Crazy, Like A PUMA

I iz right!

I iz right!

Are PUMAs really crazy when we say Barack Obama is unelectable?

RealClearPolitics Electoral Map:

Barack Obama 264    John McCain 274  

In this year, when everyone hates Republicans, John McCain is beating Barack Obama, the rock star, the most beloved candidate of all time, the guy who has his own clothing line and multitudinous symbols created to express his awesomeness! How, how, HOW could this be happening?!

I know it is fashionable among the ObamaNation to attribute all of Obama’s failings to either 1) racism, 2) Hillary, 3) racism + Hillary, or 4) Leave Barack ALLLLOOOOONNNNNEEE! But the truth is, there is a very simple reason for young, hawt Obama’s inability to best the 71-year-old McCain. Yes, it’s Experience, rearing its ugly head again.

Now, any rational being would have realized that Obama didn’t have enough experience to run for President. But the ObamaNation is not rational, nor are they particularly interested in evaluating their Beloved’s chances on a factual basis. Instead, they would throw tantrums whenever anyone pointed out that this is not the time for a novice to try and run the country. They would start screaming about “old Washington,” then would wander off into unintelligible nonsense about transcendence, and hope and change, and how my brain was going to hatch into a baby chick or something. Frankly, I didn’t understand a word, and my eyes would glaze over, just as they do when Obama attempts to explain something without a teleprompter or a Bush back-box handy.

But what Obamans refuse to accept is that Hillary and McCain both have the type of experience that counts: They have both translated their beliefs into action. Whether it’s Hillary’s attempt at health care reform, or McCain voting against BushCheney’s energy bill, you, as a voter, can actually point to times when they stated a principle, then acted upon it. Obama started tanking in the polls when it became very clear that there was no principle he wouldn’t toss under that famous bus.

Speaking of that bus, have enough Democratic stalwarts been thrown under it by now? Not content to disrespect Charlie Rangel, Max Cleland and Jesse Jackson, Senator Obama has now made it clear that General Wesley Clark is also unwelcome at the Democratic Convention. Honestly, when is it going to be enough?

Isn’t it time to turn the car around, delegates and superdelegates? Or do you really want to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory again? Do you hate Hillary so much that you’d rather lose the election than admit you’re wrong about Obama?

It looks like the PUMAs are not so crazy after all. But if the Democrats insist on nominating Obama, they will be.


6 responses to “Crazy, Like A PUMA

  1. garychapelhill

    exactly….and they tried to say that his judgement made up for lack of experience, until we saw that he can’t do anything right…god I hope its not too late…

  2. CRAZY, INSANE PUMA reporting for duty!!

    Congrats to your move to WordPress!!

    I’ve never posted a comment on your blog, Ms. MadamaB, but I do check in religiously & know that I love your writing.

    PLEASE CROSS POST THIS TOMORROW AT your other home, the Confluence!

  3. Gary – I hope so too!

    Thanks, SM! You are a doll. The post is in Drafts, and ready to go – I was just about to put it up when I saw your post about Bill’s birthday! 🙂

  4. i’ll update Alegre’s link to you. and we are ALL on this story about the collapse of the precious.

  5. Well, Barakula (called that cuz he is draining off the life’s blood of the dem party), cannot go by the wayside fast enough! That he thought he could run on superior judgment is the biggest fairytale evah!! And, now his “it’s above my pay grade” comment is coming back to haunt him. Honestly, is he incapable of stepping in sh!t or is it like a magnet for him?


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