Congressional Democratic majority which will exist to prevent him from doing so?

Meanwhile, here is what the Obama/DNC Conglomerate’s actions tell us:

  • Misogyny is perfectly okay, whether the woman is a Democrat or a Republican.
  • Despite garnering the most primary votes of any candidate IN HISTORY, despite jumping every hurdle every other Democratic nominee has ever jumped in the past, Hillary Clinton was still undeserving of either the Presidential OR the Vice-Presidential nomination. Because, well, VAGINA!!!!

Not exactly the Party of female empowerment, are they?

How about the actions of the Republican Party?

  • Leapt forward to defend sexism directed at their VP pick.
  • Picked a woman as VP because of what she could bring to the Party: evangelical and conservative voters, and Republican, Independent and PUMA-tic women and men who may wish to put female empowerment above other issues.

Now, what are we to conclude about which Party, and which politician, cares about gender equality? Like it or not, folks, if McCain wins, a woman will be elected to the Executive Branch for the first time in the history of our country. That’s nothing to sneeze at, even if the Obamasphere pretends otherwise.

So stop it already. There is nothing Obama can say to gain our votes. His actions have spoken louder than any pretty speeches he could make. There is also nothing Hillary can say. She has done more than enough, and I support her very strongly, but I do not agree with her on everything, most notably her at-gunpoint support of Senator Obama. (Gasp!)

Some of us are leaving the top of the ticket blank, some are voting McKinney/Clemente, some of us are voting Nader, and some of us are voting McCain. But just as we said long ago, we are NOT voting for the illegitimate, unqualified and unelectable Barack Obama.

Turns out that women CAN make up their minds after all.

Get. Over. It.

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10 responses to “No, We’re Not Voting Obama. Get. Over. It.

  1. We HAVE gotten over it. We don’t want you to vote for Obama. We don’t want you in the Democratic party. Please vote for McCain. You and the Republicans deserve each other.

  2. Wow Paul, you really told us…..could you be a bigger moron? Probably not. As an obamatroll, how long did it take you to find this place? How much are they paying you?
    Tell me, what are the issues obama believes in…no fair referring to the website. The dem party just gets dumber and dumber everyday….thanks for bringing that point home again…

  3. And madamab, as you can see many of the dems and the party just don’t get it. They spent 8 years of bashing bush for being a liar and a cheat, and then they finagle the nominating process to put one of their own on the ballot….it being a thousand times worse as the democratic party USED to be the party of principles….:(

  4. PsstCmere – I am laughing. I’m going to leave that comment up because it is such a typical Obaman thing to say. 🙂

  5. “Just words” “just speeches” , that is the only thing the Obama camp has going for it. The democratic brand has gone down the toilet. I just re-registered as an independent.

    McCain/Palin 08

  6. Valerie – why? She’s an Obamabot. She deserted Hillary, just like so many other former feminists did.

    She’s really lost a lot of credibility for me.

  7. republican in seattle

    Don’t forget that black men could vote DECADES sooner than white women or any woman for that matter. So if anyone has the right to sqawk about historical inequality, there ya go.

    It’s all standard Dem playbook demonizing from my view of it all. If someone doesn’t agree with you and you are too much of a cupcake to be able to defend your positions, attack them and call them racists or bigots. Been that way for eons. Glad some of you are waking up from the slumber to realize what we Rs have known for generations. 😉

  8. Republican – You guys are no angels either, LOL! Remember how Rush attacked Michael J. Fox, and Ann Coulter attacked the 9/11 widows? Yeeeesh!

    I agree that we need to stop demonizing each other, though. Especially the regular people like us! We all love this country and want what’s best for it. We just disagree on the best way to get it done.

  9. I have two things to add.

    1) Paul if you really want us to believe that you have, indeed, gotten over it; you probably shouldn’t be posting that you have gotten over it on a PUMA blog. Sheesh


    2) “Because, well, VAGINA!!!!” Should be the PUMA mantra. Frickin hilarious!