The Democratic Convention, Day 3 – Force It! and, What Now?

Well, well, well, wasn’t that an amazing spectacle yesterday? Can you believe the theme was supposed to be “Securing America’s Future?” Clearly it was nothing of the kind! The Obama/DNC Conglomerate abundantly demonstrated that the true message was “Force It!.”

If you are pressured by PUMAs into nominating Hillary and doing a roll call vote, Force It! to come out the way you want it to! After all, we can’t trust the people with something as important as Democracy!

Send Grandma Pelosi in to lecture and intimidate the delegates. Make them vote in secret at their hotel rooms, instead of in public at the Convention so that the result can be manipulated. During the roll call, have the vote totals “adjusted” so that they do not reflect the true count and (heaven forbid) favor Hillary. Instead of doing a full roll call, force Hillary into stopping it before her biggest states are called and to ask that Obama be nominated by acclamation.

Congratulations, Party Leaders: you have created the falsest display of “Unity” ever witnessed by the American people. You have intimidated the delegates into acquiescing, you have stolen victory from the real winner, you have forced the greatest President since Kennedy to bow to your Messiah, and you have elevated your cherished mediocrity over the truly extraordinary.

But I have one question for you.

How are you going to force the American people to cast their votes for Obama?

Something tells me in November, the people will speak. But it won’t be with voices. Instead, from the mouths of outraged voters everywhere, a giant PUMA roar will issue forth!

That’s what happens when you try to Force It! in America, Nancy, Howard, Donna and Barack. This isn’t Stalinist Russia yet. You’re about to be taken to school, and you will not like your lessons one little bit.

What now for PUMA as a movement, and for me as a PUMA? I have some thoughts I’ll share with you later today. But for the moment, I’m just sitting with my emotions and allowing myself time to grieve for the corruption of the Party I loved so much.

But I’ll tell you this much. We are not going to waste all of this energy and power. We are going to direct it for the betterment of our country and our Party. And we are going to awaken the slumbering giant of American patriotism and activism.

People United Means Action.



7 responses to “The Democratic Convention, Day 3 – Force It! and, What Now?

  1. I think November is going to be a hard dose of reality for The One. He’s going to find out not all Americans are far-left marxists in waiting like those who got him where he is.


  2. madamab….my sentiments exactly….going through many emotions today and wondering what the hell happened!!
    It is a sad day for America. Frankly, it is hard to feel sorry
    for the dem party, although as a whole it isn’t responsible
    for all the cheating and manipulating to make sure the
    lesser person won the nomination. I still contend that the
    Clintons and America would be best served by founding
    it’s own party, but that is just me. Saturday there is a mtg.
    of Citizens for McCain (formerly Dems for McCain) and I just
    may go check it out; and I NEVER thought those words
    would be coming out of my mouth.

    Thank you for all your efforts and inspiring words….DON’T
    STOP 🙂

  3. I will be watching the Republican convention, and listening to McCain during the GE. Obama can’t earn my trust in 2 months time. No matter what he tells us his will do, he hasn’t time to prove it and I will not walk into the dark cave without a working flashlight and backup batteries.

    My vote will never go to Obama, but I don’t know exactly how I will cast my vote to protest the corrupt way the democrats have chosen their candidate. As long as I am breathing, I will not stand by silently while democracy is taken away from my children and grandchildren. Fortunately, my daughter (a young mom herself) feels exactly the same way.

    The idiotic theatrics planned for tonight make me sick. The office of POTUS has been mocked beyond reality by this guy and his handlers. Enough!

  4. MisterPleasant

    Hello all. I came over here after reading a posting on TalkLeft directing those of us disaffected by the demise of the Democratic Party to stop in.

    I pretty much stopped posting on TL months ago when Jeralyn announced that her site was onboard with the “chosen” ticket. The actions at TL today were not a surprise, but since I am unable to take the plunge with them, I though I would stop by and say hello.

    Other than Hillary’s speech on Tuesday, I have avoided the convention like the plague. The sham roll call vote was exactly what I expected, as it has been obvious for several years that a portion of the party would reject Hillary. That they foisted a vacuous empty suit upon us was always in the cards.

    Come November, my vote goes to a third party candidate, probably Cynthia McKinney. Such a squandered opportunity too, because as Big Dog knows, Hillary is the finest candidate for POTUS of my lifetime.

  5. sister of ye

    The stopping of the roll call vote was the last straw. As far as I’m concerned, we have two sexist, homophobic, corporatist, willfully clueless jerks running against each other, and the fact that one is younger and sort of black doesn’t impress me.

    Since so many lefty blogs are telling those who can’t get in line to take a hike, I hope you don’t mind my stopping by here and posting a comment or two.

    BTW, I don’t think Obama is a leftist. That would require a commitment to something beyond himself that he’s not inclined to make. Like his buddy William Ayers, he likes to pose as various things without taking any responsibility.

    I didn’t agree with their turn toward violence, but I had sympathy for the Black Panthers and the frustration and anger that sparked their formation. Ayers, however, was a play radical. Fine to kill working class cops, but when the consequences of his actions threatened to catch up with him, Ayers ran back to rich daddy to save his ass.

    Dr. King was willing to go to jail for what he believed in. Can you imagine Obama inconveniencing himself that much?

  6. Sister of ye – you are always, always welcome, as is anyone else who comes to visit – except the sweeties!

  7. They are so ignorant, they do not even know how ignorant they are.

    This whole convention was a farce. It does not matter who was speaking, the Obamabots are more interested in how the speech is presented, than the context of the speech itself.