Attack of the Sweeties! An Anti-Troll Rant for Monday Morning

Vote Obama Or I Will Eat You!

Vote Obama Or I Will Eat You!

(Disclaimer: All Obama supporters are not trolls – just the ones who go on PUMA blogs and scream at us for owning our votes.)

Well, well, well. It seems that the Obaman trolls (otherwise known as “sweeties”) are now seeing the writing on the wall. Their Messiah is going to lose, and lose big, to John McCain. And, like the petulant, idiot children they are, they are blaming the PUMAs.

Here is a lovely sampling of some of their oeuvre. This “person” is the only sweetie who actually attempted to address some of the PUMA concerns stated on the “What Is A PUMA?” page. Usually, they just insult.

And, btw, when, just when was the Obama campaign vicious and sexist?? Oh yes, that would be when Gerry Ferraro or Ann Lewis decided to say it was, regardless of the truth. Go work for the crybaby right-wing sneer and smear brigade. What did Molly Ivins have to say about Hillary in 2006? Hardly a male sexist, Molly.

Uh, wow. Not much of a refutation. Molly Ivins said something uncomplimentary about Hillary in 2006, so I should pretend that nothing in the 2008 campaign ever happened? That’s sweetie logic for you. I guess Obama never said she was “likeable enough,” “periodically down,” “claws coming out,” brushed her off his shoulder, gave her the finger, took the stage to “99 Problems (And a Bitch Ain’t One),” etc. etc. etc. ad infinitum? I suppose they have never seen this video either.

[cricket cricket cricket]

On another note, what about “Obama will be a horrible President” do these sweeties not understand? Well, everything, because they haven’t thought that far ahead. They actually believe that all he has to do is become the President, and in an instant, His very Presence will create a solid economy, an end to the housing crisis, a better environment, peace and the withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan and Iraq. All Praise the Great Obama!

Talk about stupid and naive. Senator Obama has no intentions of keeping ANY of his promises. Was the FISA vote really not a clue for you? The softening on abortion, on the Iraq withdrawal? Everything he says and does is for political gain. Or do you think that Joe Biden, in the Senate for 30 years, personifies “hope and change and a NEW kind of politics?”

Really, sweeties, what possible, reasonable excuse could Obama have for passing over Hillary in favor of Joe Biden? Oh, I guess we PUMAs have to “get over” that too. He should have asked because she got 1902 delegates! Asking Hillary to be VP, although I would have personally hated it, was an absolute political no-brainer and the ONLY WAY to unify the Party. Yet he didn’t do it. Why do you think it was? More of his “superior judgement?”

Let me tell you right now, the Republicans are jumping up and down at how fucking stupid our Party Leaders are. There was no possible way for them to win this year, yet they picked their best candidate and hoped the Democrats would self-destruct. Well, we did. Thank you ever so, Donna Brazile, Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi. Because of your utter moronic, monolithic and corrupt support of the weakest Democratic candidate I can remember, we are going to lose HUGE in November.

Listen, trollies, the next four years are going to suck, and suck hard. In a larger sense, it doesn’t matter if Hillary, McCain or Obama becomes President. Our Deciderer, George W. Bush, has perpetrated mass destruction upon America’s institutions, and we’ve only just begun to realize how bad it is (thanks again, corporate media, for all your coverage of Britney’s hair). The only difference is the degree of suckage.

Hillary would make it suck less because she has a genuine commitment to turning the country around and instituting the type of reforms that are so desperately needed in these troubled times. Obama would make it suck more because he doesn’t have that commitment. He is the candidate of the Establishment and the status quo. McCain would make it suck more as well, because he has some plans that actually would make things worse (extending the Bush tax cuts? Wow, what a great idea.).

However, my best hope is that the dictator-wannabe, Oba-Moi, does not win the Presidency. He is extremely scary, with his cult followers, desire to expand executive power, and Bush-like narcissism and exclusivity. Anyone who disagrees with Obama is thrown under the bus, even Democratic stalwarts like Wesley Clark and Max Cleland and Charles Rangel. Michelle Obama’s brother, though, due to his many years of service to the Democratic Party (HA HA HA HA HA) will be given a role at the Convention.

McCain, on the other hand, at least has a record of working with people he disagrees with, and has co-authored legislation with one of the most liberal members of the Senate, Russ Feingold (D-WI), in order to prove it. He may, in the end, actually do more good than harm despite his intentions – especially if the Democratic majority is as big as it should be this year. (And yes, I plan to vote straight D downticket. I at least need to make sure that McCain has as much resistance as possible from the Democratic Congress.)

We can still hope that somehow, some way, the Democrats will nominate Hillary and she will ask Obama to be her VP, thus uniting the Party, but I just can’t see it happening right now. Obama has done his job well. The Obama/DNC Conglomerate is now Obama for America. The Democratic Party is no more.

We PUMAs are the ones who won’t accept the destruction of our Party. We refuse. We say NO DEAL. But we never, NEVER would have done this if the DNC and Obama hadn’t pulled all of their ridiculous shenanigans in order to promote their Precious at any cost. We PUMAs are, for the most part, Democrats who have always voted straight D – yes, even when the candidate is African-American (gasp!). (Shocking, trollies, I know, but I’ve actually voted for many African-American candidates in the past – probably more than I know, because a lot of times, I’ve just gone down the row and checked off the Democrat!) 

Keep all this in mind, sweeties, when you come to PUMA blogs and rail and whine and pre-blame us for the loss of your Beloved. Because darlings, it’s no one’s fault but His own. Deal with it.

Rant over.

Now, for those of you who are not trolls and who want to keep up on Convention news: Check out Riverdaughter, live-blogging from Denver! She will have updates throughout the day. It seems that the film “The Audacity of Democracy,” a documentary about the caucus fraud perpetrated by the Obama campaign, made quite a splash last night, even though it is unfinished and only has 40 minutes of footage at the moment. The press came – even someone from Japanese TV!

Will this be the most exciting Convention in decades? Or will it just be a boring circus, as empty and gaudy as the stage design? Tune in this week for: As Obama For America (and PUMA) Turns!


4 responses to “Attack of the Sweeties! An Anti-Troll Rant for Monday Morning

  1. I, too, have voted for many black candidates. Living in a major city, that’s overwhelming who is running for office. Black politicians aren’t automatically good or bad – some prove to be great public servants, some out and out scam artists.

    I’ve pretty much found, though, that those who cry “racist” at the drop of a hat are invariably hiding personal indiscretions, incompetence and/or corruption. Kind of like Republicans who cry “family values” are generally having an affair – and the more anti-gay they are, the more likely it is that it’s with another guy.

    I may not expect anything good out of McCain, but I’ve seen Obama’s list of advisors. It inspires no confidence that Obama will be any better.

  2. Wow….we Pumas sure is powerful 🙂

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