No More Guilt, PUMAs – Barack Obama Doesn’t Want Our Votes.

It was the most difficult decision evah for Barack Obama. (Imagine if it were something life-and-death instead of who will follow him down to electoral doom in November!) He teased us for weeks saying he was going to make it. But now, FINALLY, The One has chosen his Number Two:

Senator Joe Biden.

My first reaction is, thank GOD I can stop hearing all the nonsense about Hillary being VP. My second reaction is, it’s quite funny that he is not even the nominee and he’s picking a VP, but given that the guy already thinks he’s President, it’s not surprising. Finally, I think this is probably one of the best picks he could make, for his own purposes. Despite his claims that his years spent in Indonesia as a child give him foreign policy experience, Americans were not buying it. Obama needed someone who is very seasoned in that field to gin up his credentials.

Hillary, gracious as usual, released a statement about how her colleague and friend Joe Biden will be a forceful and dynamic VP that will help Obama govern. (I can’t find the quote online right now, but CNN read it aloud this morning.)

McCain was not so gracious.

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I said one of the best picks. The REALLY best pick would have been Hillary herself, as much as I would have hated it, but I knew that it was nagahapin – not since he poached Hillary’s ex-campaign manager, Patti Solis Doyle, and made her the VP Chief of Staff. That was a very clear signal to her. However, Obama is showing, for the 8 millionth time, his utter disdain for the idea of Party Unity. Really, he isn’t after our votes, PUMAs.

So, I don’t know what this choice will do to Obama’s polling, or chances against John McCain. Had Obama picked Hillary (or anyone else who ran against him, including John Edwards), McCain would have run the same ad. Personally, I don’t think it’s that important what the Vice President says about the President, and the footage they found is not so damning. I did have to laugh at the last part, when Joe says he’d run with or against McCain. That Mac must be one charming dude – every Senate Democrat seems to have good things to say about him!

What will make McCain sink or swim among Democrats and Independents, I think, is HIS choice of VP. It will signal which direction he’s going in. Will he go TheoCon (Romney), NeoCon (Lieberman), or Moderate (Tom Ridge)? A week or so ago, it looked like he was going in the Moderate direction with Tom Ridge (pro-choice), but then he had to bring The Liebermonster into the mix. There is one way to GUARANTEE I will not vote McCain, and that’s to throw Holy Joe’s hat in the ring.

What will happen at the Democratic Convention? Will Hillary stage a coup? Will the delegates play kazoo? What will the Republicans do?

Ah, politics. Can’t live with it, can’t shoot it.


2 responses to “No More Guilt, PUMAs – Barack Obama Doesn’t Want Our Votes.

  1. sister of ye

    Number Two is an excellent description of Joe Biden. But enough bathroom humor…

    I was reading comments at Talk Left about the Biden pick this morning when I got a call from the DCCC asking for money to give a veto-proof Congress to Obama. I’m afraid the poor young gal got a sore ear as I told her that I wouldn’t give Obama a penny to cross the street, and that the Dems were a disgrace, doing their best to turn themelves into Republicans.

    It was only after I hung up (hey, it’s Saturday, brain works slow) that it hit me – why would we need a veto-proof Congress if Obama is the President? Either someone cut-and-pasted their old scripts together in a hurry, or that’s a damning admission of what kind of president Obama would be.

  2. Sister of ye – Wow! That was from the DCCC, Chuck Schumer’s baby?

    Either they think Obama is going to be horrible (I don’t doubt Chuck’s acumen on that one) or they think McCain will win!

    Either way, hardly a vote of confidence!