Happy Labor Day!

Union and Liberty
Union and Liberty

We would not have a 40-hour work week, or very much else of value in our working lives (like lunch breaks, paid vacations and so much more), without unions. Let’s take a minute to think about them and honor their historic achievements today. They are the original fighters for the little guy against the big corporate machine.

Remember when Barack Obama called unions “special interest groups” because they were endorsing John Edwards and not him? Of course, Obama was later endorsed by several unions, which seemed to pass his stringent ethical standards. Snort.

Also, I send my good thoughts and hopes for safety for all the folks on the Gulf Coast who are being affected by Hurricane Gustav. (I’d send money too, but things are tight right now). However, if you’d like to contribute, The Red Cross is always a good bet; and the ASPCA helps search for, and rescue, the pets left behind.

Luckily, the Republicans cannot afford to make this tragic event into another Katrina, so the evacuation and safety measures seem to have been a lot more timely and effective this time. Amazing what a national spotlight and the desire to win an election can do. This time, the citizens of the Gulf Coast are the winners. Thank heaven for large favors!


4 responses to “Happy Labor Day!

  1. …and obama is waiting to see what is needed before he texts his followers to let them know what they can do. In just a few sentences, you managed to let people know what they can do, without getting the word from on high…

    I sincerely hope republicans learned a lesson from Katrina and do what is necessary.

    And, as always, your posts brighten my day….Happy Labor Day to you madamb.

  2. The lesson Republican learned is “Omigod! It’ll burn our political asses if we let Katrina happen again.” You know, the same reason Obama didn’t vote for John Roberts. Whatever it takes, I guess.

    Salutes to my grandmother, born long before I was born, who was hauled off to jail when her employer called in the cops to bust up their sit-in strike. And salutes to my grandfather and my dad, proud union members both. I remember how tight things were at several points growing up when my dad went out on strike. (Not that, with 10 kids in the family, we ever lived particularly high!)

    I’m not currently a union member, but I have been in the past. And I lost one job after being unwise enough to express sympathy for my fellow workers who were trying to organize. (No, couldn’t prove it and sue.)

    And a big case of rotten raspberries to people like my siblings and their spouses who have often expressed the opinion, “What have unions done for me?” (see list above) “Well, beside the paid holidays, vacations, lunch breaks, sick days, and pensions, what have unions done for me?”

    [Yes, I love Monty Python. So adaptable for all occasions.]

  3. Good for you, Sister of Ye! I am a proud member of AGMA (the Musician’s Union) and my husband is a card-carrying member of the ACLU.

    Go Unions!

  4. Nice post.

    Regarding Gustav, It seems the ouster of the previous Governor of Louisiana has gone a long way toward making this response to Gustav a smoother and more efficient effort.

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the levees continue to hold.