When Obama Loses, Whose Fault Will It Be?

Obama Respects Hillary

Obama Respects Hillary

The Obama/DNC Conglomerate’s.

Not Hillary’s. Not McCain’s. Not the PUMAs’ (although some PUMAs wouldn’t mind taking credit for it!). No, Party Leaders and Obama himself must share the blame for snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory.

DNC PARTY LEADERS – You did the following, assuring that you would split the Party among racial, sexual and ideological lines:

  • Decided that Hillary and Bill Clinton must not be given another shot at the White House.
  • Ran an African-American against Hillary so that anyone who didn’t want to vote for him could be labeled racist, including the Clintons themselves.
  • Allowed the most vile and hateful sexism to be directed at Hillary and her supporters by Obama and his campaign.
  • Perpetrated anti-democratic election fraud by apportioning delegates to Obama in a state where he had removed himself from the ballot. Even worse, your “compromise” actually took delegates from Hillary and gave them to Obama. So much for the will of the people and the Democratic Party’s commitment to democracy.
  • Allowed Obama to move your operations to Chicago, even though he had not even won the nomination at the time – and still has not!
  • Forced Hillary to suspend her campaign and withdraw from the race despite the fact that she had just as much right to the nomination as Obama, if not much more, considering her overwhelming tally of blue-state and swing-state primary victories AND her popular vote victory (which in any other year, would have unquestionably won her the nomination).
  • Told Hillary’s voters to stay home in November, and that we were not welcome in the “New Democratic Party.”

BARACK OBAMA – you did the following, assuring the same result:

  • Perpetrated election fraud in the caucuses to gain your teeny delegate lead over Senator Clinton, thus allowing you to claim “victory” over her in the primary. (Two documentaries are coming out that will prove this allegation most conclusively.)
  • Accused Hillary and Bill of racism in order to get the support of a huge majority of the African-American community. This support gave you a firewall that was impossible for Hillary to overcome.
  • Used offensive language about Hillary’s supporters, calling them bitter, xenophobic and other nasty names.
  • Allowed your supporters to systematically ostracize, attack and defame Hillary’s voters, calling them every disgusting name they could think of.

How did the Obama/DNC Conglomerate expect us to react to these outrageous actions? Did they really think we would “just get over it,” as we watched our beloved Party turn into something completely un-democratic?

I don’t think they did, personally. I think it’s all on purpose, and that they fully expected to counter our revolt with registering millions of new voters. They truly want to reform the Democratic Party and make it more like the Republican Party, except with a lot more African-Americans in positions of power. They knew in order to do this, they’d have to break the Party in two.

The DNC Clings To Obama

The DNC Clings To Obama

Well, congratulations, Obama/DNC Conglomerate. You broke it, you own it. If you don’t nominate Hillary, you get your Precious. But at what cost? Four more years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, a possible bombing of Iran, no improvement in the economy or the environment, and a billion dollars wasted on a failed election.

I hope four years of John McCain are worth it to you, because darlings, that’s all you’re going to get for your pathetic efforts.

Enjoy your dog-and-pony show on the gaudiest stage ever. We PUMAs will survive and thrive, no matter what you do. And after the election, we will be a strong and powerful force for democracy in a corrupt two-party system that has lost touch with its roots.


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2 responses to “When Obama Loses, Whose Fault Will It Be?

  1. sister of ye

    Great sum up of the worst of the Obama/DNC offenses.

    My Obama “favorites”:

    Campaigning against the “excesses” of the 1960s and 1970s – you know, like the black civil rights, women’s rights and gay rights movements. Not to mention some great rock and roll. I wonder if it was The Beatles or ABBA who put him off?

    Saying that women get late-term abortions because they’re feeling blue, so they have to talk to their husbands and (assumedly male) pastors to make them understand what a serious decision it is. Their feeble female minds obviously can’t grasp concepts like that themselves.

    Talking about his gay college professor and emphasizing that he didn’t proselytize, as if most gay people spend their weekends on the street handing out leaflets for the gay sign-up meeting.

    And that’s doesn’t even include the nose-scratching business, the kind of stuff my younger brothers did – when they were in junior high.

  2. Sister of ye – Yes, the list is DEFINITELY expandable. I don’t think I even heard the one about his gay professor. Oh, he was cool because he was straight-acting, I guess?

    Lord, give me strength. I may have to turn to pharmaceuticals to get me through this election season.