Misogyny – It’s Not Just For Hillary Anymore.

Why Do Those Stupid Bitches Hate Me?

Why Do Those Stupid Bitches Hate Me?

Remember when we began, PUMAs? Remember when we used to frequent the blogs like The Cheeto, The Big Blue, HuffPo and AmericaBlog? Remember how we used to think Air America was actually liberal, instead of a bought-and-paid-for 24-hour orgy of Hillary Hatred?

I know it’s painful to think about now, but remember when you tried to fight back against the raging misogyny at these so-called “progressive” media outlets? What was their excuse again?

“I’m ready to vote for a woman President. Just not THAT woman. This hatred is brought on by Hillary herself. If she were a man she would have gotten the same reaction from me.”

Well, fellow PUMAs, looks like that excuse has gone bye-bye.

Over at the Cheeto (Daily Kos), they are in meltdown mode. (Won’t link to that place.) From “real moms” disputing Governor Palin’s tale of her pregnancy to a “reasoned” analysis of how Alaska is OMG like really small and so that means she OMG like has no experience at all despite her years of being Governor and OMG she is not qualified to be President despite the fact that she is not running for President and OMG McCain is going to die like tomorrow and that means this woman will be President OMG OMG!!!111!!!

When did McCain suddenly become near-death? FYI, Joe Biden is only about 6 years younger than John McCain. So just remember, Obamans, if Joe Biden dies, Barack Obama will be President! A person with his lack of experience is surely not qualified to hold the highest office in the land!

AmericaBlog, a screaming, hysterical hotbed of Hillary Hatred, has now become the All About Palin show. (Won’t link there either.) Here’s today’s exercise in misogyny:

Cindy McCain is making a couple of appearances. There are so many questions to ask her. Start with this one: In February, you were quite sure that your husband wouldn’t have an affair. Yet, you started dating McCain while he was married. So, how can you be so sure? Yes, it’s a fair question. Oh, and see if she knows how many homes she owns.

Also, be good if any of the hosts could get any Republican on the record about the McCain/Palin position on birth control. Try that one on Carly, she brought it up herself already.

Make Rudy and Lieberman defend Palin. They both talk sooooo tough on national security. Make them defend her national security credentials.

The barely concealed subtext of all of this is that Cindy McCain and Sarah Palin are bimbos. Cindy McCain is (negatively) defined by her husband and what he’s done. It’s also assumed that she’s too dumb to know how many houses she owns. Never mind that she used her wealth to form the American Voluntary Medical Team, which helped bring doctors to war-torn countries for 11 years. Mrs. McCain recently went to Georgia to help the victims of the recent conflict, and she has been visiting Rwanda since 1994.

As for Governor Palin, her supposed views on abortion and lack of national security credentials are supposed to make her unsuited for the office of the Vice Presidency, yet Barack Obama’s actual views on abortion and lack of national security credentials are supposed to make him perfectly suited for the Presidency.

The Invasion of the Sweeties across the PUMAsphere has been amped to a crazy degree. Murphy over at PUMAPac has posted some of their comments.

And as for the corporate media? Well, they are in fine, fine form. Just read Megan Daum at the L.A. Times, or Frank Rich at the New York Times, or watch any talking head cable show. The screams of outrage are legion, and the threats against the PUMAs are not even thinly veiled. Here’s the jist of their comments:

“How Dare You Vote For A Vagina!!!!!! It is your responsibility to care about the issues and not play identity politics. Obama and Biden are better on the issues, so put a paper bag over O’Biden’s head and think of America.”

But-but-but, no one said this to Barack Obama’s voters, did they?

“How Dare You Vote For A Black Man!!!!! It is your responsibility to care about the issues and not play identity politics. Hillary is better on the issues, so just put a paper bag over her head and think of America.”

I’d say the media, both fauxgressive and corporate, have made their agenda very clear, and the Obamans have as well. No woman, no how, shall ever get close to the corridors of American power.

Thanks to Hillary Clinton, Geraldine Ferraro and John McCain, that agenda may be finally be foiled for good. And while I don’t plan to vote for this ticket, I would not be much of a woman if I didn’t rejoice that the highest, hardest glass ceiling is finally going to be shattered in November.

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4 responses to “Misogyny – It’s Not Just For Hillary Anymore.

  1. OMG…if Biden dies, obama will be president? Horrors!! You crack me up madamab with another spot-on piece. Do you think everyone would have felt better if during Palin’s acceptance speech she flip-flopped and said I am no pro-choice? You know employing the tactics of obama, say whatever people want to hear, flip-flop as necessary and stand for nothing? She has injected new life into the campaign and the buzz is on the repub side and Sarah Barracuda is up to the task….she can hold her own and dems are running scared. So, go girl…shatter that glass shield and misogynists be damned.

  2. Always knew that the “it’s only that woman” was a lie. Just didn’t realize how big a damned lie. These people make me sick!

  3. republican in seattle

    Wow. Those comments posted at PUMA Pac. I mean, wow.

    When I was in the 7th grade back in the mid 1980s, I used to be friends with the scuzzy slut girl in my class. I was not that way at all, she was just fun to be around because she was really into nature, swimming, very bold, plus it was fun to occasionally play at being bad. One day one of my other friends confronted me while I was out with my friend (the scuzzy girl) and flatly told me I couldn’t be friends with both, I had to choose. So I chose the one who didn’t give the ultimatum. My scuzzy friend didn’t care who I was friends with. My preppy friend did. And so I no longer had a preppy friend from that point on and I’ve never ever regretted that decision, even when I stopped being friends with the scuzzy girl two years later.

    My point is, those Obama supporters quoted on the PUMA Pac blog sound just like the preppy girl in my story. “Support the guy I like and forget the candidate you voted for. If you don’t, we’ll spread rumors about you and throw you out of the party and call you a fascist.” Meanwhile, the real fascist is the one who made the ultimatum in the first place. So many people think Republicans are fascists when the people who so often try to shut down free speech are Democrats!!!!

    Just my $.02.

  4. Republican – I have found, through this primary, that there are hateful extremists in both parties. The problem with Republicans is that the Party Leaders have (mostly) been elected by those extremists, since they took over the party many years ago. Many Republican voters are not being adequately represented by their leaders, or the country wouldn’t believe (85% I think!) that we are going in the wrong direction under Bush-Cheney.

    Now we are facing a similar hostile takeover in our own Party, and we will NOT put up with it! The hateful extremists are trying to force their guy, Obama, into an office for which he is not suited or qualified, and they are cleverly and cynically using the AA community – and the weakened Republican brand – to do so.

    That’s where PUMA comes in. Obama does not represent Democratic values, and neither does the DNC under his “leadership.” They’ve all gotta go!